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BOIJ: Get the Data: Drone Wars

Costs of War

Top 25 US Defense Companies - Top Five with annual sales paid with your money that could be much better spent: Lockheed Martin - $36 Billion, Boeing - $31 Billion, Northrop Grumann - $28 Billion, General Dynamics - $24 Billion, Raytheon - $23 Billion. Total: $142 Billion Annually just for the top 5.


Truth Out: Mattis, Tillerson Want Blank Check to Wage Illegal War Anytime, Anywhere - “The presence of the US troops killed in Niger was unlawful. Their deployment was not authorized by Congress under the Authorization for the Use of Military Force, and it violated both the War Powers Resolution and the US-ratified UN Charter, which prohibit the use of military force except in self-defense.”

“Congress must retain the power to authorize war, which is what the framers intended. They should refrain from relinquishing it to an unpredictable and volatile president.”

This power was relinquished to Obama for 8 years, and practically no one said much of anything about it. Now look who has the reins of power. We were supposed to be a nation of laws, not of men.


Democracy-NOW: Nick Turse: From Niger to Somalia, US Military Expansion in Africa Helps Terror Groups Recruit


NYTimes: US Soldiers Were Separated From Unit in Niger Ambush - The real question here is what is our supposed mission in Niger, and what US politician ordered them to be there. As presented here several times, Obama/Clinton’s war against Qaddafi led to the pillaging of his vast stores of weapons, which were then used to overthrow the democratically elected government of Mali and Here, followed by a general destabilization of Central and West Africa. Liberals in the US still won’t own up to their role in encouraging that war. But why were American troops thrown into the middle of this? Could it be that these liberals were duped into supporting the new colonization and pillaging of Central and West Africa?

Intercept: US Military Activities in Their Countries is the Primary Recruiting Tool For Terror Groups - A real eye-opener. From the article: “As the U.S.-backed war in Libya was helping to topple Moammar Gadhafi, nomadic Tuareg fighters in the Libyan dictator’s service looted his regime’s weapons caches, returned to their native Mali, and began to carve out a homeland.”

Who knew that our taxes are being used to provoke local farmers in foreign countries to form small Al Qaeda groups with fancy names to protect themselves from local militias trained by our Special Forces. That gives politicians like Lindsey Graham and John McCain the excuse to call for more and more intervention, which means more $$$$$ of our tax money for civilian military contractors. Another way the wealth of our country continues to flow upward to the top 1%.

As this article enumerates, US-trained soldiers are overthrowing democratically elected governments throughout the region. New Al Qaeda groups are popping up immediately afterwards. This article focuses on West Africa, but really it’s true throughout Africa and the world.

Maybe if we’d stop invading other people’s countries and incinerating their family members, there might be less “terrorism.”


Democracy-NOW: Expansion of Imperialist “War On Terror” in Africa Preceded Deadly Attacks in Niger and Somalia


Democracy-NOW: Yemenis Suffer “Silent Deaths” as Saudi Arabia Refuses Human Rights Probe in Deadly US-Backed War


ProPublica: G. I. Dough - Ongoing investigation into the $Billions the DoD wastes every year and what we could have done with all that money.


Alternet: 3 Ways the Military Industrial Complex Is Ruining Our Country


Common Dreams: There is No Rehabilitating the Vietnam War - The Ken Burns documentary is a sad example of revisionist history. The war was started and fought on a foundation of lies. Two interesting factoids:

As a result of the release of documents under the JFK Records Act, we now know that Kennedy issued an order on Oct. 2, 1963 that all US troops would be removed from Viet Nam by the end of 1965. He was assassinated one month later. On the day of the assassination, Lyndon Johnson, as one of his first acts as president, reversed that order. The Ken Burns documentary makes no mention of this fact. Follow the money.

The ‘Gulf of Tonkin’ incident was a one day (7/31/64) skirmish involving the destroyer USS Maddox (at least on the ‘first day’)  traveling in and out of N. Vietnamese waters, a provocative action in itself, gathering signals intelligence in support of a covert CIA operation (OPLAN 34A) that used S. Vietnamese sailors to fire on N. Vietnamese coastal radar stations. The USS Maddox suffered total damage of one bullet hole from that skirmish. The next day, along with USS Turner Joy, the Maddox returned to the same area and initially mistook radar and sonar artifacts for a second attack. These initial reports on this ‘second day of action’ were fabricated by the Johnson administration in order to get the Congress, three days later, to pass the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, essentially a declaration of war.  The Ken Burns’ documentary does not cover any of the details of ‘the incident,’ but rather glosses over this major event of the war and essentially the entire set of Johnson Administration’s misrepresentations are treated as facts - when it states that the Vietnam war was a ‘retaliation for the Gulf of Tonkin.’


Democracy-Now: Amnesty International Reveals the Bomb That Killed 16 Civilians in Yemen Was Made In USA - Too bad Americans cannot see this war “through Buthaina’s eyes.”


FAIR: Outlets That Scolded Sanders Over Deficits Uniformly Silent Over $700 Billion Defense Handout

NYTimes: Trump Poised to Drop Some Limits on Drone Strikes and Commando Raids - We cannot kill our way out of terrorism. Maybe there wouldn’t be so much terrorism in the world if we’d just quit invading other peoples’ countries and incinerating their family members. But ending the war on terrorism is not the aim of the execs and boards of the multi-billion dollar defense industry.

Black Agenda Report: Ken Burns’ Vietnam Documentary


Common Dreams: US Says No Money for Social Programs, But $700 Billion to Kill People - All public universities in the US could be tuition-free with just the increase in defense spending for this year, and the $700 billion defense budget could easily pay for universal health care and still have the strongest military in the world, but neoliberals in Congress always want to know where the money is going to come from whenever non-defense spending comes up. The US spends more money on defense than all other countries in the world combined. Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Al Franken and Cory Booker all voted in favor. Some progressives. A short must-read.


AFP: US Senate Passes Massive New Defense Spending Bill - The numbers are truly mind-boggling. We already know about Rethugs, but don’t let any Democrat tell you they are the party of peace.


National Defense: Lockheed Exec Says We Need More F-35s - he can get his next bonus.


Intercept: Entire Families Are Being Killed by US Airstrikes in Syria


Al Jazeera: Children Among the Dead As Fresh Airstrikes Hit Yemen


Al Jazeera: Air Raid in Yemen Kills At Least 35 People - Death toll continues to rise. The Saudis are responsible for this latest atrocity, but the get their planes, bombs, refueling and targeting information from US personnel. That’s your tax money. And when a bomb hits the ground but doesn’t explode, “Made in USA” is plainly written on its side.


Intercept: Donald Trump’s New Afghanistan Plan Promises More Killing and Little Else - A short read and some chilling statistics. We might not have so much ‘terrorism’ in the world if we’d just quit invading other peoples’ countries and incinerating their family members.

...and right on cue...

Al Jazeera: Raqqa: US-Led Attack Kill 100 Civilians in 48 Hours

New Yorker: Trump Attempts to Embrace an Ambiguous Moral Middle Ground in Afghanistan - The war is a bloodbath for Afghans, not Americans. Trump has done a 180 on his campaign pledge to get us out. He is now basically in the same place as Bush and Obama. He doesn’t have a clue.


Intercept: The US Spy Hub in the Heart of Australia


First Post India: Syria: 30 Civilians Killed in US Airstrike - Needless to say, you won’t hear about this from CNN. 14 children were killed and many more critically injured. The death toll will probably rise. Americans could care less. No wonder there are ‘terrorists’ in this world. Who are the real terrorists?


NYTimes: Court Rejects Murder Conviction and Voids 3 Sentences in Blackwater Case - These guys were essentially mowing innocent civilians down on a whim. And now the US government says that’s just fine. They don’t hate us for our freedom.


Newsmax: Pentagon: Lockheed Martin Given $3.7 Billion Interim Payment for 50 F-35s - Even though they are for foreign governments, this is US taxpayer money. If the planes are ever able to fly, then they will theoretically be ‘sold’ by the Pentagon to those governments. War is great for the few individuals that run the US defense corporations. Nobody else. Eight F-35s for the Netherlands? Six for Norway? Seriously?


Seattle Times: Defense Lawyers: Psychologists Who Devised CIA Torture Methods Should Not Be Held Liable - No different than the employees of the Nazi companies that supplied the gas to the concentration camps. Yep, that’s where we’ve gone in 21st century USA.


Courthouse News: Judge Clears KBR/Halliburton In Sprawling Burn-Pits Case - Dick Cheney can rest easy. His stock options are worth more than ever now.


Intercept: Revenge Attacks on Families of ISIS Members Could Start A New Cycle of Violence in Iraq - The USA broke this country, but it will never be able to fix it. Our perpetual war making is never going to solve it. We have to cease. But the national media portrays this kind of sentiment as treason precisely because multi-$Billion defense contractors now call all of the shots.


Democracy-NOW: Amnesty International Accuses US Coalition of War Crimes in Mosul - This cannot just go on forever.


Intercept: Congress Trying to Sneak Through Major Giveaway to Defense Contractors - #CorporateWelfare


Intercept: US Doubled Fuel Support for Saudi Bombing Campaign in Yemen After Deadly Strike on Funeral - Obama started this in 2015 and, and like several other of his abuses of power such as universal, warrantless, suspicion-less surveillance, and Here of Americans, he then passed it on to Trump who has vastly increased the level. The US also supports and participates with UAE in this mission, which includes routine torture of captives. See entry of 6/22.


Real News: UN Adopts Nuclear Weapons Ban Over US-Led Opposition - There are 9 countries known to have nuclear weapons. They all voted to block this measure. Of the 9, 5 are signatories to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty: USA, Russia, UK, France, China. 4 are not signatories to the NPT: Israel, N. Korea, India, Pakistan. A total of 190 countries are signatories to the NPT.

Military Area Guide: Satellites Reveal Secret US Bases Emerging in the Desert - Those who run US defense contracting firms have a never-ending voraciousness for war and the money it produces. The politicians are just following orders.


UK Independent: SAS Soldiers Suspected of Executing Unarmed Afghans And Covering Up Potential War Crimes - They don’t ‘hate us for our freedom.’


Democracy-NOW: US Tied to Torture in Network Of Secret Yemen Prisons Run by UAE - Black torture sites with US forces present still exist. George Bush: “This government does not torture.” Barack Obama: “We tortured some folks.” Note the past tense, but actually it had not stopped. First the torture report was delayed. Then he made sure the entire report got deleted - Boom! Problem solved. Later, Obama’s CIA Director let the cat out of the bag, but no one paid any attention. They’re all liars. Remember that by virtue of the 2014 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), indefinite detention is back. And now look who has control of the black sites. No Difference.


BBC: Mali Attack: Two Dead As Gunmen Storm Tourist Resort - Back in 3/19/2011, Rachel Maddow and every other Democrat controlled news outlet advocated for “humanitarian bombings” in Libya, even though they knew that such an attack was illegal and un-Constitutional. Who knew that the side effects would continue for years to come. It quickly became a quagmire, followed by complete chaos, and never accomplished any definable mission. One of the first events in this chaos was that Gadhafi’s weapons stores were quickly looted by al-Qaeda and were spread throughout middle Africa. That was immediately followed by rearming of Taureg rebels in Mali, and Here, followed quickly by the over-throw of its democratically elected government. But of course, none of those who so strongly advocated for the overthrow of Gadafi are willing to accept any responsibility for its aftermath now. Whenever the US meddles in other countries’ business, it creates side-effects for years to come. But that’s all very good business for the heads of US defense contractors. As Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler used to say “War is a Racket.”


Associated Press: 4,000 More US Troops Go to Afghanistan - War without oversight is war without end. Perpetual war makes those who lead war corporations richer. It accomplishes nothing else.


Democracy-NOW: Cholera Death Toll Tops 859 In War-Torn Yemen, As US-Backed Saudi Assault Continues - See the Green Party Solution to these issues.


NBC News: Pentagon Now Says 100 Civilians Killed in US Airstrike on Mosul - The typical progression: Back in March, they claimed there was no US strike - ISIS did it. Then they claimed it was them but all fatalities were ISIS fighters. Locals claim there were 200 civilian fatalities, about 1/4 of all civilians killed since this particular offensive began. War is not the answer. This is not our fight.


Bureau of Investigative Journalism: Meet the Amputees Fighting America’s Longest War - $70 Billion wasted on the war in Afghanistan. Double amputees with inadequate weapons fight on the front lines while criminals in Kabul get filthy rich with US taxpayer money. But it’s all good business for Boards and C-level employees of US defense contractors - the true 1%.


CBS News: Trump Signs $110 Billion Arms Deal With Saudi Arabia - Supposedly we are at war with Al Qaeda, and ISIS. These two organizations originated in and are funded by Saudi Arabia. 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia. Yet our country (under both Rethug and Democrap) continues business as usual with Saudi Arabia, while enacting sanctions against a moderate Middle Eastern country that is helping to fight ISIS and just democratically re-elected a moderate leader - Iran. The point? When viewing the actions (without listening to the rhetoric) of Rethugs and Democraps there is No Difference.


Common Dreams: “Frickin’ Illegal”: Congressman Says Trump Has No Authority For Latest Syria Bombing


Intercept: Trump’s Support and Praise of Despots is Central to US Foreign Policy, Not A Deviation From It


UK Independent: More Than 350 Civilians Have Been Killed In US-Led Airstrikes Against ISIS, Says Pentagon - Outside groups say it’s more like 3,000. The Pentagon’s tally does not include over 100 killed in Mosul on 3/17. They don’t hate us for our freedom. They hate us because we incinerate their family members.


Nation of Change: Trump’s 100 Days: US Air Campaign Hammers Yemen, Averaging One Strike Per Day - After promising his constituency to disentangle the US from engagements abroad, he is outdoing Obama in terms of drone murders, who in turn outdid George Bush.


Democracy-NOW: Chomsky: Like Obama, Trump Is Radically Increasing the Danger of Nuclear War


Intercept: Members of Congress Demand Trump Provide Legal Justification For Syria Attack - Rightfully so, but they would have much better ground to stand on if they had demanded the same for Obama’s wars - especially with Libya.


Vox: What the Hell Is Going On With N. Korea?


UK Guardian: The ‘Mother of All Bombs’ Is Big, Deadly - And Won’t Lead to Peace - Here’s why no bombing campaign can win any victories, and always lead to escalation of conflicts.

Democracy-NOW: US Drops Its Biggest Non-Nuclear Bomb on Afghans, Already Traumatized by Decades of War - 600 Afghan civilians killed in 2016, twice as many as 2015. We’ve been at war in Afghanistan for 16 years, the longest by far in US history. What kind of people would do this to citizens of another country? Dropping bombs on another country only make terrorism more likely, exactly the way the war corporations want it.


NYTimes: 18 Syrian Fighters Allied With US Are Killed In Coalition Airstrike

CNN: US Drops $300 Million Mother of All Bombs on Afghanistan - While we could completely fix the Flint, Michigan water system for $216 Million...Priorities, eh? Of course Russia has the Father of All Bombs, 4 X more powerful. Somebody please get me back to Camp Granada!


Democracy-NOW: Civilian Deaths Are Spiking In Syria and Iraq As US Launches Unrestrained Bombing Raids


Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting: Out of 46 Editorials on Trump’s Syria Strikes, Only One Opposed


Frontline: Syria At War


Intercept: The Spoils of War: Trump Lavished With Media and Bipartisan Praise for Bombing Syria -Pelosi, Clinton and Schumer praise Trump. “In wartime, US television instantly converts into state media.”

Reuters: Oil Prices Soar After US Missile Strike on Syria - Neo-cons everywhere celebrate.

Medium: Sorry alt-Righters, Your Guy Has Been Cucked - Funny article that brings out some interesting points: Tomahawk cruise missiles cost $800,000+ each (more than 10 years salary for the average Trump voter); the total cost of 59 missiles was almost $50,000,000. War corporations must have had a serious little celebration in their board rooms on Wednesday morning.


Code Pink: #No54BillionforWar


New Yorker: Martin Luther King, Jr’s Searing Anti-War Speech 50 Years Later


Democracy-NOW: Hundreds of Iraqi Civilians Killed In US Airstrikes After Being Told Not to Flee Mosul - At least 1,500 killed this month alone.


NYTimes: Rex Tillerson to Lift Human Rights Conditions on Arms Sales to Bahrain

NYTimes: US War Footprint Grows in Middle East, With No Endgame in Sight - There seems to be no end to this insanity, no matter which major party rules DC.


Black Agenda Report: The AFRICOM Snake Slithers Into the Lake Chad Basin - From now on whenever you hear western media report on the ‘atrocities of Boko Haram,’ think oil. Western imperialism at its best, going strong since at least 1880.


Democracy-NOW: More Than 1,000 Civilians Murdered by US Led Airstrikes As Trump Expands War on Terror - Horrifying, with no end in sight. War is not the answer. It has never worked in the past and is never going to work. America’s blood-lust is unquenchable as long as we regard the victims as ‘the other’ - which is how the corporate controlled media feeds it to an unthinking public.


NYTimes: US Investigating Mosul Strikes Said to Have Killed Up to 200 Civilians - Actions have consequences.


UK Telegraph: More Than 30 Dead After US Airstrike Hits School Sheltering Families Near Raqqa - Current death count: 33, but more bodies are still being pulled from the wreckage. “Airwars, a UK-based organisation which monitors international air strikes against Isil, suggested as many as 370 civilian deaths could be attributed to coalition raids in the first week of March alone.” Our tax dollars at work. War corporations celebrate. The 5 corporations that control almost all of what Americans know will never speak a word of this.


Democracy-NOW: Amid Spike in Civilian Deaths From US Strikes (war crimes), Trump Requests Lifting Policy Limiting Civilian Casualties and Here- Last Thursday 49 killed in Aleppo, Syria. The next day 42 Somali refugees gunned down, using bullets, guns, helicopters, tanks, planes, etc all supplied courtesy of US taxpayers. All 92 of those people had families, many of whom have now decided to find some way to kill Americans. It’s only natural. This is not going to protect us from terrorism. We are the terrorists.


Popular Mechanics: New Films of US Nuclear Test Explosions - Check out the 2nd one from the top - Operation Plumbbob - Diablo 41549 - after about 9 sec., it morphs into a ghoulish face. Kind of looks like Einstein.


AFP: Trump Gives CIA Power to Conduct Drone Strikes - One purpose here is to keep the humanitarian cost hidden from the world. It won’t work. 50 civilians are killed for every 1 ‘terrorist.’ The American war machine gains momentum with each passing day. This is not going to end well.


UK Guardian: Pentagon Wants to Declare More Parts of the World as Temporary Battlefields - Could any headline be more Orwellian? Here’s an idea, let’s just go ahead and declare the entire world one great big, target rich battlefield, and just get it over with. That way, we can drone incinerate anybody, anywhere, anytime. We already pretty much do anyway.


Intercept: Women and Children In Yemen Recall Horror of Trump’s “Highly Successful” Seal Raid - Every time we do this, the few fighters that we do kill are quickly replaced by others. The surrounding family members are immediately ‘radicalized’ and we create far more militants than we eliminate. Pointless.


Mintpress: US Drone Strikes Have Gone Up 432% Since Trump Took Office - One thing remains constant, eh?

US News: Poll: Majority of Americans Oppose Defense Budget Increases


Popular Resistance: Drone Resisters Acquitted, Juror Tells Them to “Keep Doing It”


Democracy-NOW: Trump Seeks Record Pentagon Budget Eclipsing Reagan and Bush


NYTimes: Trump to Seek $54 Billion Increase in Military Spending - Cuts to come from environmental, educational, science and poverty programs. Current US defense spending is already over $850 Billion (including Veterans’ Services, and Foreign Military and Economic Aid), more than the total defense spending of all other countries on Earth combined. There is only one group of people that benefit from this: the Boards of Directors and C-level employees of defense contracting corporations. It’s just another form of corporate welfare - entitlements for the rich.


World Beyond War: 100 Years of Using War To End All War - I’m already against the next war. War, what is it good for?


Intercept: Why Do So Many Americans Fear Muslims? Decades of Denial About America’s Role in the World - Summary: They don’t hate us for our freedom. They hate us because we continue to incinerate and blow their family members, including thousands of women and children, to bloody bits.


UK Guardian: At Least 18 Afghan Civilians, Mostly Women and Children, Killed In US Air Strike - Trump continues in the Obama tradition. The best recruiting tool that ISIS could ever want.


Bureau of Investigative Journalism: Nine Young Children Killed: The Full Details of the Botched US Raid in Yemen


AFP: UN Report: US Beneficiary Saudi Airstrikes That Killed Over 100 Women and Children Are Probably War Crimes - Perhaps all of the people that are son concerned for Muslims entering the USA should take a look at how their government is murdering them around the world.


Consortium News: Obama’s Bombing Legacy


UK Independent: Mosul Offensive: Up to 30 Civilians ‘Killed in US-Led Coalition Air Strike’ as Iraqi Forces Continue Push Into ISIS Stronghold


Intercept: The Crimes of Seal Team 6 - A complete breakdown of battlefield discipline, including unlawful violence, aberrations from rules of engagement, mutilations, and disrespect of enemy casualties. Not one Seal Team perpetrator has ever faced punishment, even though the well-documented war crimes were clearly rampant. This only perpetuates the violence and the creation of new, radicalized ‘insurgents.’ The reason we’ve never seen a picture of the dead Osama bin Laden is that he was unlawfully mutilated as he lay dying. See also entry of 6/6/15.


UK Guardian: America Dropped 26,171 Bombs in 2016. What A Bloody End to Obama’s Legacy and Here -  3 bombs per hour 24/7 every hour in 2016, over 10 X the number of drone attacks as Bush. Each drone aircraft costs at least $4 Million and each drone missile costs American taxpayers $110,000 - money that goes into the pockets of BOD’s and C-level employees of war corporations - part of the 1%. US Special Ops in 138 countries, 70% of the world’s countries - an increase of 130% over the Bush Admin. Obama is the only president ever to have presided over 8 years of continuous war, after entering office with the promise of ending Bush’s wars. The victims have nothing to do with the people that attacked us on 9/11. Only 4% of those killed are high-ranking terrorists. Thousands of civilians killed, but since the Obama Admin will not release the numbers and the corporate cable news orgs hardly ever mentions it, we’ll never know. The Bureau of Investigative Journalism records drone killings, but most civilian deaths are a result of other types of bombs.


US News: America Is Largest Arms Dealer In The World


Common Dreams: Commandos Without Borders: America’s Elite Troops Partner with African Forces But Pursue US Aims - Ongoing modern day colonialism continues in countries such as Somalia, Cameroon, Djibouti, Niger, Egypt, Libya, South Sudan, Mali, Algeria, Burkina Faso, Morocco, Tunisia, Chad, Mauritania, Nigeria, Uganda, Senegal, Ethiopia, Kenya, Yemen, and Tanzania.

US Dept. of Defense: President Signs National Defense Authorization Act - This is the act that officially authorizes a US Govt. Propaganda Ministry (Global Engagement Center) and is a continuation of the 2014 NDAA which, in the words of Chris Hedges created “a system where, under Section 1021 of the National Defense Authorization Act, the executive branch can put the soldiers in the streets, in clear violation of the Posse Comitatus Act, to carry out extraordinary rendition of American citizens who are deemed to be "terrorists," strip them of due process and hold them indefinitely in military facilities, including in our black sites.”

We live in a world of Inverted Totalitarianism, where corporate power has seized all the levers of control, and is maintained through a security state of universal, warrantless, suspicion-less surveillance working in tandem with corporate propaganda that permeates influential institutions such as the media, education, popular culture and evangelical religion.”

I’ve got a feeling Emperor Trump can’t wait to put all this to good use.


Reuters: Head of UN Nuclear Watchdog Says Iran Showing Commitment to Deal


Real News: ‘Shadow World’: The Documentary Governments and Defense Contractors Don’t Want You to See - The Trailer

NYTimes: US Demands Return of Underwater Drone Seized by Chinese - Underwater drone?


International Business Times: US Airstrike Kills 90 Iraqi Army Personnel - 100 wounded

NYTimes: US To Double Troop Presence in Syria

BBC: ISIS Fighters Re-enter Palmyra


NBC News: Defense Secretary Ash Carter: US and Partners Will Be In Iraq Long After ISIS Defeat - ...creating new terrorists, spend taxpayer money, make profits for war corporations. Perpetual War.

“War is Peace”, “Ignorance is Strength”, “Slavery is Freedom”

George Orwell

MoJo: Trump is Right: Our Generals Haven’t “Done the Job” - “War empowers Washington. It centralizes. It provides a rationale for federal authorities to accumulate and exercise new powers. It makes government bigger and more intrusive. It lubricates the machinery of waste, fraud, and abuse that causes tens of billions of taxpayer dollars to vanish every year.”


BBC: Syria Conflict: US Admits Mistakes Led to Strike on State Forces


Stars and Stripes: Obama Expands Powers of Special Joint Operations Command - It’s important to remember that these guys make a lot of mistakes, some that we hear about and some we don’t. And there is no accountability.


CBS News: Bureau of Prisons Officials Visited CIA Torture Site, But Kept No Records - Emails stated that ‘no inhumane’ treatment was going on. Then they tried to hide the emails. ICC prosecutors may soon start charging people with war crimes.


Intercept: New Documentary Explores Devastating Effects of Drone Warfare On Victims and Whistleblowers - National Bird


Reuters: Hague Prosecutors Say US Forces May Have Committed War Crimes - "These alleged crimes were not the abuses of a few isolated individuals," the report said. "They appear to have been committed as part of approved interrogation techniques in an attempt to extract 'actionable intelligence.”

US approvers of torture: George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, George Tenet, current CIA director John Brennan, current FBI director James Comey, Barack Obama and Here, Here, Here, Here and Here.  US protectors of torturers: Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein.

High level Rethug approvers are protected by high level Democraps. They are all accessories to war crimes and those of us who do not call them out are complicit.


CNS News: US Airstrikes in Syrian Kill 21 Civilians


Common Dreams: Congressman Warns US Could Be Prosecuted for War Crimes in Yemen


AFP: US Air Strikes Kill 30 Afghan Civilians, Officials Say - Another day, another travesty and war crime. Nobody even knows what the mission is any more.

Washington Post: 2 More US Troops Killed Fighting Taliban in Afghanistan


UK Guardian: Yemen: Death Toll From Saudi-Led Airstrike On Prison Rises to 58 - One more war crime in which the US and its citizens are complicit.


UK Guardian: US Personnel ‘Targeting Killer Drones From Britain”


Politifact: Jill Stein, Green Party Candidate, Correct: US Bombing Seven Countries - Bush bombed only 4 countries. What “liberals” called grounds for impeachment under Bush is just fine under Obama. Endless war, courtesy of Democraps and Rethugs. No Difference.

USA Today: Us Service Member Killed In Northern Iraq - Boots on the ground.


HuffPo: Clinton Goes All-In On Syria No-Fly Zone and Shadowproof - Pure insanity. If this follows to its logical conclusion, Clinton’s “lesser evil” supporters will own the results. But they’ll never have the courage to admit it. Jill Stein’s response and her platform: the “Peace and Human Rights” section outlines her foreign policy.

Common Dreams: As Election Day Nears, Military Hawks Circle to Promote New Wave of War

Democracy-NOW: Should Progressives Vote for Clinton or Stein?


Democracy-NOW: “Ramshackle” Battle to Retake Mosul From ISIS Led by US Despite Obama Vow Against Boots on Ground - As explained in the article, US boots are very much on the ground. Remember This and This? This is a story that is going to be continually repeated until we finally realize we have no business fighting wars in other peoples’ countries.

USA Today: Two Americans Killed in Afghanistan During Attack Near Coalition Base


NYTimes: In Somalia, US Escalates A Shadow War - The list of countries gets longer by the day.

The article outlines how US support for Ethiopian troops in 2006 has led to the rise of the Shabab, whom we now battle in Somalia. Raise your hand if this seems like a familiar pattern.

The Somalia campaign is a blueprint for warfare that President Obama has embraced and will pass along to his successor. It is a model the United States now employs across the Middle East and North Africa — from Syria to Libya — despite the president’s stated aversion to American “boots on the ground” in the world’s war zones. This year alone, the United States has carried out airstrikes in seven countries and conducted Special Operations missions in many more.”

“Some experts point out that with the administration’s expanded self-defense justification for airstrikes, a greater American presence in Somalia would inevitably lead to an escalation of the air campaign.”

It is unconstitutional for a president to stage a war without the approval of Congress (Art. 1, Sect. 8). But Congressmen of both parties ignore that little detail. Democrats will not be outdone by Republicans in their efforts to involve the USA in killing and maiming citizens of other countries in the name of greed and profit. A vote for either party is a vote for more slaughter. No Difference.


NYTimes: US Ship Off Yemen Fires Missiles at Houthi Rebel Sites - Add Yemen to the long list of countries in which American soldiers are, or soon will be in combat roles. After providing the bombs, the delivery systems, the targeting and even the gas for yet another Yemeni bloodbath disaster, and then being directly implicated in the catastrophe, now the US is ready to go to war in yet another country.


Salon: Leaked Hillary Clinton Emails Show US Allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar Supported ISIS


Intercept: Photos Show Bomb Fragments at Site of Yemeni Massacre Made in USA - Another American war crime brought to you courtesy of Raytheon. Obama now tries to distance himself from the Saudis - a little late since Saudi war crimes in Yemen have been documented for months - but has already been responsible for the sale of over $115 Billion of munitions and war material to them, more than any other president by far. State Dept. lawyers have been warning Obama for months that the US might be complicit in war crimes and Here, but no matter.  War corporations just smile and keep cashing the checks.

Intercept: In Secret Goldman Sachs Speech, Hillary Clinton Admitted No-Fly Zone Would “Kill a Lot of Syrians” - ...soon to be a war criminal herself.


CNBC: Saudi-Led Coalition Airstrike Hits Yemeni Funeral, Killing 140+, Wounding 525+ - ...using US supplied planes, bombs, targeting, refueling. ...”a sea of blood”...”body parts everywhere”...comes on the heals of an attack on a market killing 120. These are war crimes and we own them.


Intercept: Testing  Obama’s Transparency Pledge, Groups Send List of Drone Strikes to Investigate

Reuters: Dozens of Afghan Troops AWOL From Military Training in US


Alternet: Inside the Shadowy PR Firm That’s Lobbying for Regime Change in Syria - And apparently has Hillary in its back-pocket. People who support her are going to own every escalation of current war and every new war that she makes. I wonder if they’ll own up to that.


Bureau of Investigative Journalism: Pentagon Paid $500M+ for Fake ‘Al Qaeda’ Videos and Daily Beast - Other clients of the firm: Margaret Thatcher, the Syrian regime. Gen. David Petraeus signed off on the work. “A standard part of the industry toolkit.” This work continued through at least 2011.


Intercept: US Military Builds $100M Drone Base in Africa - See entry of 2/25.


Reuters: US Strike on Islamic State in Afghanistan Kills 21, Maybe Some Civilians - As usual, this article conflates Isis with Taliban - with whom we have never been at war. Al Qaeda is supposedly responsible for 9/11, and they are the excuse that Bush used when he originally began aggression agains Iraq and Afghanistan. “Civilian casualties in US airstrikes have long been a source of friction between the Afghan government and Western allies fighting the Taliban-led insurgency since 2001.”, but never a source of concern for the American people.

NYTimes: US to Send 600 More Troops to Iraq - Little by little, we’re drifting back into the chaos of war while Big Brother watches our every move. Both Clinton and Trump want only more of the same - which is why they are the only nominees for whom we get to vote. No Difference.


Intercept: Latest Estimate Pegs Cost of Wars At Nearly $5 Trillion - But nothing for anything else, like the people.


NYTimes: US Finalizes Deal to Give Israel $38 Billion in Military Aid - Fully weaponizing the Middle East and stuffing the pockets of war corporation executives.


Omaha World-Herald: On 9/11, StratCom Leaders Were Practicing for a Fictional Threat When Catastrophe Struck - Aircraft normally stationed at Andrews AFB, whose main mission is to protect Washington DC, were away on this practice exercise.


Reuters: UN Nuclear Agency Says Iran Sticking to Nuclear Deal


Democracy-NOW: Glenn Greenwald: Obama Has Bombed 7 Nations, But Clinton Says That’s Not Militaristic Enough - Her probable pick for Sec. of Defense is even more pro-war. Another one of her probable cabinet picks is not only pro-war, but also a proponent of torture. Both advocate policies that would put US troops in direct combat with Russian troops. Clinton has advocated for escalations or new military actions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Honduras, Palestine, Syria, and Libya. The most active pro-war neocons have actively supported Clinton. People voting for Clinton in November are going to own the new wars and escalations of current wars that she starts. I hope they remember that when the inevitable happens.


LATimes: US Intelligence Sees Islamist State as Weakened After Series of Defeats - So how soon can we bring out troops home? We’ll never get rid of all terrorists in the world. We’ve got to stop somewhere.


Democracy-NOW: Vijay Prashad: Hillary Clinton Shows Dangerous Tendency to Go to War No Matter What the Consequences


AOAV: US Government Has Sent Over 1.4 Million Guns to Iraq and Afghanistan


Daily Kos: Congress Must Stop Arms Sales to Saudis


Harpers: Acceptable Losses: Aiding and Abetting the Saudi Slaughter in Yemen

Democracy-NOW: “This Is Our War & It’s Shameful:” Journalist Andrew Cockburn On The US Role In The War In Yemen

Democracy-NOW: As Kerry Plans Visit to S. Arabia, Activists and NGOs Demand US Stop Funding War Crimes in Yemen


Just Foreign Policy: Congressional Letter to Obama: Let Congress Debate New Weapons Sales to Saudi Arabia


NYTimes: America is Complicit in the Carnage in Yemen


Democracy-NOW: As Clinton Slams Trump for ISIS Speech, We Look At Her Own Positions - Both candidates’ positions on war in the Middle East are equally self-contradictory and nonsense.


NYTimes: Saudi Bombing of Doctors Without Borders Hospital in Yemen Kills At Least 15 - Another in a long list of atrocities committed by the Saudis using bombs and planes made in the USA, with refueling and targeting assistance from the USA. This is all well documented in the AAWWTW pages. Americans now have more blood on their hands.


Intercept: Lopsided Peace Talks Collapse; US Sells More Weapons to Saudis Who Resume Bombing Yemen - We’re still selling them cluster bombs - a war crime. The Saudis are responsible for 7,000 deaths there, using US weapons and ammo, as well as US targeting info and refueling services, and Here - defying calls from Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. On Tuesday, they bombed a potato chip factory - killing 14. Blood on our hands.


Intercept: Ex-CIA Director Who Endorsed Clinton Calls for Killing Iranians and Russians in Syria - Essentially he’s proposing to do in Syria what Reagan did in Afghanistan in the 1980s. Following his proposals would greatly increase the chance that American troops would end up fighting Russian troops. Oh, and by the way, he is a strong proponent of torture, he currently works for Beacon Global Strategies - a hawkish ‘think tank,’ reporting to Clinton insider Phillipe Reines, and is obviously angling for a job on the Clinton cabinet.

Washington Post: Despite Prior Claims, US Forces On The Ground in Libya


USA Today: ISIL Claims to Confiscate Sensitive US Military Gear - Gotta’ keep the other side supplied, else we’d have no one to make war profits from, and Here, Here. This is an ongoing cycle. We give $Hundreds of Millions in weapons and ammunition, not to mention just plain old cash, to ‘moderate’ or ‘friendly’ forces, and Here, Here, Here, Here. These forces then abandon the weaponry, paid for by US taxpayers, and ISIL swoops in and (strangely without an American trainer or advisor in sight) immediately begin operating this equipment against our forces and ‘allied’ forces. Sometimes we just supply both sides and let them go at it, and Here, Here, Here, Here. So US bombers come in to destroy this equipment, which is then replaced with new equipment, $$$$, and the cycle repeats.

CNN: US Releases Drone Policy - You are a terrorist if you are on the receiving end of a drone strike.


Democracy-NOW: The Never-Ending War: US Announces New Front Against ISIS in Libya


Intercept: US Says New Bombing Campaign in Libya Has No End Point - The initial intervention in Libya was so successful that a sequel is coming. Evidence already surfaces that the ‘surgical’ strikes were not so much so.

Common Dreams: US Launches Yet Another New War - ...again without Congressional approval...Obama doubles down on his own admitted “biggest mistake”, for which Hillary was the biggest advocate


Truth Out: There’s No Business Like The Arms Business - $70 Billion per year and growing fast.


Intercept: Architect for Iraq War and Other Neocons Are Backing Hillary - “The way they described Clinton’s foreign policy vision suggested that if elected president in November, she will escalate tensions with Russia, double down on military belligerence in the Middle East and generally ignore the American public’s growing hostility to intervention.”


UK Guardian: US Says Airstrikes On Syrian City Manbij to Continue Regardless of Civilian Deaths - Several experts in this article are pointing out that airstrikes that kill civilians create more terrorists than they kill. This echos the same points made previously by experts in the field, and yet we keep doing this, attempting to recapture cities that we already captured once before. It’s the definition of insanity, but also of huge profits for war corporations.

Code Pink: Drop Food - Not Bombs On Syria


Common Dreams: Amid Media Blackout, Syrian Opposition Begs US-Led Coalition to Stop Bombing

Common Dreams: From Nice to the Middle East: There’s Only One Way to Challenge ISIS - As Noam Chomsky likes to say: ‘The only way to stop terrorism is to stop participating in it.’


CNN: US-Led Airstrikes Kill Hundreds of Civilians in Last Month


Intercept: Civilian Death Toll From Coalition Airstrikes in Syria Could Be Single Largest in US-Led War on ISIS - Two airstrikes in the last two day have led to a possible civilian death total of 260+, many of them children. When 5 people are killed in the US, the cable news mourns for days. Who will weep for these innocent people? Probably won’t even get a mention on the corporate owned cable channels. A vote for either of the major party candidates in November will continue this carnage.

Black Agenda Report: AFRICOM: Ready to Sabotage the Independence Revolution - AFRICOM’s purpose is not to ‘maintain order’ or ‘fight terrorism.’ It is to maintain colonialism, guard multinational corporations and the lucrative natural resources they want to extract. Any movement to gain independence from colonial powers and use those natural resources for the people of those countries is to be put down the moment that movement becomes a threat.


UK Guardian: US Reveals ISIS Commander Not Killed in March - Here’s an old pattern: Big headline throughout the corporate cable media: ISIS Commander killed in drone strike. See how effective they are? Another talking point for Obama’s drone murder campaign. Then 4 months later, buried on page 14 is a short article revealing Ooops! that was all a big mistake...We’ll probably never know how many civilians were killed in the March drone strike.


Intercept: Leaked Data Reveals How US Trains Vast Numbers of Foreign Soldiers and Police With Little Oversight


USA Today: US Will Send More Troops to Iraq - Not large numbers, but still a bad trend. The facts are that: 1. if it weren’t for the oil fields we wouldn’t be there, 2. Iraqi troops cannot stand on their own against ISIS, 3. this is not our fight and our presence there creates the very terrorist threat that we are fighting, 4.ISIS poses no existential threat to America - more people died from lightning strikes in the US than terrorist attacks.


Mintpress: Iraq War Report Buries Oil Evidence, Fails to Address Motive - It as obvious from the start that this was a blood for oil, but the compliant, stenographic press almost never mentions it. Libya and the rest of the countries that we have destroyed are no different. See Here, Here, Here, and Here.


The Hill: George W. Bush: “Murdering the innocent is always evil.” - A sad, colossal, monumental irony, and stupidity.


NYTimes: Suicide Rate Among Veterans Has Risen Sharply Since 2001


Democracy-NOW: Tariq Ramadan: Iraq War Waged for US Economic Interests Has Destabilized The Entire Region - George Bush, Dick Cheney and Tony Blair are all war criminals.

UK Guardian: ‘Blair is World’s Worst Terrorist’: Families of Iraq War Victims React to Chilcot Report

NYTimes: Obama Says He Will Keep More Troops in Afghanistan Than Planned - The plain fact is that the longer we stay in their country, the longer the War On Terror (c) will last and the more taxpayer money will pour into the pockets of top level war corporation execs’ pockets.


Politico: Congress Buys the Navy a $400 Million Pork Ship


NYTimes: Drone Strike Statistics Answer Few Questions and Raise Many - Less than 4% of drone strike victims are high level terrorists. For every terrorist killed by drones 10 more are created and Here. Remote drone pilots have no idea who they are killing, and Here, Here, Here, and often use ‘double-taps’ to murder first responders and Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, and Here . The US government continues to lie about it’s impact. It’s probably a war crime and Here. Here’s what it’s like to carry on a simple daily existence in areas where drones are used. Most of its victims die of incineration. The tactic only sounds good from afar, but is ineffective and counter productive, not to mention just plain old insane. And your tax money - not to mention possibly your vote - is being used to fund this murderous multi-$Billion industry that only benefits high level execs at war corporations. Here’s CodePink’s solution.


Bureau of Investigative Journalism: Obama Drone Casualty Numbers Just a Fraction of the Actual Numbers Murdered - Each drone missile translates to at least a $110,000 revenue for the manufacturer. Drone aircraft are at least $4 Million each. The drone war industry has made these corporations, their BOD’s and C-Level employees rich beyond imagination.

From the article: “Jennifer Gibson, staff attorney at Reprieve said: “For three years now, President Obama has been promising to shed light on the CIA’s covert drone programme. Today, he had a golden opportunity to do just that. Instead, he chose to do the opposite. He published numbers that are hundreds lower than even the lowest estimates by independent organisations. The only thing those numbers tell us is that this Administration simply doesn’t know who it has killed.”


NYTimes: CIA Arms for Syrian Rebels Supplied Black Market - How many times have we heard this now? As described in this article, this is a blatant case of CIA weapons systematically exported to Jordan for the purpose of selling them on the black market. Later some of them are used to kill American soldiers. The region is now flooded with weapons paid for by the American taxpayer. Weapons makers in the US reap windfall profits because without them, there’d be no one to fight. For other examples of taxpayer funded weapons going to our enemies, see Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, and Here. Why do the American people stand for this? Here’s why: willful ignorance to avoid cognitive dissonance. Blood on our hands.


UK Telegraph: German Foreign Minister Accuses NATO of Warmongering Against Russia - See entry of 5/24.


Black Agenda Report: US Sets the Stage for Libya-Like Regime Change in Eritrea - “President Obama seem intent on adding War #8 to his imperial legacy.”


Shadowproof: NATO Committments Escalate; US Responsible for Security of 60% of the Planet - Also this week President Obama changed the rules of engagement for US troop in Afghanistan and authorized escalation. Support the troops! Bring them home.


Reuters: Thousands Protest Against Drones at US Air Force Base in Germany


Reuters: Obama Approves Broader Role for US Forces in Afghanistan

Matt Taibbi: Muhammad Ali Was A Hero, But His Enemies Have a Legacy Too - Because of his actions at the draft board, we no longer ask a Labron James to go kill Iraqi civilians. Because of the $billions that go towards the Pentagon public relations budget (the largest in the world), we no longer see a ‘running girl’ picture when our drones incinerate an Afghan family’s hut. Journalists no longer ask the “consequences of killing other human beings half a world away who really had nothing to do with us.

But a generation later, we Americans mostly lack the instinct to even ponder those questions. We sit through movies like American Sniper that tell us that Iraqis are villains because they shoot at our soldiers. The question of why we were ever there in the first place to shoot or be shot at is not talked about as much.

In large part that's because the government has successfully sanitized the use of force. The brutality and ugliness of war is mostly kept separate from pop culture. Wars look like video games to young people today. This isn't an accident. It's the result of billions of dollars of research and propaganda devoted to the problem of preventing the wholesale attacks of conscience that broke out during the Sixties.”


Democracy-NOW: US Army Minister Resigns Over Drone Program - “I refuse to serve as an Empire Chaplain.”


UK Guardian: Judge ‘Manipulated’ 9/11 Attacks Case, Court Document Alleges - “Army Col James Pohl, who this week at Guantánamo is presiding over a resumption of pretrial hearings in the already troubled case, “in concert with the prosecution, manipulated secret proceedings and the use of secret orders”, the document alleges, preventing Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s defense team from learning Pohl had permitted the Obama Administration to destroy the evidence.”


McClatchy: Syrian Rebel Whose Group Is Linked to al Qaida Visits US


Intercept: Neocon-Bashers Headline Koch Event as Political Realignment on Foreign Policy Continues - I thought I was reading an Onion headline at first.


UK Daily Mail: CIA “Accidentally” Deleted Its Only Copy of 6,700 Page Torture Report


NYTimes: The Obama Legacy: Two Full Terms At War - Not exactly what he campaigned on in 2008, when actual progressives were fooled. Fooled once. The ‘Democrat’ brand is now irrecoverably broken. Never again.


Shadowproof: Next Cold War Roundup: US Puts Boots on the Ground in Sirte, Libya - ...and Yemen. Here we go again.


NYTimes: US Role in Afghanistan Turns to Combat Again, With a Tragic Error - Synopsis: The MSF hospital was hit after Afghan troops abandoned their posts and US soldiers were forced to do what Obama said they would not do: assume direct front-line combat assault missions. It was understandable confusion on the part of American troops, but the root cause was direct combat. We can’t keep doing this regardless of the cowardice displayed by the Afghan forces in defending their country against the Taliban.


NYTimes: Is America’s War on ISIS Illegal?

NYTimes: Another Combat Death in Iraq Presages Future US Role


Democracy-NOW: “The Assassination Complex”: Jeremy Scahill & Glenn Greenwald Probe Secret US Drone Wars in New Book - Great article, detailing why government claims of ‘precise’ assassinations are a pack of lies. We already have heard from drone operators who admit that most of the time they don’t even know who they are firing at. And we knew that drone murders hit innocent civilians between 90% and 96% of the time.


Credo: Tell Congress: Audit the Pentagon - Good links at the bottom of this page.

4/28/16 Chairman of Joint Chiefs Acknowledges US Troops in Iraq Conduct Combat Operations


Democracy-NOW: “Horrified”: Seymour Hersh Reacts to Obama’s Plan to Send 250 More Troops to Syria - But just yesterday, Obama said this would be a ‘mistake.’ The neocons and war corporations have it their way again.


Associated Press: US Acknowledges Another 20 Civilian Deaths in Syria, Iraq - The numbers beg disbelief. From the article: Out of 12,000 US airstrikes in Iraq and Syria since August, 2014, the US military has now admitted a total of 40 civilian deaths. The biggest admitted toll of civilian deaths, 8, was on 10/5/15, two days after the US bombed the Doctors Without Borders hospital. We know that strike alone killed 42, but is not even mentioned in this report. Good old stenographic US news media. As usual, the numbers don’t add up, and the neocons in both parties refuse to investigate. But all of this maintains the War on Terror (c) by continuing to create new ISIS recruits. Works great for the war corporations. Here’s what ‘Living Under Drones’ is really like, and Here.


Democracy-NOW: As Saudis Continue Deadly Bombing of Yemen, Is Obama Trading Cluster Munitions for Riyadh’s Loyalty?

NYTimes: How Hillary Clinton Became a Hawk - In Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Honduras, Palestine, Syria, Yemen, and Libya, her focus has always been more war. War corporations love this approach. Nobody cares about the violence and destabilization of each and every one of those countries that has resulted from her approach.


Intercept: Obama Went From Condemning Saudis For Abuses (in 2002) to Arming Them To The Teeth Ever Since He Was Inaugurated - Using US jets, smart-bombs, guided missiles, cluster bombs, and Here, Here, Here, and Here, and the services of US armed forces targeting staff, and refueling, Saudi Arabia has waged a devastating campaign on Yemeni civilians. Hospitals, markets, ancient neighborhoods, and Here, have been targeted. Estimates range from 3,700 to 6,000 civilians, many of them children, and Here, have been killed in this campaign, at least half a million children there starving. These are clearly war crimes, and Here, Here, Here, and Here and yet the US media is mostly silent. This is part of a broader US strategy to sow conflict across the Middle East, and Here, creating far more terrorists than it kills, and creating $Billions in profits for the War Corporations.


Socialist Times: Hillary Clinton’s Foreign Policy is a Dystopian Dreamscape - “Hillary Clinton has supported military action in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Honduras, Palestine, Syria, Yemen, and Libya. There isn’t a country on this planet who is safe, from the blood lust of the Democratic Establishment’s nomination of choice. All of the military action that Hillary Clinton has endorsed has resulted is more violence and greater destabilization of the regions and countries she claims to care about.”


Shadowproof: US May Send More Weapons to Al-Qaeda in Syria


Black Agenda Report: Barack, Hillary and the Libyan War Crime - According to then Secretary of Defense Gates, the decision to bomb Libya was “51-49” in favor with Hillary being the main advocate, pushing the ambivalent president over the line. The overthrow of Gadaffi led directly to the overthrow of the democratically elected government of Mali and the rise of Boko Haram. All of this criminality is sent straight down the memory hole with the help of the corporate media. As part of his never ending marketing and propaganda drive Obama graces the cover of the April 2016 issue of The Atlantic magazine with an article entitled, “The Obama Doctrine.” Presidents don’t give access without an expectation of looking good. The interviews with the president and current and past administration officials doesn’t deviate from this rule. If there was any justice in the world Barack and Hillary would fear being on trial. Instead he leaves office looking like a model on magazine covers and they work together to make sure that she sits in the oval office after him.”


NYTimes: Marine’s Death in a Secret Iraqi Base Reflects a Quietly Expanding US Role - “The new information...has raised questions about Mr. Obama’s pledge to keep American troops out of combat.” I guess pledges are made to be broken.


Democracy-NOW: Human Rights Advocates and Organizations: US Backed Saudi Offensive In Yemen A “Dark Cloud” On Obama’s Presidency - The human rights crisis that we are precipitating in Yemen is truly heartbreaking. We assist the Saudis as they bomb schools, universities, hospitals, clinics, etc. and yet the Obama administration cloaks this entire new war in secrecy, aided by the compliant US corporate media.


LATimes: US Helps Saudis Wage Devastating War On Yemeni Civilians - As the American news media spends days mourning the deaths in Brussels, why is there no sympathy for thousands - many children - killed in Yemen with US providing $20 Billion per year in planes, cluster bombs, refueling aircraft and even ‘targeting assistance’?

BBC: US Spy Plane Cost $86 Million But Was Never Used


Military.Com: In Syria, Militias Armed By The Pentagon Fight Those Armed by the CIA - Insanity!


Intercept: Highlighting Western Victims While Ignoring Victims of Western Violence - Cable TV advertisers don’t like it when a balanced view is presented. Noam Chomsky: “ The best way to prevent terrorism is to stop participating in it.”

Democracy-NOW: Erik Prince, Blackwater Founder Under Investigation For Illegal Mercenary Biz


HuffPo: Recovering From Militarism - Maybe we need to “transform a cumbersome, stagnant, obsolescent, irrelevant, unauditable, warfighting force — with its own inbuilt self-corrupting qualities — into a peacekeeping, nation-building, humanitarian-assistance, disaster-response force far more attuned to a future it helps shape and far more strategically effective than what we now have.”


Democracy-NOW: After Brussels Attack, Will Response Be More War Or A Look At The Root Causes of Terrorism?

BBC: ‘Missionary’ Wounded in Brussels, Also Present at Paris and Boston Attacks and Here- What are the odds? Wouldn’t be the first time that ‘missionary’ was just a cover.


NYTimes: Marine Base in Northern Iraq Is Confirmed by Pentagon - A US Marine is killed on a ‘secret’ base in Iraq on the 13th anniversary of the start of the Iraq war. I don’t think we’re ever going to be through with this war. ‘No boots on the ground’ ?? Bull Shit. It now serves as a great excuse for even more intervention...

Marine Corps Times: More Marines Headed For Iraq - As Gen. Smedley Butler said, War Is A Racket

Intercept: Saudi Arabia Continues Hiring Spree of US Lobbyists - Hires Washington Firm founded by Haley Barbour.


CBS News Commentary: The Vast Divide Between America and its Military - An Iraq war veteran poignantly describes how Americans seem to want war almost like a narcotic, but just not for themselves or their children; and don’t really want to think about the consequences for the people in other countries whose lives and culture are destroyed in their name. As if none of this could one day come back to haunt them.


Democracy-NOW: Yemen: 41 Civilians Killed in US-Backed, Saudi Led Air Strike - More than 6,000 people, about half of them civilians, have been killed in the Yemen conflict since the Saudis began targeting Houthi rebels.


Intercept: Hillary Clinton Has A Long History of Collaboration With GOP On Foreign Policy - As far as the GOP neocon elite are concerned, the problem with Donald Trump is not that he is too aggressive, but rather that he is not aggressive enough with respect to foreign policy and US wars of aggression. But for them it’s not a problem. Hillary will be a perfectly good substitute.


Democracy-NOW: Andrew Bacevich: Why Is No Candidate From Either Party Offering an Alternative to Militarized Foreign Policy? - Synopsis: After 15 years of war, why is there no end in sight? Not only do we still have forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, we have expanded the war to Syria, Somalia, Libya and are expanding forces in several other African countries. Although ISIS does pose an existential threat to the countries in which it is fighting and their neighbors, ISIS poses a very modest threat to the US. It has no navy or air force. It has a relatively small number of fighters and they are not particularly well armed. The notion that it poses a threat to us is absurd.


Intercept: Nobody Knows the Identities of the 150 People Killed in Somalia, But Most Are Certain They Deserved It


NYTimes: US Strikes in Somalia Kill 150 Shabab Fighters - From the article: “Pentagon officials said they did not believe there were any civilian casualties, but there was no independent way to verify the claim. It comes in response to new concerns that the in the midst of a resurgence. American officials estimate that with an influx of men from Iraq, Syria and Tunisia, the Islamic State’s forces in Libya have swelled to as many as 6,500 fighters, allowing the group to capture a 150-mile stretch of coastline over the past year. The arrival of the Islamic State in Libya has sparked fears that the group’s reach could spread to other North African countries. If the killings of Mr. Godane and Mr. Garar by US drone strikes initially crippled the group, that no longer appears to be the case.”

So put another way: The US destruction of Libya and subsequent drone murders of “insurgent leaders” have not only increased the activity of Islamic fighters, it has provided the necessary conditions - complete chaos and lawlessness in Libya - for those fighters to thrive. It’s good that we killed 150 fighters - if indeed they were all fighters and not women and children as is usually the case, but now what do we do with the other 6,350 and growing?

NYTimes: Tunisian Clash Spreads Fear That Libyan War is Spilling Over - ...more fallout from that ‘humanitarian bombing’


NYTimes: Hillary Clinton, ‘Smart Power,’ and A Dictator’s Fall - “President Obama was deeply wary of another military venture in a Muslim country. Most of his senior advisers were telling him to stay out. Mr. Obama’s defense secretary, Robert M. Gates, would later say that in a “51-49” decision, it was Mrs. Clinton’s support that put the ambivalent president over the line.”

She was wrong on Iraq twice, wrong on Libya and is now pushing for expanded intervention in Syria and Here. In another flagrant rejection of the Constitution, Obama/Clinton ignored Congress even after it rejected action in Libya and Here. All of the people who advocated for Libyan intervention are of course now completely silent on the outcome. Now Libya remains in chaos and is fertile ground for ISIS and Here. The repercussions for surrounding democratic governments has been deadly. Libya has become a major conduit in child and female slavery. During the debates she has lied repeatedly about her role and the current situation in Libya. She’ll be a bigger war hawk than Bush or Obama. I’m surprised that the Times, which is clearly pushing for Hillary over Bernie, is willing to print a mostly-honest portrayal of how her bad decision making led to another US intervention and failed state. Wars are so easy to start. We came, we saw, he died.” Pathetic.


UK Guardian: Evidence that UAE Tortures Foreign Prisoners - Another fine upstanding Middle Eastern ally of the USA. In fact the UAE is one of our favorite places to hand over detainees for torture, and Here.


Intercept: Hunting Boko Haram - New drone airfield in a remote area of Cameroon and near the borders of Nigeria and Chad. Ostensibly to help the fight of Boko Haram, but near the oilfields of all three countries. The indigenous population may have as much to fear from the armies of the three countries and from the eventual use of drone attacks, if history is any guide, as they do from Boko Haram. But a great read nonetheless.

NYTimes: US Plans to Put Advisers On Front Lines of Nigeria’s War on Boko Haram - A new “world’s deadliest group.” Serial liar James Clapper advises Congress that despite losing ground in 2015, they’re going to expand and be around for years. Music to the ears of war corporation moguls. Again they are bad guys, but we really have no dog in this fight. Politicians always say that we won’t be the world’s policeman, and then immediately put US soldiers in harm’s way.


Reuters: Afghan Troops Retreat Further - ...leaving a second district in Helmand to the Taliban, who are now poised to move on the Kajaki district, site of huge hydroelectric dam built with $Millions of US taxpayer money, this comes just as hundreds of US re-enforcements arrive...perpetual war. The Taliban have never attacked America.


Bureau of Investigative Journalism: US Airstrikes in Afghanistan Killing Civilians At Greatest Rate In Seven Years - It has been clear for years that drone murders of civilians create far more radicals than than they eliminate, and Here, Here, Here, Here, Here and Here. There can be only one reason: to sow war around the world in order to maintain war corporation profits. See also The Mystery of Khost.

Intercept: Trump Is Right, Bush Lied: A Little-Known Part of the Bogus Case for War


Reuters: US OKs Sale of 8 Lockheed F-16 Fighter Jets to Pakistan - Lockheed BODs and C-Level employees celebrate.


Alternet: Libya is Turning Into a Catastrophe - Where Are All the Pundits Who Cheered for Its Invasion?


Black Agenda Report: Pentagon Request of $582 Billion in 2017 Another Indication of Imperialism’s Desperation


UK Guardian: US to Deploy Hundreds of Troops in Afghanistan to Thwart Taliban - $Billions more taxpayer money down the drain and into the pockets of defense contractor BODs and C-Level employees. I thought we were fighting ISIS? This is in addition to the “greatly increased number of troops in Iraq,” and the 250 additional troops announced in December and October. In addition to these new troops, at least 9,800 troops will remain in Afghanistan through the end of 2016. But they are not on a combat mission???


Reuters: Pentagon Hikes 2017 Budget Request By 35% To Fund the Fight Against ISIS - enemy that it created. War corporations can’t wait to dig in.


Shadow Proof: Media Silent as US Backed Saudi Forces Starve Half Million Yemeni Children


NYTimes: Pentagon Concludes What It Always Concludes: They Want More Troops, More Weapons, A Longer War - Nobody seems to notice that’s what they always conclude and it always leads to nowhere but failure.


Intercept: The US Intervention in Libya Was Such a Smashing Success That A Sequel Is Coming - First our war industry created the vacuum there that led to the rise of ISIS and now that same industry will use it as an opportunity for more profit, using taxpayer dollars.


Truth Out: Saudi Arabia is Killing Civilians With US Bombs


Shadowproof: Upon Petraeus’ Request, Prosecutors Removed Embarrassing Reference to Kiriakou Case From Plea Deal - Another example of how the Obama Admin. viciously attacks low-level whistleblowers, but protects the elite when they do even worse.


NYTimes: Despite Decades of Stealth, Sticking Points Bedevil F-35 - By the time they decide to throw in the towel on this plane, Lockeed Martin will have reaped over $1 Trillion in taxpayer money. This money could have been used to feed hungry children, improve public schools, provided health care to people who still can’t afford to buy health insurance, fix deteriorating US roads and bridges, etc. But instead it goes to the C-level employees at LM and to its Board of Directors. This is why the budget of the Defense Dept. is a national disgrace.


NYTimes: US and Allies Weigh Military Action Against ISIS in Libya - A continuation of the perpetual war strategy.

Intercept: Half of Clinton’s Anti-Sanders ‘Foreign Policy Experts’ Have Ties to Military Contractors


AP: UN Report: Iraqi Civilians Dying at a ‘Staggering’ Rate - This article relates the death toll to ISIS, however make no mistake about who is ultimately at fault: the American public who stood by dumbly and allowed Bush to invade the country under obviously false pretenses, continue the war, and then hand it over to Obama. We totally destabilized that country and then attempted to walk away leaving a huge leadership vacuum, setting the stage for what is happening today.

ProPublica: Afghanistan Waste Exhibit A: Kajaki Dam, More than $300 Million Spent and Still Not Done


TomDispatch: How to Defeat ISIS - This is actually the only way we’re ever going to do it.


ProPublica: The US Spent Half a Billion on Mining in Afghanistan With ‘Limited Progress’ - Even attempts at corporate welfare are failing there.


UK Guardian: US Defense Chief Says ISIS Strongholds Will Be Targeted By Coalition in 2016 - This is the formula for perpetual war.


Reuters: ‘Projectile’ Hits Doctors Without Borders Clinic in Yemen, Killing Four

NYTimes: Syrians Starve While ‘Superpowers’ Talk

TomDispatch: How We Learned to Stop Worrying About People and Love the Bombing - Why Americans shed crocodile tears over the killing of someone like them, but couldn’t care less about anyone else - including mass murder of children.


Salon: Oil, Money, Politics and Evil: Our Leading Middle East Ally is the Worst Country Imaginable


NYTimes: US Soldier Killed While Fighting Taliban in Afghanistan and USA Today


Truth Dig: Execution of Nimr al Nimr One More Reason to Re-evaluate Toxic US-Saudi Alliance

NYTimes: US In A Bind As Saudi Actions Test a Durable Alliance - The MSM speaks. “In A Bind”?? How about complicit in war crimes. This is what Rs and Ds do. A curse and blood on the hands of any that support them.


CNN: Tehran Protest After Saudi Arabia Executes Shiite Cleric - 47 people executed in one day by Saudis, America’s “biggest ally” in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia executed 157, most beheaded by sword, in 2015, far exceeding ISIS.