Climate Breakdown


Further Info and Links Climate Science Basics - 1. It’s warmer; 2. It’s us; 3. We’re sure; 4. It’s bad; 5. We can fix it. The last cooler-than-average month was October, 1965.

Sunrise Movement

Climate Justice Alliance

IMF: Global Fossil Fuel Subsidies - As of 5/2/19: nearly $5 Trillion.

Winning the Green New Deal - Bill McKibben calls this group of essays “the playbook for what needs to happen post-election should Biden win.”

Extinction Rebellion

Youth Climate Strike

Climate Action Tracker

House Resolution 109: Green New Deal Legislation - a non-binding resolution

Green Party Green New Deal

Green Party Platform on Energy

Climate Central: Land Projected to be Underwater by 2050

Time: Climate Change Solutions

Truthout: Climate Disruption Dispatches

Skeptical Science: How Do We Know More CO2 Is Causing Warming? - A complete, basic through advanced review of the scientific data which supports the case for Global Warming caused by man, and debunks the most often used climate myths. Here is their home page.

A Superfund for Workers - The Green New Deal will provide a ‘just transition’ for workers who lose their fossil fuel jobs so that they can retrain for new jobs in renewable energy and energy efficiency. Renewable energy and energy efficiency industries always create more jobs than are lost when fossil fuel industries are replaced. Also see Here

Merchants of Doubt

Intercept: Oil and Water - Timeline of events surrounding Dakota Access pipeline protests, and industry/government’s increasingly violent attempts to repress them.

Scientists’ March on Washington

NASA: Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet

Ocean Scientists: Ocean Warming


Everything You Need to Know About the Paris Climate Summit and UN Talks

Frontline: Climate of Doubt - Inside the campaign to create doubt about global warming. Donors Trust, Energy & Policy Institute Report

Solar Power Rocks

"Nature cares nothing for logic, our human logic: she has her own, which we do not recognize and do not acknowledge until we are crushed under its wheels."

  1. -Ivan Turgenev


Guardian: Firefighters Pushed to the Limits as Unprecedented Infernos Rage Across US West Coast


Reuters: Burned Jaguars, Fire Tornadoes: Blazes in Brazil Wetland Deliver Climate Warning


Guardian: As Fires Burn The West, Top Democrats Stay Quiet on Climate Breakdown - Pelosi, Feinstein both mumble when asked about the Green New Deal. Despite Biden’s $2 Trillion climate plan, he refuses to ban fracking. The DNC dropped the demand to end fossil fuel subsidies from its platform, and refused to stage a climate change debate during the nominating process. Only watch what they do.

9/11/20 500,000 Oregonians Forced to Flee Their Homes


Guardian: US Wildfires Could Spark Financial Crisis, Advisory Panel Finds - Declining home values, rising insurance premiums, or loss of coverage entirely causing a wave of defaults. That coupled with decreasing tourist revenue could reduce local and state government revenues and hurt municipal finances, in turn causing bond defaults. This could damage banks, mortgage holders and markets where they are traded. Loss of insurance coverage and lowering real estate values in coastal areas could exacerbate this housing crisis.

Climate catastrophes can make investors aware of risks not priced into markets, the report said, and this can “trigger a disorderly repricing of assets, which could have cascading effects on portfolios and balance sheets and, therefore, systemic implications for financial stability”. “...a systemic crisis in slow motion.”

Guardian: Western Wildfires in Pictures


CBS News: CA Wildfires Have Already Burned 2.2M Acres - This is a record, fueled by record breaking heat, and wildfire season is far from over. 2000% increase in acres burned over 2019 on this date. 121 degrees on 9/6 in Woodland Hills, a record for the town and for any suburb of LA. CA governor reiterates the need to tackle climate breakdown.


Reuters: CA Governor Declares State of Fire Emergency in 5 Counties


Guardian: California Braces For Record Heat Even As Wildfire Smoke Keeps Windows Closed

Democracy-NOW: Pandemic Adds to Fossil Fuel Glut, COVID Relief Money Flows to Big Oil - This interview is a summary of the numbers presented in Juhasz’s article in Sierra Bailout which outlines how the Rethugs used PPP (part of the CARES Act) as a trojan horse to funnel up to $7 Billion to the fossil fuel companies - and did not use it to save jobs. The CARES Act also contained $3 Billion in tax loopholes for giant oil companies (and industry which already is getting $5 Trillion annually in tax subsidies world wide).

Also worth pointing out that BlackRock is the main broker/conduit of this money. But back in January BlackRock held a major press conference announcing that they were divesting from all fossil fuels.


New Yorker: Bill McKibben: On Climate Change, We’ve Run Out of Presidential Terms to Waste

Guardian: ‘Wake-up Call’: Wildfires Tear Through Drought Plagued Four Corners


Senate Democrats’ Special Committee on the Climate Crisis - The last chapter, “Dark Money”, is a collation of all known data about political-influence-buying of the fossil-fuel industry.


Sierra: The End of Oil is Near


Guardian: California Wildfires: Trump Declares Major Disaster As State Braces for Worsening Conditions


Inside Climate News: California and Colorado May be Part of a Climate-Driven Transformation of Wildfires Around the Globe - As temperatures climb, evaporation causes extreme aridity. That combined with lack of rainfall and early disappearance of snow pack has caused a year-round wildfire season in major portions of the West.


Reuters: Firestorms Displace Tens of Thousands in California


Guardian: Revealed: How the Gas Industry is Waging War Against Climate Action


NYTimes: Fires, Blackouts, a Heat Wave and a Pandemic: California’s ‘Horrible’ Month


Guardian: Plastic Pollution in Atlantic At Least 10 Times Worse Than Previous Estimates

HuffPost: Democrats Drop Demand to End Fossil Fuel Subsidies From Party Platform - This is Tom Perez, Neera Tanden, Nancy Pelosi, etc., the same group that gave us Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden instead of Bernie Sanders and AOC. Back stabbin’ sons a bitches!!! But that’s just what Democraps do. Never listen to what they say and Never Forget!

MSN: Record-Crushing Heat, Fire Tornadoes and Freak Thunderstorms in the West


ABC News: Record Breaking Heat and Fire Danger in the West, Mid-Atlantic Flood Risk in the East


Intercept: Biden’s Climate Advisers Reveal More Than His Proposals Do - His $2T climate plan will become a repeat of Obama’s neo-liberal promises in 2008 which eventually morphed into ‘All of The Above’. But it sounded better than McCain/Palin’s ‘Drill Baby Drill’. Town in Kent, England Falling Into the Sea


Public Accountability Initiative: Fossil Fuel Industry Pollutes Black and Brown Communities While Propping up Racist Policing

Guardian: How the Global Climate Fight Could be Lost If Trump is Re-elected


Reuters: Green Energy Ratchets Up Power During Coronavirus Pandemic


Weather Channel: Great Lakes Are At Record Warm. Here’s Why That Matters


NYTimes: Biden Announces $2 Trillion Climate Plan - More bait and switch by the Democraps.

Guardian: Methane Rises to Highest Level on Record


NOAA: June 2020 Tied as Earth’s 3rd Hottest on Record


Guardian: Officials Warn of Health Risks as Heatwave May Break Records in the Southern US


Democracy-NOW: Supreme Court Upholds Tribal Sovereignty in Oklahoma - Another huge blow to oil/gas pipelines who want to build in Native American land. Keep it in the ground.


CarbonBrief: Global Warming Edges Closer to Paris Agrement 1.5C Limit


Reuters: End of an Era? Series of US Setbacks Bodes Ill for Big Oil, Gas Pipeline Projects - Atlantic Coast Pipeline abandoned. Dakota Access shut down. KXL halted. 3 major victories for the planet in the space of 2 days. Pretty cool.


Reuters: Democratic Party ‘Irked’ By Council’s Insurgent Climate Plan

Clean Technica: Defending 100% Clean Power: An Energy Efficiency Approach - From the article:

Our energy and ecological crises are as much problems of waste and overconsumption. The US is the most wasteful society on the planet. We produce 3 times as much CO2 per capita as the French.

Since 1990, Germany’s population has grown by about 5%, or 4 million people. Germany’s real incomes have also increased, and Germans have access to free education, universal and very good healthcare, a flexible transport system, luxurious vacation time, and a strong labor market. Germans work almost 25% less than Americans and less than almost anyone else in the developed world (Germany’s best-kept secret). While maintaining this extraordinary quality of life and extending it to more people, Germans have cut carbon emissions by 1/3. Only to a modest degree was this through renewable energy.

...this cut came from improvements in all sectors of the economy as government policies imposed high costs on waste and as people became more responsible and thought about their actions in ethical terms. This is what success looks like, and as more countries take this path, it becomes easier for everyone as market forces, technological development, and innovation spread across borders.”


Inside Climate News: Q&A: A Human Rights Expert Hopes Covid-19, Climate Change and Racial Injustice Are a Wake-Up Call

5/28/20 Zombie Fires Reignite in Artic


EuroNews: Why Destroying the Planet Is Bad For Our Health And What We Can Do About It


Inside Climate News: New York’s Use of Landmark Climate Law Could Resound in Other States


NYTimes: The End of Meat is Here - From the article: “If for a single year the government removed its $38-billion-plus in props and bailouts, and required meat and dairy corporations to play by normal capitalist rules, it would destroy them forever. The industry could not survive in the free market.” Michigan Dam Break Victims Told It Could Be Days Before They’re Allowed to Return Home

5/20/20 Hurricanes Getting Stronger Due to Climate Change

Wunderground: Aging Dams, Changing Climate: A Dangerous Mix - From the article: The Tittabawassee River crested at about 1 foot higher than the previous all-time record. The dams meant to contain this flood were built 95 years ago. Only about 5% of US flood policies are from the private sector and the vast majority of US homes are not covered by any form of flood policy.

It appears that 500-year floods are now occurring several times per year. Donald Trump says it’s all just a hoax.


Visual Capitalist: How Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Can Help Transition to Clean Energy


ESG: JP Morgan Chase Removes Former Oil Boss From Lead Director Roll

5/6/20 3 Major Fires Burning in Florida Panhandle - drought-stricken area...Interstate 10 closed...1,100 homes threatened, least 18 structures destroyed or damaged


Weather.Com: Heat Wave Shifts to Southern Plains After Smashing Records in the Desert Soutwest


WUnderground: Earliest Tropical Depression On Record in E. Pacific


Guardian: This Earth Day We Must Stop the Fossil Fuel Money Pipeline

Democracy-NOW: Bill McKibben On Earth Day

Guardian: Climate Strikes Continue Online


Rolling Stone: Big Insurance is Climate’s Quiet Killer


Intercept: Africa’s Exploding Plastic Nightmare


WUnderground: Longterm Mega-Drought in Western US


Guardian: Major Blow ti Keystone XL Pipeline as Judge Revokes Key Permit


WUnderground: Earth’s Second Warmest March, and Second Warmest Year To Date


WUnderground: Major Severe Outbreak is Looming


Yes Magazine: How the Climate Change Generation Is Redefining Community


WUnderground: Tropical Cyclone Harold Barrels Into Vanuatu With Winds of 145mph


WUnderground: Gulf Coast and Mexico Hottest March On Record


Guardian: Czechs Get to Work Making Masks After Government Decree - This is how to ‘flatten the curve.’


Guardian: Trump Administration Allows Companies to Break Pollution Laws During Coronavirus Pandemic

Guardian: Scientists Find Bug That Feasts on Toxic Plastic


CleanTechnica: The Largest Ecosystems On The Planet Could Collapse in a Single Lifetime, Study Finds - The study.


Inside Climate News: Locust Swarms, Some 3 Times the Size of New York City, Are Eating Their Way Across 2 Continents


W Underground: Another Spring of Heightened Flood Risk


W Underground: US Precipitation 1901 - 2019: A Decade-By-Decade Look - Region by region look shows all regions - except the SW - are getting more precipitation, with the latest decades getting progressively more.


Guardian: Polar Ice Caps Melting Six Times Faster Than in 1990’s


Intercept: The Climate Movement Doesn’t Know How to Talk With Union Members About Green Jobs - The message they should hear: “...guarantee that every worker in the fossil fuel economy holds onto the standard they have, as we raise millions more into standards like that, by putting a front-line priority on unionizing the jobs in the clean economy... in the United States the same corporations that have been destroying the planet have collaborated to make it so that most American workers no longer have good, unionized jobs...In New York, the unions won a far-reaching climate agreement to shift half of New York State’s total energy needs to wind power by 2035. They did it by moving billions of subsidies away from fossil fuels and into a union jobs guarantee known as a project labor agreement.

Guardian: If Jeff Bezos Really Wants to Fight the Climate Crisis, He Should Just Pay His Taxes


Guardian: This Winter in Europe Was Hottest On Record By Far, Say Scientists

Guardian: ‘Individual Actions Do Add Up’: Architect of Paris Climate Accords on the Climate Crisis - “She lists the possible benefits: stronger economies, energy independence, a livable environment, breathable air, less time wasted commuting, improved health, an increased connection to nature. #StubbornOptimisim


W Underground: Deadly TN Tornado Confirmed as a Rare EF4

W Underground: Tennessee Tornado Death Toll Rises - 25 dead, at least 20 missing, severe storms and flooding continue throughout the South.


Guardian: Where Do the 2020 Democratic Candidates Stand on the Climate Crisis?


MSN: Jackson Homes Flooded as Pearl River Goes Higher

Guardian: Storm Dennis: Flood-Hit Communities Brace for More Rain - Rivers Wye and Severn have already broken all-time records.


Guardian: Survey: America’s ‘Recycled’ Plastic Waste Is Clogging Landfills


Weather Underground: Flooding at Record Levels in Iceland and British Isles - Lowest surface pressures ever recorded for this part of the world.


Reuters: Mississippi Braces for Floods As Pearl River Hits 37-Year High Water Mark


Weather Underground: Last Month Was Warmest January Ever - July 2019 was the hottest month ever recorded on earth. June 2019 was the hottest June ever. 2019 was the second wettest year in US history. The past 5 years have been the hottest 5 ever. 9 of the hottest 10 years have occurred in the last 10. 20 out of the last 22 years have been the hottest on record.


Guardian: Antarctica Logs Hottest Temperature Ever: 65 F


Common Dreams: NYC Announces Bans New Fossil Fuel Projects

Guardian: 10 US Oil Refineries Exceeding Limits For Cancer-Causing Benzene - “Studies have shown that populations living around refineries, often people of color and low-income, have worse asthma”


Guardian: “These Fires Have Changed Us”


Inside Climate News: Caught Off Guard: The Southeast Struggles With Climate Change


Charleston Post and Courier: Facing Dire Climate Threats, Charleston Has Done Little to Reduce Its Carbon Footprint


Guardian: Climate Emergency: 2019 Was Second Hottest Year on Record and Here - Also the second wettest year on record. June 2019 was the hottest June ever.

The past 5 years have been the hottest 5 years ever.

9 of the hottest 10 years have occurred in the last 10.

20 out of the last 22 years have been the hottest years on record.

At 410 ppm, CO2 in the atmosphere is at its highest level in 3 million years, since the Pliocene epoch when seas were 60 ft. higher than today.

The Arctic is nearly ice free. The last time that happened was at least 125,000 years ago.

Because of climate change, wildfires are becoming more frequent, more deadly and they are burning larger areas.

The latest 9/19 IPCC report concludes that 100 year floods will soon occur every year.

The US Defense Dept. has started planning to deal with civil unrest caused by increasing numbers of climate refugees. See DOD 2014 Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap.

Since 2004, hurricanes have become more lethal in terms of fatalities and devastating in terms of cost of damages, and Here.

The last cooler-than-average month was October, 1964.

I think I see a trend.

Guardian: BlackRock Divests From Fossil Fuel Investments - Bill McKibben: “This is the biggest pot of money in the world and until today, its leaders have refused to acknowledge the biggest thing happening on the planet – the accelerating rise in temperature. So it indicates that the facts on the ground of the climate crisis are so grave that no one can turn away, and that activist pressure has reached a point that even the richest companies are not immune.”


NBC News: Scientist Warning: After Australia the Erratic Weather Phenomenon Could Become the New Reality


Weather Underground: Sprawling Storm Turns Deadly With Tornadoes, Flooding and Downbursts - From Texas to the Carolinas.


WUnderground: Year of the Flood: 2019 Was the Second Wettest Year on Record

Guardian: Louisiana Greenlights Huge Pollution-Causing Facility in ‘Cancer Alley’ - Another example of making minorities and the poor breath and drink poison so corporate execs can become even more filthy rich.

Inside Climate News: In Australia’s Burning Forests, Signs We’ve Passed a Global Warming Tipping Point


Guardian: Louisiana Greenlights Huge Pollution-Causing Plastics Factory in ‘Cancer Alley’

Guardian: Bots and Trolls Spread False Arson Claims in Australian Fires ‘Disinformation Campaign’ and Police Contradict Claims Spread Online Exaggerating Arson’s Role in Australian Bushfires and NYTimes: How Rupert Murdoch is Influencing Australia’s Bushfire Debate and FactCheck: Setting the Record Straight on Climate Change and Arson in Australia’s Bushfires


NYTimes: ‘It’s Going to Be a Blast Furnace’: Australia Fires Intensify

NBC News: Another State in Australia Declares Emergency - “Forecasts indicate that the situation will only get worse.”


BBC: Australia Fires: Military to be Deployed to Help Rescue Effort


NBC News: Greta Thunberg and Mass Protests Defined the Year in Climate Change - “This year was the fourth consecutive Atlantic hurricane season with above-average activity, Europe sweltered through a historic heat wave in June and dry conditions fueled massive bushfires that are still raging across Australia and have already scorched an area equivalent in size to the state of New Jersey. Parts of the Midwest and the South saw record flooding this year and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recorded weather and climate disasters in 2019 that each cost more than $1 billion.”

BBC: Australia Fires Worsen as Every State Hits 104F


Guardian: Submarine to Explore Why Antarctic Glacier is Melting So Quickly


Earther: 2019 Was a Horror Show of a Year for Weather

ProPublica: How Oil Companies Avoided Environmental Accountability After 10.8 Million Gallons Spilled - But don’t worry. They truly care about “the small people.”


WUnderground: Post-Christmas Storm May Spread Rain, Thunderstorms, Snow, Ice Across US Typhoon Phanfone Strands 10s of Thousands in Philippines


Inside Climate News: Earth’s Hottest Decade on Record Marked by Extreme Storms, Deadly Wildfires

Guardian: Revealed: Denka Lobbied to Undermine Science Behind Cancer-Causing Toxin

Guardian: Australian Bushfires: Two NSW Firefighter Volunteers Killed and 40 Properties Destroyed - Australia is suffering through one of its hottest, driest summers. Supersized bush fires are creating their own violent thunderstorms. Any of this starting to sound familiar? Average temperature across the continent yesterday was 107.4F. Koalas have lost so much territory this summer that they are now functionally extinct in just one season, and Here.


CNBC: Pelosi and House Democrats Give Trump Big Win on NAFTA 2.0 - No Difference. See entry of 12/13 below.


Democracy-NOW: COP25 Was a Failure, But Activists’ Collective Organizing at the Talks Was Unprecedented


BBC: COP25: Longest Talks End With Compromise Deal


Environmental Groups: Vote No on NAFTA 2.0


NYTimes: It’s a Vast, Invisible Climate Menace. We Made it Visible. - “Immense amounts of methane are escaping from oil and gas sites nationwide, worsening global warming, even as the Trump administration weakens restrictions on offenders.” Methane levels in the atmosphere have risen drastically since 2007. Methane gas warms the planet 86 times as much as CO2. Trump’s goal is to remove all restrictions on methane in 2020.


Democracy-NOW: Bloomberg Addresses COP25 Meeting But Won’t Speak to the Press


Guardian: UN Climate Talks Failing to Address Urgency of Crisis, Say Top Scientists


Democracy-NOW: Why Are Some of Spain’s Biggest Polluters Sponsoring the UN Climate Summit?

Guardian: Killer Heat: US Cities’ Plans for Coming Heat Waves Fail to Protect Vulnerable

Guardian: Greta Thunberg Says School Strikes Have Achieved Nothing


Common Dreams: People Who Want to Ban Fracking Immediately, Says Joe Biden, ‘Oughta Vote For Someone Else’


NBC News: Hundreds of Flights Canceled, Millions of Thanksgiving Travelers Hit by Wintry Weather


NBC News: Saving Oklahoma’s Prairies, A Vital Weapon Against Climate Change


Guardian: Thanksgiving Weather: Storms Wreak Havoc on Travel in Midwest and West

Guardian: ‘Our House is On Fire’: EU Parliament Declares Climate Emergency


Guardian: Climate Emergency: World May Have Crossed ‘Tipping Points’

WUnderground: Multiple Storms From Coast to Coast Create Travel Headaches - Winter storms Dorothy and Ezekiel.


NBC News: Coast to Coast Winter Storm Threatens Holiday Weekend Travel

Guardian: UN Calls for Push to Cut Greenhouse Gas Levels to Avoid Climate Chaos

Reuters: Fast Moving Fire Threatens Homes in Santa Barbara County - This is coupled with unseasonably severe weather across the country.


NYTimes: India’s Ominous Future: Too Little Water or Far Too Much


Forbes: Koalas ‘Functionally Extinct’ After Australian Bush Fires Destroy 80% of Their Habitat


Sea Shepherd: Massive Salmon Farm Die-Off Pollutes British Colombia’s Clayoquot Sound and Here - Lice-ridden, open pen salmon farms in Canada are killing the juvenile wild salmon as they swim by, headed out to sea. Wild salmon are becoming an endangered species, which devastates the entire western Canadian eco-system that depends on them. Boycott farm-raised salmon.


Guardian: Bill McKibben: The Climate Science is Clear: It’s Now or Never to Avert Catastrophe

Guardian: Fossil Fuel Production on Track For Double the Safe Limit


Guardian: Extinction Rebellion Targets Pelosi Over Democrats’ Inaction


Yes Magazine: Bill McKibben: Big Oil Needs to Pay for the Damage It Caused - “...those who made their money peddling fossil fuels—the executives and shareholders holding funds—owe something to those who got hurt...(they are the ones) with the instinct to abuse and extract, deplete, discard, and disavow... their responsibility to their fellow human beings.”

11/14/19 Italian Council Chamber Floods Right After It Rejects Climate Change Measures


Atlantic: Photos: Venice Underwater, Highest Tide in 50 Years


New Yorker: Blood Gold in the Brazilian Rain Forest


Reuters: Keystone Pipeline Spill Hardens Landowner Opposition to Proposed Expansion - 9,120 barrels (383,000 gal.) spilled so far. In the previous 3 major spills on Keystone, 105,000 barrels (441,000 gal) were spilled. The original claim by the owner/builder was that there would be a spill of more than 50 barrels no more than once every 7 to 11 years. That is what the PSC considered in its approval process. Now they refuse to go back and review that approval. So far over the 10 life of the pipeline, there have been 4 major spills.


Smithsonian: Scientists Around the World Declare ‘Climate Emergency’

Democracy-NOW: Bill McKibben on US Withdrawal From Paris Accord, California Fires, Climate Refugees - The world’s largest historic greenhouse gas emitting country is now the only one that has pulled out of the Paris accord, a tragic, disgraceful legacy to leave to our children and grandchildren. We will be remembered as the Greediest Generation. Mike Pompeo, when in Congress, took more money from Charles Koch than any other member of Congress...ever.


Bloomberg: An Energy Breakthrough Could Store Solar Power for Decades


Guardian: Brazilian ‘Forest Guardian’ Killed by Illegal Loggers in Ambush


Democracy-NOW: A Worldwide Revolution is Underway

Democracy-NOW: New Study: 300 Million Face Severe Risk of Climate Fueled Coastal Flooding by 2050 

Common Dreams: “It Happens Over and Over and Over and Over”: Keystone Pipeline Leaks (at Least) 383,000 Gallons of Crude Oil in N. Dakota and NYTimes


Antonia Juhasz: Residents Fight Back as ‘Cancer Alley’ Gets More Toxic

Forbes: Shocking New Maps Show How Sea Level Rise Will Destroy Coastal Cities by 2050 and Nature - The Map


NBC News: California Braces for More Fires, Blackouts As Part of State’s New Normal - Strongest winds of the season tonight...74,000 acres burned...16 significant blazes across the state

NBC News: Southern California Faces Strongest Winds in a Decade Through Thursday Night - This is only getting worse. Forest fires are 5 times more frequent and burn 10 times the area of fires in the 1970’s.

CBS News: CDC Whistleblower Was Told Not to Use the Term “Climate Change” After Trump Elected

Reuters: Study: For Best Climate Impact, Put Renewables in US Midwest


NBC News: Northern California Wildfires Force Nearly 200,000 to Evacuate - “Hurricane-force winds, some with gusts topping 100 mph, sent multiple wildfires hurtling across California, leading to a statewide emergency.” Very similar to the Camp fire of last year which created ‘fire tornados’ that rose 39,000 feet in the air, twirling for hours and stripping the bark from trees near Redding.


MSN: Latest Kincade Fire News: Evacuations and Burn Area Expected to Increase Over Night - 26,000 acres burned, 90,000 evacuated. Current and historical droughts in California.

Portside: Climate Change Will Cost Us Even More Than We Think


Business Insider: Tick Fire Forces 50,000 to Evacuate in LA County

ABC News: Kincade Fire in Sonoma County Now At 16,000 Acres, 5% Contained


Reuters: Wildfires Threaten S. California Homes, Prompt Evacuations - So far this year in California there have been 5,819 fires, burning 162,693 acres. October through December is expected to have the greatest fire potential as Santa Ana winds pick up.

The Atlantic: The Worst Day in Earth’s History Contains an Ominous Warning - The three worst extinction events in the Earth’s history were all associated with severe ocean acidification. And because of CO2 absorption cited in this article, the acidification is recurring, along with the associated extinctions now in progress.


Guardian: Why the Climate Crisis is the Most Crucial Story We Cover in America


Guardian: Typhoon Hagibis: Tokyo Braces For Battering As Worst Storm in 60 Years Roars In - Update


Democracy-NOW: Extinction Rebellion Shuts Down Times Square


Guardian: Revealed the 20 Firms Behind a Third of All Carbon Emissions


Democracy-NOW: This Is Not a Drill: 700+ Arrested As Extinction Rebellion Fights Climate Crisis With Direct Action


Guardian: Ocean Cleanup Device Successfully Collects Plastic for the First Time

Guardian: Trump Administration’s War on Science Has Hit a Crisis Point, Experts Warn


Earther: Hurricane Lorenzo Sets Records As Strongest Storm Observed So Far North and East in Atlantic


Guardian: ‘We Know They Aren’t Feeding’ Fears for Polar Bears Over Shrinking Arctic Ice -


Democracy-NOW: Journalist Sharon Lerner: “How the Plastics Industry is Fighting to Keep Polluting the World” - Once again the evil force behind it all is ALEC and Charles Koch.


Guardian: Extreme Sea Level Events Will Hit Once Per Year by 2050 and NYTimes - The numbers in the latest IPCC report are very scary.


Guardian: Across the Globe Millions Join Biggest Climate Protest Ever

VOX: Climate Strike Around the World


International Red Cross: Climate Breakdown Will Soon Leave Twice As Many In Need...And Cost Twice As Much - This is the cost of doing nothing.

Guardian: The Age of Extinction: US and Canada Have Lost More Than One in Four Birds Since 1970 - 3 Billion birds across diverse groups and habitats...consistent with losses of insects and amphibians

Democracy-NOW: Greta Thunberg: “Change is Coming Whether You Like It Or Not” - From the article: Last July was the hottest month ever on Planet Earth. The last 5 years were the hottest ever. Hurricanes keep getting more and more intense.

Reuters: Hurricane Imelda: Torrential Rains Kill 2, Flood Homes, Snarl Traffic

Inside Climate News: Trollbots Swarm Twitter With Attacks on Climate Science


Guardian: ‘The Poor Are Punished’: Dorian Lays Bare Inequality in the Bahamas - “Economic inequality is killing the Bahamas.”


Washington Post: Dangerous New Hot Zones Are Spreading Around the World


Union of Concerned Scientists: Climate Strike Sept. 20

Reuters: Japan May Have to Dump Radioactive Water Into the Sea, Minister Says


Democracy-NOW: Last Night Biden Touted His Climate Plan. Tonight He’ll Attend a Fossil Fuel Exec’s Fundraiser. Sanders Says He Would Nationalize Their Industry. Warren Says She Wouldn’t. - These are very fundamental differences, and say a lot about these candidates.


Democracy-NOW: Devastated by Dorian, the Bahamas Are on the Frontlines of a Dying Planet - The Caribbean has experienced at least one Cat 5 hurricane every year since 2016. Those are also the hottest years on record, and the years with the highest concentrations of atmospheric CO2 in 3 million years. Even with 24/7 news coverage, somehow corporate media never mentions that.

Intercept: After Climate Forum, Biden Heads To A Fundraiser Co-Hosted By Fossil Fuel Exec

Reuters: Drowning in Plastic - Visualizing the World’s Addiction to Plastic Bottles


NYTimes: Trump to Roll Back Regulations on the Methane

Organic Consumer: The Amazon, Siberia, Indonesia: A World of Fire


Guardian: Treating the Mental Health Crisis Triggered by Climate Breakdown

MSN: Nestle Wants to Take 1.1 Million Gallons per Day From Florida Springs - Nestle wants to take a natural resource that belongs to everyone, then sell it back to them.


Common Dreams: While “The World is On Fire,” DNC Kills Resolution for Climate Forum


Amazon Watch: With the Brazilian Amazon in Flames, We Must All Be the Resistance

Guardian: Amazon Rainforest Fires: Global Leaders Urged to Divert Brazil From ‘Suicide’ Path - The ‘lungs of the world’ are on fire.


Common Dreams: Protests Breakout After DNC Committee Votes Against Holding 2020 Climate Debate - “Which Side Are You On


Live Kindly: Peru Passes Momentous Ban on Palm Oil Deforestation


Intercept: Oil Lobbyist Touts Success of Efforts to Criminalize Pipeline Protests - ALEC, AFPM, Koch, etc. and associated lobbying groups write the bill and send it to politicians, who then pass it. It is now illegal in 9 states to hold a peaceful demonstration against oil pipeline construction with fines of as much as $100,000 and a minimum 10 years.


Guardian: Microplastics ‘Significantly Contaminating the Air’, Scientists Warn


Washington Post: Climate Change Has Arrived In American - Areas of the USA that are warming the fastest.

New Yorker: “Kochland” Examines the Early Crucial Role in Climate Change - The one person on earth who is by far the most responsible for climate change denial and the subsequent extinction of our species, is Charles Koch.


Reuters: Alaska’s Hottest Month Ever Portends Transformation Into Unfrozen State

Democracy-NOW: UN: Meat Production Destroys Land, Diminishes Key Water Sources

Socialist Alternative: Climate Catastrophe and the Case for a Planned Economy - One view.


Guardian: IPCC: Climate Crisis Reducing Land’s Ability to Sustain Human Life and NYTimes - Key phrase: “cascading risks”. We better hurry up.

Mashable: Alaska’s Sea Ice Has Completely Melted

Weather Channel: July 2019 Was the Hottest Month Ever On Earth

CNN Business: The Shipping Industry Must Go Carbon Neutral to Survive

Guardian: America’s Agriculture is 48 Times More Toxic Than 25 Years Ago. Blame Neonics.


CNN: Greenland’s Ice Sheet Just Lost 11 Billion Tons of Ice - In One Day


Common Dreams: The Research is In: There is No Such Thing as Safe Fracking


Global Witness: Enemies of the State? How Governments and Business Silence Land and Environmental Defenders


Vice: The Arctic On Fire and BBC

Guardian: How Climate Crisis Has Sparked an Exodus to the US - The people of Central America are in a 10-year drought. Their only choices are to stay where they are and slowly starve, or find a new place to live. “This isn’t poverty - or even extreme poverty: this is famine...” People are being pushed out by climate breakdown.

Common Dreams: Earliest Ever ‘Earth Overshoot Day’ Shows Humanity’s Consumption of Earth Resources Rages On


VOA: Heat Wave Sets New Temperature Records Across Europe - Right on the heals of record-setting June temperatures, the high was 109 F yesterday in Paris. Paris’ all-time high was set in June: 116 F. Records were also broken in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Rail traffic was halted.

Science Alert: Think It’s Hot in Europe? In These Places, the Human Body is Close To It’s Limits - India hit 122 F earlier this year. Pakistan and Kuwait hit 129 F in 2017 and 2016 respectively.

BBC News: Arctic Wildfires: What’s Caused Huge Swathes of Flames to Spread?

Guardian: War on Science: Trump Administration Muzzles Climate Experts


CBS News: A Climate Reckoning in the Heartland - From North Dakota to Arkansas and from Colorado to Ohio


Guardian: ‘No Doubt Left’ About Scientific Consensus on Global Warming - The only disagreement left comes from the Competitive Research Institute which if funded by the American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers and the Charles Koch Institute.


Guardian: Extinction Rebellion Protesters Confront Politicians at US Capitol


UK Independent: Huge Swathes of the Arctic On Fire, ‘Unprecedented’ Satellite Images Show - Over 100 megatonnes of CO2 released in June and July


Newsy: June’s Record High Temps Are Part of a Worrisome Global Trend

Guardian: Heat Warnings Across US as Climate Experts Warn of Spike in Very Hot Days


Weather Underground: June 2019 Was the Hottest June on Record

Guardian: By Mid-Century Extremely Hot Days Could Double in US and Union of Concerned Scientists - 9 of the 10 hottest years on Earth have been since 2000, 8 since 2008.

NPR: Can the Current US Heatwave be Linked to Climate Change?


Weather Nation: Heat Indexes Could Reach 110+ Degrees Across North Central and North Eastern States Over This Weekend and National Weather Service and Here


Guardian: Death Toll From Floods in South Asia Rises to More Than 100 - Hurricane Barry makes landfall, cutting power to over 100,000 and proceeds into Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Indiana, proceeding to the Northeast, causing flash floods that affect millions of people...


ABC News: Chevron Spills 800,000 Gallons of Oil, Water California


Democracy-NOW: How Climate Crisis is Pushing Central Americans Out of Their Homes Toward the US - This is the first of many mass migrations to come. A few more of these and the world will become ungovernable.

Guardian: Louisiana Declares State of Emergency As Storm Develops Into Hurricane - New Orleans already flooding and water level predicted to top levees tomorrow because of sustained flooding up river. This will be the highest level in 20 years. LA may get up to 12” of rain.


Common Dreams: Study Warns Carbon-Saturated Oceans Headed Towrd Tipping Point That Could Unleash Mass Extinction Event


NBC News: Historic Flooding Hits DC

Science: Trump Officials Deleting Mentions of ‘Climate Change’ From US Geological Survey Press Releases

Guardian: ‘Protestors as Terrorists’: Growing Number of States Turn Anti-Pipeline Activism Into a Crime


NBC News: Anchorage Hits 90 Degrees in Record Shattering Heat Wave


Inside Climate News: Study: Climate Change Fingerprints Were All Over Europe’s Latest Heatwave


Union of Concerned Scientists: Killer Heat in the United States - “This analysis shows the rapid, widespread increases in extreme heat that are projected to occur across the country due to climate change, including conditions so extreme that a heat index cannot be measured. The analysis also finds that the intensity of the coming heat depends heavily on how quickly we act now to reduce heat-trapping emissions.”

World Health: June 2019 The Hottest Ever Recorded

Yale Univ.: Wildfires and Climate Change: What’s the Connection? - Wildfires of 1,000 acres or more are now 5 times more frequent and 10 times larger than in 1970. Because of hotter temperatures, spring thaw and runoff comes earlier, causing soils to dry our earlier and remain dry longer. Dryer forests are subject to infestations of bark beetle, which have killed off hundreds of millions of trees turning them into kindling. Smoke from fires contains toxic chemicals and the fires add even more CO2 to the atmosphere.


Guardian: ‘Precipitous’ Fall in Antarctic Sea Ice Since 2014 Revealed

Truthout: Over 1/10 of Global Population Could Lack Drinking Water by 2030 - ...which by that time would be about 1 billion people...


CBS News: 7 Die As Record Heat Spreads Across Western Europe

Guardian: France Records All-Time Highest Temperature of Just Over 113

Weather Channel: European Heat Waves Shatters June Records in 8 Nations


Wired: Desalination Is Booming as Cities Run Out of Water


Guardian: Europe Heatwave: Record High of 113F Expected In France

Guardian: ‘Climate Apartheid’: UN Expert Says Human Rights May Not Survive - Essentially the same thing James Hansen said two years ago.

Inside Climate News: US Medical Groups Warn Candidates: ‘Climate Change is a Health Emergency’

Common Dreams: ‘Business As Usual is a Death Sentence’: Hundreds of Youth Activists Sit In At DNC Headquarters to Demand 2020 Debate on Climate Crisis - It’s time for Tom Perez, Neera Tanden and the rest to wake up.


CBS: The Climate Change Lawsuit That Could Stop The US Government From Supporting Fossil Fuels


Guardian: Investigation: America’s Plastic Recycling is Dumped In Land Fills


WUnderground: Europe Awaits Record-Smashing June Heat Wave - Hopefully not like the 2003 European heat wave.


Reuters: New York Lawmakers Pass Aggressive Law to Fight Climate Change - carbon neutral by 2050


Guardian: India Heat Wave: Death Toll Rises As Temps Hit 122F

Guardian: United States of Plastic: Where Does Our Plastic Go? - Lots of great links in this article. Previously cited on TimeLines: 5 trillion pieces of throwaway plastic currently in the worlds oceans;  8 million metric tons added yearly; by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by weight. The Pacific Garbage Patch is 1.6 million square kilometers, weighs 80,000 metric tons, and is three times the size of France. Also see: Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here.

Oddly, the increase in obesity in the US and the increase in plastic in the ocean are on parallel tracks. The average American consumes 44 gallons of soda per year - which is what mostly fuels our current epidemic of obesity and type 2 diabetes. The average American’s diet consists of 60% “ultra-processed” foods that contain sweeteners, emulsifiers and other additives. Since 1970, the average caloric intake has increased 23%, most of it packaged in discardable plastic. Americans use 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour. Nature and our bodies have both been transformed by what we consume.


Weather Underground: Heavy Rain Threat Has Returned to Flood-Weary Arkansas and Mississippi Valley For Father’s Day Weekend - Already heavily flooded areas will experience even more.


CNN: Greenland Lost 2 Billion Tons of Ice Yesterday


MoJo: The DNC Just Got Hit With Hundreds of Thousands of Demands For a Climate Debate

Gulf News: Kuwait and Saudi Arabia Record Highest Temperatures on Earth - 131 degrees F in one small town.


WUnderground: Pattern Change This Week - Record Highs in West

Democracy-NOW: “We Are Facing an Existential Crisis”: Washington Gov. Inslee Slams DNC For Failure to Hold Climate Debate

Reuters: Near-Record Dead Zone Predicted for Gulf of Mexico - Caused by record rainfall in the Mississippi drainage basin.


TPM: DNC Chair Refuses to Have Climate Debate - Typical weasel words from DNC old guard. As long as these idiots continue to control the party, the party will continue to wither.


WUnderground: Wettest 12 Months in US History - Again


CNN: Arctic Melt: Threat Beneath the Ice - From the article: The ice holds phytoplankton and sea algae. These microscopic organisms carry out photosynthesis and act as carbon sinks while they are in the ice. When the ice melts in unusually large amounts, these organisms become part of the food chain, which is great for krill, but is a tipping point for global warming.


Bloomberg: Dying From the Heat Can Be Reduced by Keeping Global Warming Below 1.5C - Study shows thousands of lives could be saved, and both severity and frequency of heat waves can by reduced by capping emissions.


Guardian: Scotland Faces Climate ‘Apocalypse’ Without Action to Cut Emissions

International Renewable Energy Agency: Renewable Power Generation Costs in 2018 -  Renewable power generation costs are now lower than any fossil fuel option, without financial assistance. And those costs continue to drop. The technical issues have been solved. Yet we continue to subsidize oil, gas and coal to the tune of at least $4.7 trillion annually. What are we waiting for?


Guardian: Humans and Volcanoes Caused Nearly All of Global Heating in the Past 140 Years - In the last 70 years, it’s been all human activity. Another nail in the coffin of the ‘natural cycles’ position.


ABC News: Another Day of Tornadoes, Severe Weather in Store From Texas to New York

ABC News: Kansas Declares Tornado Emergency, 11 Injuries, Airport Shut Down - 11th consecutive day where multiple tornadoes were reported in the US.

NPR: Massive Tornado Touches Down Near Kansas City; 12 Injured


NPR: 50 Reported Tornadoes Across Eight States on Memorial Day

NPR: Tulsa Braces For More Flooding


Truthdig: The 500-Year-Long Battle to Save the Planet -

Arkansas Online: Cities Brace for Historic Floods As Arkansas River Rises - Interesting. Do a search on this article for the word ‘record’.

Guardian: Latest Global School Climate Strikes Expected to Beat Turnout Record

CBS News: EF-3 Tornado Hits Oklahoma

WUnderground: EF-3 Tornado Hits Missouri


Guardian: Bill Moyers: What If We Covered the Climate Crisis Like We Did the Start of WWII?

WeatherUnderground: April 2019: Earth’s 2nd Warmest April On Record - The top twelve hottest months have all occurred in the last 4 years.


Weather.Com: High-Risk Tornado Outbreaks to Rage Across Southern Plains

WashPo: Andrea, 2019’s First Tropical Storm Could Form Even Before Atlantic Hurricane Season Officially Begins


Guardian: ‘Extraordinary Thinning’ of Ice Sheets Revealed Deep Inside Antarctica - “A complete loss of the West Antarctic ice sheet would drive global sea levels up by about five metres, drowning coastal cities around the world. The current losses are doubling every decade, the scientists said, and sea level rise are now running at the extreme end of projections made just a few years ago.”

Common Dreams: Major Victory for Climate Campaigners: NY Gov. Cuomo Rejects ‘Dangerous’ Williams Fracked-Gas Pipeline

Weather.Com: Memorial Day Weekend Heatwave Could Smash May Records in the Southeast


Elizabeth Warren Proposes “Hardening” the US Military Against Climate Change - The US military is the world’s worst polluter, but instead of reducing its size and ending its reckless war mongering, Warren wants to throw more money at the MIC. The replies are most interesting.

DW: The Plastic Crisis Isn’t Just Ugly, It’s Fueling Global Warming - Most people think there is no relationship between plastic pollution and climate change. They are wrong. From the article: “Each stage in the "plastic life-cycle" produces greenhouse gas emissions, the researchers found. This includes: the extraction and transportation of fossil fuels used to formulate plastic, its refinement and manufacture, the management of plastic waste and its disposal. 

In 2019 alone, researchers estimate that the production and incineration of plastic will contribute more than 850 million tons of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.”

Also see Here, Here and Here.


Guardian: Bill McKibben: We’ve Run Out of Elections to Waste - This Is The Last Chance to Make a Difference on Climate Change

Weather.Com: 2019 Mississippi River Flood the Longest-Lasting Since Great Flood of 1927


Guardian: Nearly All Countries Agree to Stem Flow of Plastic Waste Into Poor Nations - US opposed the deal.


The Atlantic: Worldwide Government Subsidies to Fossil Fuel Corporations: $5.2 Trillion


NYTimes: UN: Civilization is Accelerating Extinction and Altering the Natural World At a Pace ‘Unprecedented in Human History’ - ...and thus putting the existence of humans at greater risk.  Summary of the report. Continued global warming will only compound the damage.


AP: Court Delays Block Keystone XL Pipeline Construction in 2019

McClatchy: Trump’s Nominee for UN Ambassador is Worth $63 Million In Fossil Fuel Investments - Guess where she stands on climate change.

4/30/19 Tropical Cyclone Fani Intensifies - It will hit India Thursday night, then travel on to Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma. It currently has sustained winds of 105 mph and growing. Probably 130 mph by landfall, with major storm surge and flooding.


Guardian: Extinction Rebellion Activists Stage Die-In Protests Around the Globe


AP: At Least 1 Dead After New Cyclone Tears Into Mozambique - This is Cat 4 Hurricane Kenneth - max sustained winds of 136 m/hr, six weeks after Hurricane Idai killed more than 600 people. Kenneth will dump more than twice the rainfall as Idai.


Reuters: Floods Stall Fertilizer Shipments in Latest Blow to Farmers - Another side effect of the changing climate. Loss of sales of farm equipment and jobs will be further side effects.


UK Guardian: Millions More Americans Breathing Dirty Air As Planet Warms


Philadelphia Tribune: The Green New Deal Isn’t Socialism. It’s What the Founding Fathers Wanted.


NPR: Most Teachers Don’t Teach Climate Change. 4 Out of 5 Parents Wish They Would.


Science Alert: What the Earth Would Look Like if All the Ice Melted


AP: Waikiki Flood Concerns Spur Push for Hawaii Shore Protection


Huff Po: NYC Passes Green New Deal


UK Guardian: Governor of the Bank of England Tells Global Bankers: Fail to Adjust to Climate Change, Fail to Exist

Intercept: A Message From the Future With AOC


Democracy-NOW: Bill McKibben: Green New Deal is a Chance to Remake “Not Just a Broken Planet, But a Broken Society”

In These Times: We Can’t Beat Climate Change With Capitalism. Socialism Is The Only Way - Not necessarily, but thought provoking nonetheless.

Reuters: Deadly Storms Leave Thousands Without Power on East Coast - 5 people killed; 2,300 flights cancelled


Reuters: Record-Early Alaska River Thaw Follows Record High Winter Temps - ...and record low Arctic ice...April has become the new May


Reuters: “Bomb Cyclone” Blizzard Hits Plains and Midwest


Reuters: Millions in Central US Brace for ‘Life-Threatening’ Blizzards, Floods


UK Guardian: Trump Administration Sabotages Major Conservation Effort, Defying Congress


Intercept: Could a Green New Deal Make Us A Happier People? - Much more serious than the title seems to imply. Are we working just so we can shop more?


UK Guardian: Climate Change is Pushing Central American Migrants to the US - “The UN estimates that by 2050, there will be 200 million people forcibly displaced from their homes due to climate change alone.”


UK Guardian: Climate Change Group Scrapped by Trump Reassembles to Issue Warning


New Yorker: Louisiana’s Disappearing Coast - “In one form or another, the Mississippi has been winding its way to the Gulf for millions of years. All the while, it has been carrying on its broad back vast loads of sediment—at the time of the Louisiana Purchase, some four hundred million tons annually. “I do not know much about gods; but I think that the river is a strong brown god,” T. S. Eliot wrote. Whenever it overtopped its banks—something it used to do virtually every spring—the river cast its sediment across the plain. Season after season, layer after layer, clay and sand and silt built up. In this way, the “strong brown god” assembled the Louisiana Gulf Coast out of bits and pieces of Illinois and Iowa and Minnesota and Missouri and Arkansas and Kentucky.”

Ever since about 1720, man has built levees along the river to prevent this flooding. Now SE Louisiana is almost all gone. It looses about one football field size chunk every hour and a half.

See also Here, and Here.


Science Alert: New Study Disproves One of the Last Major Arguments Against Renewable Energy Storage - There are more than enough potential sites for pumped-storage hydroelectric capable of storing enough energy to power the entire planet.


Socialist Alternative: Winning the Green New Deal Means Challenging Capitalism - “We are told it would cost too much to meet everybody’s fundamental needs and transition to 100% renewable energy. Meanwhile the three richest men in America are hoarding as much wealth as is held by the bottom half of the population. 100 corporations globally are responsible for over 70% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions since 1988. The truth is that our civilization and the planet are being sacrificed so that a handful of people can continue making massive amounts of money. The Green New Deal seeks to turn this around.”


Inside Climate News: New Wind and Solar Power is Cheaper Than Existing Coal in Much of US


Inside Climate News: Lawyers Ramp Up Challenges to Trump’s Oil Drilling Push, Citing Climate Impact

Democracy-NOW: “Remember the South”: Devastating Cyclone Idai, Another Example of the Global South Paying for Polluters - This is the worst weather disaster in the history of the Southern Hemisphere.


High Country News: The True Vulnerability of Coastal California Revealed - “Cities and officials need to realize that retreat from the coast is inevitable in some areas, and that retaining all low-lying areas and current infrastructure is unlikely.”


BBC: Mozambique Survivors Desperate For Help After Cyclone Idai - These people will probably never be able to return home. As storms become more intense and sea levels continue to rise, more and more coastal residents will become climate refugees.

Reuters: Missouri River Towns Face Deluge As Floods Move Downstream


UK Guardian: Why You’ll Never Meet a White Supremacist Who Cares About Climate Change - By far, one of the most insightful articles I have ever read.

AP: Heat Records Falling Twice as Fast as Cold Ones

CBS: Devastating Floods Hit Already Struggling Midwest Farmers - Many stand to lose everything they have.

AP: Homes Flood as Missouri River Overtops, Breeches Levees - warm atmosphere holds more moisture then dumps it as record rains + warm temps increase snow melt = a new disaster every day


UK Guardian: Climate Strikes Around the World

NBC News: Flooding Triggers Emergency, Disaster Declarations Throughout the Midwest


UK Guardian: US Interior Department Reveals Atlantic Drilling Plans While Hailing Trump’s Ability to Distract the Public


Reuters: Colorado Trooper Killed as ‘Bomb Cyclone’ Snow and High Winds -

Reuters: As Wildfires Devour Communities, Toxic Threats Emerge - Some of the items that burn: wiring, plastic pipes and building materials, leaving dangerous chemicals in the air, soil and water. Some of the items left: lead paint, burned asbestos, melted refrigerators, arsenic, heavy metals, copper, lead, transformer fluid, brake fluid, fire retardant. These items are carried into the air and then disbursed to a large area. The chemicals associated with them also enter the soil and affect people and especially children, and farm animals which produce meat and eggs. The effects will be with us for generations to come.

Denver Post: “Critical Danger” Remains in Colorado Back Country After Avalanches Claim Another Life, Damage Home


Wired: A Teen Started a Global Climate Protest. What Are You Doing?


New Yorker: The Good News About a Green New Deal - Several energy experts make the case that the only things preventing zero carbon emissions in the US are political inertia and the influence of the fossil-fuel industry. They estimate that the cost to convert the US to clean energy would be 2.5 to 3.0% of G.D.P., or about half of what we spend on defense. Most of it would come from private investors if incentivized correctly. “Right now, we have about ninety per cent or ninety-five per cent of the technology we need...”


CNN: Earth’s Fish Are Disappearing Because of Climate Change and NYTimes

Inside Climate News: Coastal Flooding Is Erasing Billions in Property Values as Sea Levels Rise - Negatively affecting property tax revenues. As tax revenues decline, communities’s bond ratings goes down costing then more to borrow, just when they need to borrow money to build sea walls. Translation: A change is gonna’ come.


Roll Call: Pelosi on Green New Deal: “I Can’t Say We’re Going to Take That and Pass It”

2/24/19 Record Winter Storm Hits the West and North; Record Rain, Tornados and Floods Hit the South and East


High Country News: One Arizona Family Makes Sense of Losing It’s Colorado River Water - The snowpack that is the source of this water is slowing diminishing, the aquifers below them are rapidly being drawn down, and yet retirees are moving to Arizona in droves. A typical example of most places west of the Mississippi.


NOAA: January 2019 the 3rd Warmest on Record


Democracy-NOW: The Green New Deal Threatens Congressional Dinosaurs With Extinction


Democracy-NOW: The End of Ice - Just in the Himalayas 250 million people depend on the glaciers for water, 1.5 billion people downstream depend on the rivers that start there. All of these people will at some point will become climate refugees. In 10 years there will be no glaciers in Glacier National Park in Montana.


Democracy-NOW: AOC & Markey Unveil Green New Deal Legislation

CNN: Nancy Pelosi Just Threw Some Serious Shade at AOC’s Green New Deal - Looks like the love-fest is over. Dems are never going to let this happen.

"republicans are the OBVIOUS evil who have no compunction about showing their worst faces from the get-go …democrats are the more EFFICIENT Evil precisely because they couch themselves in being the social progressives while ruling just like the republicans in service to their Money and War Masters"

Black Agenda Report


Science Alert: Congratulations, You Just Survived the 5 Hottest Years on Record - 2018 was the 4th hottest year on record. “The past five years have each now ranked among the five warmest on record. According to NASA, 18 of the 19 warmest years have occurred since 2000.”


NYTimes: It’s Official: 2018 Was the Fourth-Warmest Year on Record - The top 9 hottest years have all occurred since 2005.


USA Today: California Storms Bring Floods, Rain, Mudslides, Howling Winds - "By Sunday, the energy impacting the West Coast will enter the Central Plains and bring heavy snow to the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest," The National Weather Service said. 

Inside Climate News: Beyond Drought: 7 States Rebalance Their Colorado River Use As Global Warming Dries the Region - “Aridification” is the new buzz word. Essentially the same process that drove out the Anasazi but this time on steroids.


CBS News: Polar Vortex 2019: Record Cold Grips the Midwest as Chicago River Turns to Ice - Cotton, MN: -56; Hell, MI: -14, Hell has frozen over; Chicago: -21; St. Paul, MN: -24; 4,000 flights cancelled


Forbes: This is Why Global Warming is Responsible for Freezing Temperatures Across the US


UK Guardian: Intelligence Chief Contradicts Trump on N. Korea and Iran - ...and also on Climate Breakdown: “Climate hazards such as extreme weather, higher temperatures, droughts, floods, wildfires, storms, sea level rise, soil degradation, and acidifying oceans are intensifying, threatening infrastructure, health, and water and food security,” Coats warned.

NYTimes: US Midwest Freezes, Australia Burns: This Is the Age of Weather Extremes


NBC News: Snow Pummels Midwest as Millions Prepare for Life-Threatening Cold - The Midwest will see wind chills in the -60 range.


ABC News: Dangerous Cold Set to Follow Clipper System Moving Through Midwest - “Record setting wind chill”  This is how global warming causes temperatures to drop.


Grist: AOC Gets Biblical On Sarah Huckabee Sanders -

“Genesis 1: God looked on the world & called it good not once, not twice, but seven times.

Genesis 2: God commands all people to “serve and protect” creation.

Leviticus: God mandates that not only the people, but the land that sustains them, shall be respected.”

— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) January 23, 2019


Mashable: The Polar Vortex Will Return, This Time With the Coldest Temps of the Year


NYTimes: Greenland’s Melting Ice Nears A ‘Tipping Point’ - This is a very big deal. There are roughly 8 billion people on earth. 10% of these people - 800 million - live at 30 feet or less above sea level. 3/4 of the worlds mega-cities are by the sea. When these areas are flooded, their people are going to be looking for a new place to live. The US Defense Dept. is already planning to deploy in our streets to maintain order when that happens. People, like Uncle Pete, who don’t want to take climate change seriously because it might mean that the government might ‘limit their freedoms’ and try to tell they what to do, need to think about how troops in the streets and armed check points might affect their freedom.

ABC News: Brutal Arctic Blast Overtakes Eastern US After Parts of NY See 2 Feet of Snow


Inside Climate News: Dept. of Defense Report Warns Climate Change Threatens Key Bases - Here’s the report.


Common Dreams: ‘Step Up Or Step Aside’: Youth Climate Leaders Occupy Schumer’s Office to Demand Support for Green New Deal

ABC News: Deadly Winter Storm Heads to East Coast - Virginia declares state of emergency, 10 dead, dozens injured, almost 200K without power, 20 inches of snow in St. Louis, 800 crashes in Missouri, 800 flights cancelled, 2,300 delayed, dropping temps in the East, -4 predicted for Burlington, VT. The next storm is hitting California currently - 2 feet of snow in the mountains, winds at 60 mph, another storm to follow.


UK Guardian: Our Oceans Broke Heat Records in 2018 and the Consequences Are Catastrophic

UK Guardian: Andrew Wheeler: Trump’s EPA Pick Says Climate Change ‘Not the Greatest Crisis’


Rolling Stone: The Oceans Are Warming Fast, and Our Lives Are About to Change

Reuters: Worst is Over for Winter Storm That Clobbered US Midwest, DC and New England


BAR: Raising the Bar on the Green New Deal - Prior to 2018, we only heard “Green New Deal” from the Green Party, and sometimes Bernie. Rethugs and Democraps kept saying it was impossible...”free ponies for all.” Now it’s becoming a fashionable catch phrase for faux-progressive Dems. Don’t be fooled. They’ll never do it, because they are addicted to mega-contributions from fossil fuel corporations.


Vox: The Green New Deal, Explained - Interesting and a decent explanation of the concept. But like most corporate media, Vox claims not to know exactly where the concept originated, in order not to have to credit the Green Party.

Boston Globe: US Supreme Court Refuses to Block AG Healey’s Bid to Investigate ExxonMobile


UK Guardian: 10 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Plastics Use in 2019

Climate Change 2018