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Skeptical Science: How Do We Know More CO2 Is Causing Warming? - A complete, basic through advanced review of the scientific data which supports the case for Global Warming caused by man, and debunks the most often used climate myths. Here is their home page.

Merchants of Doubt

Green Party Platform on Energy

Scientists’ March on Washington

NASA: Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet


Everything You Need to Know About the Paris Climate Summit and UN Talks

Frontline: Climate of Doubt - Inside the campaign to create doubt about global warming. Donors Trust, Energy & Policy Institute Report

"Nature cares nothing for logic, our human logic: she has her own, which we do not recognize and do not acknowledge until we are crushed under its wheels."

  1. -Ivan Turgev


DeSmogBlog: Emails Show Iraq War PR Alums Led Attempt to Discredit Dakota Access Protestors - A really incredible and probably un-Constitutional coalition of government/corporate/military factions all in the service of the real god of America - Mammon and pure greed.


Reuters: Windy, Dry Weather Forces 800,000 In US West To Prepare For Evacuation From Spreading Wildfires


Reuters: Central California Wildfire Nearly 50% Contained As Hot, Dry Conditions Persist

Reuters: Nine Killed By Flash Flooding In Arizona After Prolonged Heat and Drought


UK Independent: Fukushima Radioactive Waste Will Be Dumped At Sea - Nuclear power is not clean or renewable, and it’s too expensive. It’s not a solution to climate change.


CNN: Higher Seas to Flood Dozens of US Cities

CNN: Massive Iceberg Breaks Away From Antarctica


UK Guardian: Conservatives Are Again Denying the Existence of Global Warming

Popular Science: As The Arctic Gets Warmer, Our Winters Get Colder


CBS News: Wildfires Blaze Through the West As Record High Temperatures Peak - “Phoenix hit a high of 118 degrees Friday, breaking a 112-year record. Palm Springs, California, reached 122 degrees, one of its hottest days ever. And in Death Valley, the mercury soared to 127.”... too hot for humans, and most other species, to survive.


Business Insider: G20 To Press Trump to Rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement


Extreme Tech: Volvo: All Our New Car Models Will Have Electric Motors in 2019


Friends of the Earth: Sen. Cantwell Resuscitates Dirty Energy Bill - This bill would promote domestic fracking,  and the research and development of methane hydrates. While the Trump/Russia circus keeps us all occupied, this is what the fossil fuel lobbyists are pushing for.


Rolling Stone: Bill McKibben: How to Tell If Your Reps Are Serious About Climate Change  - “...just as physics is unlikely to be intimidated by Trump's bluster, it won't pay any heed to meaningless pledges by politicians. Physics cares about how much carbon is in the atmosphere. The time for encouraging messages of support for the climate is over – we need action. This has been a problem for years; Democrats in particular have been able to slip by with simple declarations that they "believe" in climate science. But at this point, who cares? Certainly not the swift heating planet. We need serious and immediate commitment to action.

From Abu Dhabi to Chile to Mexico to India, solar power costs less to produce than any other form of energy; across much of America, wind costs the same as or less than coal-fired power.

At the end of May, Patrick Lee, a vice president at Sempra Energy, one of the country's biggest utilities, addressed an industry gathering: "I am speaking with confidence. . . . We have a solution now to adjust the intermittency of solar and wind energy that is no longer a technology challenge. The technology has been resolved. How fast do you want to get to 100 percent? That can be done today."


Salon: Meet the Horsemen of Our Environmental Apocalypse - Hint: They’re all Koch Bros. toadies.


WashPo: Why Is China Suddenly Leading the Climate Change Effort? - The answer is: to support national economic development, gain control of their own energy infrastructure and to exploit the burgeoning industry in worldwide renewable energy technologies and become the most globally competitive country in the world based on these new markets which have just begun to open up. By the time Trump’s America catches on to the trend, we’ll all be left in the dust and probably begging the Chinese for a little more air conditioning.


UK Guardian: A Third Of The World Now Faces Deadly Heatwaves As A Result of Climate Change - 115 degrees Fahrenheit over a period of 2-3 hours can be fatal. Phoenix is looking at several days of 119, Palm Springs - 116, Sacramento - 107. In 2003, somewhere between 20,000 and 70,000 people died from heat waves.


Mashable: Record Smashing Heat Wave to Scorch the SW - These are the same temperatures that experts last year claimed would make large parts of the Persian Gulf uninhabitable.

Futurism: As Costs Plunges, Solar Power is Ready to Surpass Coal


National Geographic: The Melting of Antarctica - Larsen C ice shelf collapse is a harbinger of much more to come, possibly flooding coastal cities much earlier than previously anticipated.


Common Dreams: Newly Released Documents Show EPA Admin Pruitt Is A Fossil Fuels Puppet

Democracy-NOW: Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Wins Major Legal Victory Over $3.8 Billion Dakota Access Pipeline - Chair of the Tribe comments on militarized repression and the fact that Trump owns shares in the pipeline company.


Vox: Experts to Trump: Climate Change Threatens US Military

New Yorker: In The Withdrawal From Paris Climate Change Agreement, Koch Bros. Come Out In The Open


Skeptical Science: Paris Agreement: Trump’s Climate Exit Risks US Economy, World’s Welfare


Futurism: An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore’s Sequel - Fight like your world depends on it.


USA Today: Paris Climate Agreement: Fact Checking Trump’s Speech - Renewable energy jobs far outpace carbon jobs, and the lead increases daily.


UK Guardian: The Republicans Who Urged Trump to Pull Out of the Paris Deal Are All Big Oil Darlings

Vox: Trump: I Was Elected to Represent Pittsburg, Not Paris. Pittsburgh: Uh, We’re With Paris


ABC News: Exxon Investors Approve Climate Resolution and Inside Climate News


CBS News: Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant Will Close Within 2 Years


Reuters: Storage of Nuclear Waste Poses Threat to US


NYTimes: Fighting Trump on Climate, California Becomes A Global Force


AJC: Plant Vogtle: Georgia’s Nuclear ‘Renaissance’ Now A Financial Quagmire - The project is $3.6 Billion over-budget and behind schedule. C-level employees and members of the board, make tens of $$$millions. Consumers will bear the costs. Corporate Welfare. Capitalism sucks.

UK Guardian: Arctic Stronghold of World’s Seeds Flooded After Permafrost Melts


NYTimes: Antarctic Dispatches: Miles of Ice Collapsing Into the Sea - “A rapid disintegration of Antarctica might, in the worst case, cause the sea to rise so fast that tens of millions of coastal refugees would have to flee inland, potentially straining societies to the breaking point. Climate scientists used to regard that scenario as fit only for Hollywood disaster scripts. But these days, they cannot rule it out with any great confidence.”


Democracy-NOW: Activists Sue to Block Plans to Bury 3.6 Million Pounds of Nuclear Waste Near California Beach

International Business Times: Is There A Gas Line Near You? How Anadarko Petroleum Killed A Bill Forcing Fossil Fuel Companies To Tell You


Bloomberg: How A Melting Arctic Changes Everything


Environmental Justice TV: Trailer: Raise A Paddle - #RaiseAPaddle


Popular Science: Historic Floods Ravage Canada


UK Independent: Barack Obama Warns Climate Change Could Create Refugee Crisis “Unprecedented in Human History”


UK Guardian: Dakota Access Pipeline Has First Leak Before It’s Fully Operational

Good: Tool: See How Much Seas Will Rise in Your Area

4/29/17 200,000 Demonstrate In DC For Climate, Jobs, and Justice In Sweltering Heat People’s Climate March

Democracy-NOW: “Weekends Are For Fighting Tyranny”:’s President On People’s Climate March

UK Guardian: The American People - not Big Oil - Must Decide Our Climate Future - From the most popular politician in the USA, and the one who should have been president but was totally demolished by the Democratic Campaign Committee. Thanks Democraps!


Scientific American: Major Report Prompts Warning: The Arctic is Unraveling - The Arctic is warming more than twice as fast as the rest of the planet. The minimum estimates for the rate of sea level rise is now more than twice as fast as that issued by the IPCC in 2013.


Democracy-NOW: Hundreds of Thousands Take to the Streets Worldwide for the Global March for Science

Quartz: Four Main Reasons Deniers Change Their Minds


New Yorker: The Usefulness of a March For Science


Intercept: Why They March: “Science and Scientists Are Now Under Attack”


DeSmogBlog: Destroying EPA Protections Will Disproportionately Hurt Children and CNN - Yet we can spend $850 Billion per year and climbing on war corporations.

Daily Beast: Bill Nye Wants to Save the World-And Actually Thinks He Can


Sierra: Frontline Communities Will Be Front and Center At People’s Climate March (4/29)

Mashable: Sea Level Rise Could Send US ‘Climate Migrants’ Fleeing to Austin, Atlanta - We all like to think we will leave this world a better place than we found it. But instead, by the choices we have made, we have condemned future generations to lives as refugees from repeating, climate-induced disasters, and nobody much cares. We won’t be well regarded by them.

NYTimes: Climate Change Reroutes A Yukon River


DeSmogBlog: Pipeline Builders Oppose Trump’s Plan to Use American Produced Steel - Another Trump lie.


Mashable: We Became Scientists To Help The World. Now We Need to Take to the Streets.


DeSmogBlog: How a Magistrate Judge Scrapped a Pennsylvania Families’ $4.2M Unanimous Jury Judgement In A Gas Drilling Suit


DeSmogBlog: How the Koch Machine Pushed for the Dakota Access Pipeline and Stands to Profit


NYTimes: Rising Waters Threaten China’s Rising Cities - A study of the city and area of 42 million people that has more to lose from climate change than any other place in the world. China is now the world leader in the effort to slow global warming. So when Trump’s cabinet members state that the US should not have to be the world’s leader in this effort because no other countries are taking it seriously, they are lying.


NYTimes: Mud Erased a Village in Peru, A Sign of Larger Perils in South America - “The calamities have drawn jitters among some of the region’s leaders who believe that the rains are linked to climate change. Rising temperatures have already led to the retreat of glaciers in the Andes and large shifts in crop cycles in Peru. On Saturday, Colombia’s president, Juan Manuel Santos, said during a visit to Mocoa that the mudslide was the latest consequence.

“We are confronting a natural disaster caused by climate change,” he said. “We need to prepare because the rains that are coming will be more intense.”


UK Guardian: Coalition of 17 States Challenges Trump Over Climate Change Policy


UK Guardian: The Latest ‘Theatrical’ House Science Committee Meeting - Sad, but some good links within the article.


Science Alert: Greenland’s Coastal Ice Cap Passes a Tipping Point


NYTimes: A Message From The End of The World - A short, and very well written message. Trump, and by extension America, is seen by other nations as suicidally stupid, blindly greedy, scientifically ignorant and monumentally arrogant.


Intercept: Trump Rewards Fossil Fuel Industry - He kills Obama’s Clean Power Plan, Obama’s Climate Action Plan, opens federal lands to new coal mine leasing, removes rule limiting emissions from fracking wells (methane traps 25 X more heat than CO2 and causes longer term effects). EPA Director Scott Pruitt has already removed the requirement for fossil fuel corporations to report these emissions, so how we have no idea even how much it is contributing to climate change.


UK Guardian: Shrinking Arctic Sea Ice Threatens Majestic Beluga Whales


Climate Central: Arctic Sea Ice Sets Record Low For 3rd Year and UK Guardian


EcoWatch: 3 Cities Prove Climate Action Works


Fast Company: The 100 Things We Need to Do to Reverse Global Warming - Drawdown explains.

Bloomberg: Tillerson Used ‘Alias’ Email For Climate Messages, Says AG Schneiderman


NYTimes: Next Threat to Fukushima: Wild Boars - ...and wolves, foxes, lynx, wild dogs, brown bears, moose, deer, rats. The boars are aggressive, not shy of humans, and have taken up residence in many homes. 13,000 boar killed last year in hunts, but it’s not even making a dent in the population. Surrounding towns fear they will soon be over-run. This is where nuclear power will take us.


Business Insider: EPA Stops Requiring Oil and Gas Companies to Report Methane Emissions


LA Times: Trump Directs EPA to Begin Dismantling Clean Water Rule

UK Guardian: Shell’s 1991 Warning: Climate Changing “At A Faster Rate Than At Any Time Since the End of the Ice Age”

WXIA: Pipeline Company Uses Eminent Domain To Plow Through Family’s Front Yard - An example of how private fossil fuel companies can use a measure that used to be reserved only for government.


UK Guardian: Just Who Are Those 300 ‘Scientists’ Telling Trump to Burn Up the Planet?


AJC: Local Green: Sabal Trail Will Only Line Corporate Pockets


Democracy-NOW: Days After Pruitt Becomes EPA Chief, Newly Released Emails Show His Ties to Koch Bros., Energy Firms


Techspot: After a Year of Use, Tesla Powerwall Systems Save 90% on Utility Bills - They pay for themselves in 8-10 years.


EcoWatch: Duke Study: Fracking Caused 6,648 Spills in 4 States Alone - EPA data is now totally unreliable.

CBS News: Dramatic Rescues in San Jose Floods - Don’t worry, this is just a hoax created by the Chinese.


UK Guardian: Expect to See More Emergencies Like Oroville Dam in a Hotter World


Climate Central: Wind Power Sets Record


Truthdig: Santa Monica Dumps Wells Fargo Over DAPL - Joining Seattle and a host of other cities that are resisting corporate domination and the Trump Administration.


Climate Central: This January Was the Third Warmest on Record Globally - We can’t blame it on El Nino because that has faded. Large areas of the Arctic were 9 degrees above normal for this time of year, and another wave of air 50 degrees above normal hit the Arctic this past week. 16 of the 17 warmest years have occurred since 2000. The 10 warmest years in order are: 2016, 2015, 2014, 2010, 2013, 2005, 2009, 1998 (an El Nino year), 2012, - 2003, 2006, 2007 - all tied for 10th.


CBS News: Antarctica Penguin Population Declining As Glacier Recedes and Ice Disappears


GMO Gotta Go: Texas Pipeline Spills 600,000 Gallons of Oil One Week Before DAPL Is Approved


Science Alert: No, NOAA Didn’t Fake Climate Change Data; The Real Story

Real News: Miami May Not Survive Climate-Driven Sea Level Rise - “May Not”??

ABC News: Cleaner Robot Pulled From Fukushima Reactor Due to Radiation - 650 Sieverts per hour. Anything over 5 Sieverts is fatal to humans.


Democracy-NOW: Water Protectors Call for Global Mass Mobilizations As Army Plans to Approve DXL

Intercept: Activists Plan Emergency Actions Across the Country to Protest Approval of DXL

Real News: EPA Employees Speak Out Against Pruitt and Trump’s Anti-Science Agenda


LA Daily News: Nuclear Officials Killed Study On Whether Reactors Pose Cancer Risk to Nearby Residents

Mashable: Trump Administration Begins Altering EPA Climate Change Websites


UK Guardian: Fukushima Nuclear Reactor Radiation At Highest Level Since 2011 Meltdown - Around 100 times the level required to be fatal in humans.


Reuters: In Peru, Droughts Give Way to Floods As Climate Change Looms


Seattle City Government: Wells Fargo Divestment Moves Forward - The city is divesting at the expiration of the current contract because WF is a funder of the Dakota Access Pipeline. This is a $3.5Billion hit for Wells Fargo. Republicans don’t do this. Democrats don’t do this. Well, actually one did...and the next morning, he was frog-marched off to jail.

CNN: Earth Day Picked As Date For Science March on Washington


Fast-Coexist: Climate Change Denying New Yorkers Will Be the Hardest Hit by Rising Sea Levels - And that irony holds true for the effects of climate change throughout the USA.

Quartz: The Future of NOAA, The World’s Largest Repository of Climate Data, Is Now in the Hands of a Climate Denier


UK Guardian: Here’s How We Know Trump’s Cabinet Picks Are Wrong On Human Caused Global Warming


Des Moines Register: Pipeline Rupture Leaks 138,600 Gallons of Diesel Fuel


Democracy-NOW: Trump’s Push to Build Dakota Access and Keystone XL Pipelines A Declaration of War

Reuters: Trump Tells EPA to Remove Climate Change Webpages From Website


Democracy-NOW: Trump Signs Executive Orders Reviving Dakota Access and KXL Pipelines


Popular Resistence: Public is Barred From FERC Public Meeting


CNN: 2016 Hottest Year on Record - Even hotter than 2015, which was the previous hottest, and 2014 which was the hottest before that. 16 of the hottest 17 years on record have occurred since 2000.


Reuters: Unlike Trump, Americans Want Strong Environmental Regulator

Vox: China’s War on Coal Continues - It Just Canceled 104 New Coal Plants - In answer to those who say that the US should not lead the way on climate change if other countries are not willing to go along.

CNN: Trump’s EPA Pick Took Hands-Off Approach to Environmental Crisis That Shook Oklahoma


USA Today: What May Be the ‘Worst Ice Storm in 10 Years’ Begins in Central US

Real News: Tillerson Refuses to Acknowledge ExxonMobil’s Efforts to Deceive the Public on Climate Change - See entry of 12/11/16.


VOX: How Sen. Jeff Merkley Patiently Exposed Rex Tillerson On Climate Change - “Tillerson is a “lukewarmist” on climate change. He acknowledges that carbon emissions are having a warming effect, but says we can’t predict what will happen, we can’t live without fossil fuels, and we can adapt to whatever climate change does occur.” Lukewarmists also like to say that the US should not lead the way on climate change if other countries are not willing to go along, but in fact the US has become the laggard on climate change. Even China leads the US in efforts to control greenhouse gas emissions.


Washington Post: Methane May Not Last Long in the Atmosphere - But it Drives Sea Level Rise For Centuries


Boston Business Journal: Mass. Officials Worried About Safety at ‘Overwhelmed’ Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant


Science Alert: An Indian Chemical Plant Has Figured Out How to Turn Its Carbon Emissions Into Baking Soda


Democracy-NOW: Noam Chomsky: With Trump Election We Face Human Extinction


Tri-City Herald: Radioactive Contamination Spreading Within Hanford Plant - Just a small portion of the overall problem with this plant, and Here, and is consistent with the life cycle of most aging nuclear plants. This is the reason that nuclear energy is a false hope.


AJC: Who Pays for Plant Vogtle Nuclear Plant Cost Overruns? Georgia Ratepayers - All 5 members of the Georgia Public Service Commission - soon to be highly paid ‘consultants’ for Southern Company - voted to add 2.5% to the already 4.5% increase in rates and surcharges that Georgia citizens will pay in order for Westinghouse and Georgia Power shareholders not to have to do so. The project is already 3 years and $3 Billion over schedule/cost and the overages continue to rise. The PSC members claim this is a boon to consumers and actually saves them money. Yep these guys are definitely ‘consultant’ material.


Popular Mechanics: Las Vegas Now Powered Entirely by Renewable Energy


CNN: Vanishing: The Extinction Crisis Is Far Worse Than You Think and Here


Reuters: Polar Vortex Grabs New England with Icy Fingers - New York and Boston set for record lows.

UK Independent: Solar Power Becoming World’s Cheapest Form of Electricity Production


The New Yorker: Rix Tillerson’s State of Denial - Also see entry of 12/11.

Truthdig: A ‘Jaw-Dropping’ Assessment on Arctic Warming


APM Reports: EPA Reverses Course, Highlights Fracking Contamination of Drinking Water - This revision was called for by the EPA’s own Science Advisory Board.

Forbes: How Rising Ocean Acidity Could Send Us Into A Downward Spiral

Common Dreams: Pipeline 150 Miles From Standing Rock Spills Over 170,000 Gallons of Crude


USA Today: Polar Vortex Looms as Snow Roars Across North, and Reuters


BBC: Trump Praises Exxon’s Rex Tillerson Tipped for Top Diplomat - ...or possible Secretary of State. Almost unbelievable when one consider’s that Exxon’s own scientists discovered what the effects of fossil fuel induced climate change would be in 1968, but Exxon decided to cover that up and fund climate change denial propaganda instead and Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, and Here.


Reuters: For US Veterans, Pipeline Protest Promises to Galvanize Activism - Might they use their strengths in other fights for the rights of people?

Fast Coexist: These GIFs Show America’s Remarkable Renewable Energy Explosion


Politico: Trump Picks Oil Ally Pruitt to Head EPA


UK Guardian: Standing Rock: US Denies Key Permit For Dakota Access Pipeline - A huge victory, but the war rages on. This will definitely be appealed and what the next administration will do is a big question mark. But for now, it’s ok to celebrate a little.


Common Dreams: Heeding the Call to Duty, Thousands of Veterans Stream Into Standing Rock


Reuters: US Military Vets Flock to North Dakota Pipeline Protest Camp

Occupy: 2,000 Veterans Just Arrived At Standing Rock To Form “Human Shield” Around Water Protectors - Social media is blowing up right now. The actions of the mercenary police force are not only unConstitutional but are also violations of human rights. Detail in the article.


CNN: Plastic Island: How Our Trash is Destroying Paradise


ACLU: How Many Law Enforcement Agencies Does It Take To Subdue a Peaceful Protest?


Tikkun: Standing Rock and Four Principles

NYTimes: A Wrenching Choice for Alaska Towns in the Path of Climate Change - Alaska and the Arctic are warming twice as fast as the lower 48 states.

Daily Beast: Standing Rock Protestor Shot in Face With Tear Gas Canister May Go Blind

UK Guardian: Standing Rock Protesters Hold Out Against Extraordinary Police Violence


BBC: Great Barrier Reef Suffered Worst Bleaching on Record in 2016


Democracy-NOW: “Unlicensed” #DAPL Guards Attack With Dogs and Pepper Spray - As I’ve been saying, these are not ‘police.’ They are corporate hired thugs. This is fascism.

Socialist Alternative: Thanksgiving Letter to Obama From Kshama Sawant


Democracy-NOW: Sophia Wilansky Critically Injured During Police Attack at Standing Rock - Police?


Democracy-NOW: Blackwater (Renamed as TigerSwan) Coordinates Intel for Dakota Access - Those are not ‘police’ you see on the news, shooting protectors with freezing water and rubber bullets. They are paid thugs, no different from the strike breakers hired by the railroads in 1920s. When the central government coordinates with private ‘security’ to protect the interests of large business interests in opposition to the law (Treaty of Fort Laramie, 1851) and against the interests of the people, that is one of the definitions of fascism.


Golden Isles News: King Tides Have Surely Come - An interesting article to be published in a very conservative, probably pro-Trump area. Wonder if the idiots will wake up in time.


Democracy-NOW: Bernie Sanders’ Surprise Speech Outside the White House on Rejecting Dakota Pipeline & Trump - Pipeline protests have now spread to 300 cities. The Democratic party squandered a golden opportunity when it crushed the Sanders campaign. It should never be trusted again!


Weather Underground: Record Breaking Drought and Wildfires Plague Southeast

Grist: Meet One Young Woman Who Took Up The Fight At Standing Rock


NYTimes: Environmentalists Target Banks Behind the Pipeline

NBC News: Earthquake Causes Damage in Central Oklahoma - “Oklahoma has had thousands of earthquakes in recent years, with nearly all traced to the underground injection of wastewater left over from oil and gas production.” Fracking!


Real News: The Doubt Machine: Inside the Koch Bros. War on Climate Science - See also Frontline: Climate of Doubt.


National Geographic: Climate Change Captured in Stunning Antarctic Ice Photos


HuffPo: The Ocean is Losing Its Breath - And Climate Change is Making It Worse

Common Dreams: Public Servants or Corporate Security? An Open Letter to Law Enforcement and National Guard in North Dakota


Green Party: Stein/Baraka Call for Halt to DAPL Construction

Pacific Standard: Inside the Battle Over the Dakota Access Pipeline

Common Dreams: UN Observers Monitoring Abuses Against Standing Rock Water Protectors

NBC News: 1 Dead In Colonial Gas Pipeline Explosion in Alabama

UK Guardian: Rio’s Famous Beaches Take Battering as Scientists Issue Climate Change Warning


UK Guardian: UN Investigates Human Rights Abuses at Dakota Access Pipeline Protests

National Geographic: Before The Flood - Leonardo DiCaprio travels the world speaking to scientists and world leaders about the effects of climate change.

Democracy-NOW: AR-15 Wielding Security Worker Attempts to Infiltrate Native Water Protectors

UK Guardian: Coal Doesn’t Help the Poor; It Makes Them Poorer


Common Dreams: US Using Militarized Response to Peaceful Protestors Attempting to Protect Their Only Water Recourse - And police departments across the country are sending reinforcements in collaboration with the oil companies.


Democracy-NOW: “A Shameful Moment for This Country”: Report Back on Militarized Police Raid of DAPL Resistance Camp and NYTimes and Indian Country Today


Indian Country: Desecration, Mace and Police Snipers With Rifles at DAPL Front Lines - Fits all the definitions of fascism: State repression in the name of corporate goals, mass surveillance, hyper-nationalism, ongoing imperialism.


Democracy-NOW: Standing Rock: Police Arrest 120+ Water Protectors as Dakota Access Speeds Up Pipeline Construction and Reuters - On Sept. 9, the Obama Administration issued a directive that the Dakota Access pipeline could not be constructed under Lake Oahe without a permit, which is part of the sacred Indian ground of the Standing Rock Sioux. The Administration at that time also asked the construction company, Energy Transfer Partners to hold off on any construction within 20 miles of the lake. ETP promptly ignored the Obama decision/request and continued their construction. Now the local police force is using taxpayer money to assist ETP, possibly because the alternative, original route would take the pipeline north of Bismarck and endanger their water supply instead of the tribe’s water supply.


Lehigh Valley Live: Storm-Ruptured Pipeline Spills 55K Gallons of Fuel in Central PA


Intercept: Clinton Touted Her Record of Spreading Fracking in Secret in Paid Speeches

NYTimes: Climate Change Blamed for Half of Increased Forest Fire Danger

NYTimes: As Tensions Rise, Tribes Protesting Pipeline Dig In: “We’re Staying”

Indian Country: ‘We Must Honor Our Mother’: Actress Shailene Woodley Arrested at DAPL - “You were identified.”


Common Dreams: NASA: Hottest September on Record Locks In 2016 As Hottest Year on Record


Democracy-NOW: Amid Media Blackout Over Climate Change’s Links to Hurricane Matthew, Top Scientists Speak Out - Wall to wall cable coverage of the hurricane and the two words never spoken: Climate Change. The vast majority of the American public never questions it. We know that the Defense Department has identified Climate Change as a major threat. It is clear that Climate Change makes the most severe storms (Cat 4 & 5) more frequent and Here, Here.

From the article: Hurricane Matthew “intensified far more quickly than any other storm that we’ve seen in modern history, basically going from not even a tropical depression to a near-hurricane-strength storm over the course of less than half a day, and then, the next day, strengthening into a major hurricane, a Category 5 hurricane.

And where that intensification, where that rapid intensification occurred was in the region of the Caribbean that has the greatest heat content, not just that the ocean surface temperatures are warm, but there’s a very deep layer of warm water. And that’s important, because that helps sustain these storms as they churn up the ocean. The churning doesn’t bring cold water to the surface to weaken the storm, if there’s a deep layer of warmth. And that all has a climate change signature with it, not just the fact that the ocean surface temperatures in the Caribbean are at near-record levels, but the—just the sheer depth of that warm water is unprecedented.

Ironically, the Koch funded Governor of Florida has forbidden the use of the term “Climate Change” in any official government communication.”


Democracy-NOW: As Earth Reaches Frightening CO2 Milestone, Bill McKibben Calls for War On Climate Change


Capitol Week: A Parent’s Case Against Fracking

UK Guardian: Terns Follow Record Warm Temperatures in ‘Shock’ Migration to North of Alaska


Telesur: Alabama Oil Spill Foretells Dakota Pipeline Future and UPI - Now 336,000 gallons of gasoline spilled so far. Leak still not stopped. Both the Cahaba (the longest free-flowing and most diverse river in Alabama) and Coosa Rivers are at risk, though not yet contaminated. Alabama Governor has declared a state of emergency. EPA says no one at risk. Then they all went back to twiddling their thumbs while another environmental disaster unfolds.


Reuters: Climate Change ‘Significant and Direct Threat’ to US Military

Reuters: Video: Super Typhoon Meranti Pounds Taiwan


Democracy-NOW: In Dramatic Reversal, White House Halts Dakota Access Pipeline Construction - The next time someone tells you that fighting major corporations, through mass demonstrations of people, is a useless exercise, remind them of this.

NYTimes: In An English City, A Lesson in Climate Change


NYTimes: From 280 Tribes, A Protest on the Plains (in pictures)


NBC News: North Dakota Protesters Vow to Stop Pipeline


Common Dreams: As Dakota Access Pipeline Fight Grows, Where Are Obama and Clinton? - And then the dogs came.

NYTimes: Hermine Still Floods US East Coast


Natural News: Florida Raises Allowable Limit of Over 2 Dozen Cancer-Causing Chemicals In Drinking Water Ahead of Fracking Boom


NYTimes: Flooding of Coast, Caused By Global Warming Has Already Begun

Newsweek: Oklahoma’s 5.6 Mag Earthquake Sparks Fracking Fears - “Oklahoma geologists have documented links between increased seismic activity in the state and the injection into the ground of wastewater from oil and gas production, according to a report from a state agency last year.”


Good Home Design: For the Cost of an iPhone, A Wind Turbine Can Power An Entire House


ProPublica: California and EPA Poised to Expand Pollution of Potential Drinking Water Reserves


Vox: California Is About To Find Out What A Truly Radical Climate Change Policy Looks Like


NYTimes: The Unlimited Power of Ocean Winds


Democracy-NOW: ‘Cataclysmic Carousel of Greed’: Oil Drilling in the Arctic


Democracy-NOW: Day After Obama Tours Louisiana Flood Damage, Gov’t Holds Massive Gulf Oil & Gas Auction - Not only are storms that cause this kind of damage becoming more fierce and regular and Here because of climate change, but SE Louisiana loses about 1 football field of land per hour because of dredging and canal building by oil companies operating there which destroys marshland and accelerates erosion of natural coastal estuaries. One day after Obama’s visit, the Interior Dept. holds new auctions - ironically in the same Superdome where thousands of displaced New Orleanians sought shelter from Hurricane Katrina - for 24 million acres in the Gulf in areas much deeper than the BP Deepwater Horizon drilling leak that spewed 8 million barrels of oil (95,000 barrels per day for 86 days) in 2010.

UK Globe and Mail: Melting Arctic Permafrost Releasing Ancient Carbon and Methane

UK Guardian: Climate Change is Thawing Deadly Diseases. Maybe Now We’ll Address It?

NYTimes: Taking A Stand at Standing Rock and Democracy-NOW

Motley Fool: Why Warren Buffett Wants to Keep Solar Panels Off Your Roof


The Mainichi: 10,000 Tons of Radioactive Water Pools In Fukushima Nuclear Plant Trenches


Popular Mechanics: Elon Musk’s Solar City to Build “Solar Shingles” For Your Home - Is your house ready for a new roof?


UK Guardian: ‘Next Year Or the Year After, The Arctic Will Be Free of Ice


Green Party of Louisiana: Statement On Current Flooding


NOAA: July Was the World’s Hottest Month on Record

NYTimes: S. California Fire Flared Up at 5 Acres, A Day Later It Covered 25,000 - 82,000 forced to evacuate. In addition to this, the ‘Blue Cut’ fire, also burning right now are the Chimney fire at 7,300 acres, the Clayton fire at 4,000 acres, and the Soberanes fire at 80,000 acres.


NYTimes: Flooding in the South Looks A Lot Like Climate Change - 40,000 homes damaged, 13 deaths, 6.9 Trillion gallons of rainfall in one week, 12 parishes declared disaster areas...exactly what scientists have been predicting.


New Republic: Bill Mckibben: A World At War

Denver Post: Work Program Trains Unemployed Oil and Gas Workers in Solar Technology - A recent study by Harvard Business Review found that all US coal workers could easily be absorbed into the solar industry with a 7-20% increase in salary.


AP: Rising Floodwaters Leave Thousands Homeless in Louisiana and CBS News

LA Daily News: LA County Heat Wave to Continue Through Wednesday


AP: More Than 1,000 Rescued in Louisiana Floods; 2 Dead


Science Alert: Ocean Rise is Accelerating

Common Dreams: FOIA Request Probes Extent of Govt. Spying on Climate Protestors - FBI, BLM, local police, large corporations all coordinate undercover activities to thwart peaceful protest. This is the definition of fascism. The “violent protestors” are invariably undercover federal agents - whose salaries are paid by you and I - used to discredit peaceful movements that work to preserve clean air and water. Corroborating links in this article.


Nova Scotia Advocate: There Is Nothing Radical About Demanding a Livable Planet

8/8/16 From the Bayou to the Bay: Voices of Gulf Resistance

Harvard Business Review: What if All US Coal Workers Were Retrained to Work in Solar - The solar energy sector could easily handle them all and provide a 7 - 20% increase in wages.

NYTimes: Colorado Activists Submit Petitions For Referendums on Fracking


HuffPo: Regardless of Fierce Opposition, Rooftop Solar Is Unstoppable


Inside Climate News: Latest Climate Report: Heat, More Heat and Signs of Worse to Come - The violence that the fossil fuel industry wreaks on the earth and on us all, aided by politicians from both parties, is incalculable.

UK Guardian: Tropical Storm Earl Bears Down on Mexico, Belize, Honduras

Bloomberg: The Alaska Highway is Literally Melting


UK Guardian: Anthrax Outbreak Triggered by Climate Change Sickens Dozens in Arctic Circle

Truth Out: The Front Lines of Climate Disruption: Alaskans Witness Collapsing Mountains, Shattered Lives


AP: Two Dead After Historic Maryland Town Ravaged By Flood


Think Progress: Oil Pipeline As Long As Keystone XL Has Been Fully Approved


Grist: In Maryland, One Community Takes a Stand Against Environmental Racism

Nature: 180,000 Forgotten Photos Reveal the Future of Iceland


ABC News: Massive Wildfires Burn Near LA

CBS News: California Wildfire Forces Shutdown of Big Sur Parks


NYTimes: Global Temperatures On Track For Another Record Year


Occupy: Flash Floods Kill Hundreds in Pakistan, Where Severe Climate Change is Just Beginning


NBC News: Missouri Plans to Build Solar Panel Road


UK Guardian: We Just Broke the Record For The Hottest Year, Nine Straight Times


NYTimes: Climate Change Claims A Lake And An Identity


NYTimes: A Model for ‘Clean Coal’ Runs Off the Tracks - A $6.4 Billion boondoggle for which Southern Co. rate-payers will have to pick up the tab. No such thing as ‘clean coal,’ ever.

CBS News: Century-Old Redwood Trees OK’d For Lumber Harvest


NYTimes: A Remote Pacific Nation, Threatened By Rising Seas


Democracy-NOW: California: Fires Burn at Exponential Rates Amid Blistering Heat Wave and 5-Year Drought - once in a 1,000 year flood kills at least 23 in W. Virginia


IFL Science: Climate Change Claims Five More Pacific Islands


CNN: At Least 14 Dead in W. Virginia Flooding

LATimes: Deadly Kern County Wildfire Grows to 46 Sq. Miles


The Verge: Solar Impulse 2 Completes First Ever Solar-Powered Atlantic Flight


Time: Hundreds of New Evacuations Across West as Wildfires Surge

Business Insider: These 12 Cities Are Going All In on Renewable Energy


AP: Record-Setting High Temps Around California


Scientific American: Antarctic CO2 Hit 400 PPM for First Time in 4 Million Years


Inside Climate News: As Coral Bleaching Goes Global, Scientists Fear Worst is Yet to Come


Science Alert: Renewable Energy Now Supplies Almost a Quarter of the World’s Power Needs


UK Guardian: Louvre’s Closure Proves Art Cannot Survive Climate Change

DeSmogBlog: Former FERC Official Hired by Company With $1.8 Million Stake in Spectra Energy Pipeline Project He Had Reviewed - When Obama first entered office, he said he had placed a ban on exactly this type of activity. He was lying again. That’s just what Democrats and Republicans do.


Democracy-NOW: Climate Hero & Former Maldives President Gets UK Asylum After Ousting and Jail

NBC News: Texas Floods: 5 Fort Hood Soldiers Dead, 4 Missing

NBC News: Deadly Floods in France Force Louvre to Evacuate Art - In the city where the most recent multi-national climate change talks were recently held. Karma?

DeSmogBlog: New Federal Report Shows Dimock Water Unsafe - See entry of 4/8 and Here, and Here.


UK Guardian: Spike in Alaska Wildfires Is Worsening Global Warming - Yet another tipping point.


Break Free May 2016 - Here’s what was accomplished. Cool video.


NYTimes: Pollution From Canadian Oil Sands Vapor is Substantial, Study Finds - Keep it in the ground!

Australian Broadcasting Corp: Fukushima Clena-Up Chief Still Hunting for 600 Tonnes of Melted Radioactive Fuel - The results of the triple-meltdown are that this fuel melted right through the bottom of the containment vessel and continued to drop. It will never be recovered.


Union of Concerned Scientists: ExxonMobile, Chairman Lamar Smith, and The First Amendment - They knew. They lied. And now they are trying to cover up their lies - with more lies.


Truth Out: In Wake of Shell’s Gulf Oil Spill, Protestors Demand a Ban on Offshore Drilling


New Orleans Times-Picayune: Researchers in Gulf to Study Shell Oil Spill

UK Guardian: ‘Break Free’ Fossil Fuel Protests Deemed ‘Largest Ever’ Global Disobedience


Popular Resistance: Rubber Stamp Rebellion Targets FERC & The Corporations It Serves - They are just getting started.


UK Guardian: Civil Disobedience Is The Only Way Left to Fight Climate Change - “It is unjust that corporations and governments can commit crimes against the planet and society without retribution, while those fighting to prevent such crimes are punished, murdered and incarcerated.”


NBC News: Tens of Thousands of Gallons of Crude Oil Spill Into Gulf of Mexico - Shell says 90,000 gallons, but they always initially underestimate. This occurs right on the heals of the 6th anniversary of the BP spew, which trashed more shoreline than scientists thought. Oil spills have been allowed to become the status quo in the Gulf.


Fortune: Why Germany is Paying People to Use Electricity

UK Guardian: Coal Made Its Best Case Against Climate Change, And Lost


FAIR: Network Newscasts Ignore Global Warming’s Role in Canada’s Wildfires - “There’s a long scientific track record connecting global warming with increasing and more intense wildfires. Warming temperatures are leading to longer fire seasons, drier conditions and more lightning to spark fires, according to the National Wildlife Federation.”


LA Times: State Regulators Reopen Case on San Onofre Nuclear Plant - CA rate payers are on the hook for the $3.3 Billion cost of closing the plant. Investors skate all risk and cost. Another example of privatizing the profits, and socializing the losses. Ain’t capitalism great?


RT News: Spike in Radiation Levels After Toxic Waste Leak at Washington Nuclear Site - See entry of 5/3.


NYTimes: Inside the Fort McMurray Scorch Zone


Common Dreams: Mass Evacuation as ‘Apocalyptic’ Inferno Engulf Canadian Tar Sands City


Popular Resistance: Break Free: Largest Civil Disobedience in Environmental Movement History

Newsweek: Nuclear Waste Leaking at ‘American Fukushima’ in Northwest - The bill for American taxpayers: $2 Billion per year, it’s still leaking and there is no plan, and Here.

NYTimes: Resettling the First American ‘Climate Refugees’ - Original indigenous Louisianan's loosing their native land to climate change. Interesting graphics.

4/30/16 Disobedience The Movie


Keio Research: Plastic-Munching Bacterium Found


Democracy-NOW: 30 Years After Chernobyl, Activists Warn of Ongoing Risks

Frontline: Return to Chernobyl


Media Matters: Study: CNN Viewers 5 X More Likely to See Fossil Fuel Advertising Than Climate Change Reporting


Mashable: March Broke Nearly Every Global Warm Temperature


NYTimes: 2016 Already Showing Record Global Temperatures - Current warmest years: 2015, 2014, 2010, 2013, 2005, 1998 (last El Nino year), 2009, 2012, 2003, 2006, 2007. I think I see a pattern.

CNN: Houston Flooding: 7 Dead, 1,200 Rescued, More Rain Coming and Reuters

NYTimes: The New Dark Age


Project Syndicate: Breaking Free From Fossil Fuels


Chicago Tribune: BP Shareholders Revolt After CEO’s Proposed $20 Million Raise

HuffPo: New Documents Show Oil Industry Even More Evil Than We Thought - Lots of good links in this article. The oil industry has known since 1946 what they were about to unleash on the earth and decided to treat it the same way tobacco companies treated their known health risks.


Reuters: Baseball-Size Hail Pelts Texas and CBS News

NYTimes: Climate Change Hits Hard In Zambia, Previously An African Success Story


Free Thought: Scientist Releases EPA Study It Didn’t Want Published Linking Fracking to Water Contamination - When the EPA began to find links between fracking chemicals and drinking water in Dick Cheney’s home state, as well as in Texas and Pennsylvania, the Obama Admin sent word down the chain to stop the study and change the results, and Here, and Here. Obviously this has been known for years. One scientist at EPA quit, went to work for a private company, used FOIA to get the original EPA study, and then completed the work. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that no link has been found.


Break Free 2016: How the Epic Global Resistance to Fossil Fuels Is Growing In 2016

Bloomberg: Wind and Solar Are Crushing Fossil Fuels

DeSmogBlog: Keystone Pipeline Mishap Has TransCanada Scrambling Again - Photographers are forbidden from the area, exactly in the same way the Obama Admin. forbade reporters from the worst parts of the Gulf oil spew. Obama denied the permit for the northern leg of KXL on 11/6/15, after TransCanada withdrew its request on 11/2. However Obama had previously approved the southern leg of the pipeline and TransCanada has found other ways to transport this oil through the USA.

UK Times: Radioactive Boars Run Wild Around Fukushima


UK Guardian: Study: Climate Change Will Wipe $2.5 Trillion Off Global Financial Assets - Some models range to $24 Trillion. All so the 90 companies most responsible for global warming can remain the most profitable in history.


New Yorker: Climate Catastrophe, Coming Even Sooner?


NYTimes: Climate Model Predicts West Antarctic Ice Sheet Could Melt Rapidly and Nature




NYTimes: Fracking/Drilling Is Making Oklahoma as Quake Prone as California


RT News: 30 Thousand Protest Japan PM’s Plan to Restart Nuclear Reactors


Gallup Poll: 73% of Americans Now Prioritize Alternative Energy Over Oil, Gas

MoJo: Good News: We’ve Barely Begun to Tap The Sun’s Energy Potential

Tech Insider: Huge Craters Appearing in Siberia Could Be Signs of a Ticking Climate Time Bomb - The craters are apparently the result of melting “methane hydrate,” releasing large quantities of methane, which has 25 times the impact of CO2, into the atmosphere. This in turn sets up another tipping point leading to even faster earth warming.

NBC News: Hundreds Trapped on Colorado Highway in Record-Breaking Storm - Welcome to the new normal.

DeSmogBlog: Environmentalists Converge on New Orleans To Disrupt Gulf of Mexico Oil and Gas Lease Sale


The Nation: Bill McKibben: Global Warming’s Terrifying New Chemistry - Turns out methane (CH4), mostly from fracking sites, is overtaking CO2 as the main driver of global warming. For living creatures on the face of the earth, that’s pretty scary.

UK Guardian: Port Augusta, Australia: Embracing Solar Thermal a Vital First Step On The Path to 100% Renewable Energy


Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics: Ice Melt, Sea Level Rise and Superstorms - James Hansen et. al. predicts that the world will experience dramatic sea level rise in a matter of decades, not centuries. Michael Mann: “We ignore James Hansen at our peril.”

NYTimes: Scientists Warn of Perilous Climate Shift Within Decades, Not Centuries


UK Guardian: Current Record Shattering Temps Are Even Shocking Climate Scientists


NYTimes: Environmental Activists Take to Local Protests For Global Results


Mashable: Earth Crushed Temperature Milestones This Winter, Edging Closer to Climate Guardrail - February ranked as the most unusually warm month in 137 years. NOAA: “Overall, the six highest monthly temperature departures in the record all occurred in the last six months.” February was the 10th straight month to set a monthly temperature record. We’re already at the 2 degree Celsius limit for global warming set by the 2015 Climate talks - the limit that all countries agreed we should never cross. Parts of Russia, eastern Europe and Alaska saw temperatures that were 5 degrees Celsius above the 1981-2001 average, “beyond the upper bounds” of NOAA’s temperature anomalies map; or in layman’s terms off the chart. The article goes on and on...with some great charts and videos.

Or as Ga. Tech climate scientist Kim Cobb put it: "When I look at the new February 2016 temperatures, I feel like I'm looking at something out of a sci-fi movie. It's like someone plucked a value off a graph from 2030 and stuck it on a graph of present temperatures."

Here’s her blog.

MoJo: Does California Have The Blueprint For Solving Global Warming?


Alternet: Naomi Klein Takes Down Hillary Clinton: “I Dont’ Trust Her On Climate At All”


NYTimes: Rising Sea Levels May Disrupt The Lives of Millions

NYTimes: Destruction Mounts as Floodwaters Engulf Louisiana - Over 20 inches in less than 72 hours...major disasters in 7 parishes...tens of thousands evacuated...6,100 structures damaged. As Rodney Dangerfield used to say: Nature is boss.

BBC: Children Used In Peru Oil Leak Clean Up - 3,000 barrel leak.

AntiMedia: Fukushima Radiation is Still So Bad It Kills Robots That Go Near It


DeSmogBlog: $4.2 Million Jury Award in Fracking Contaminated Drinking Water Lawsuit


RT News: Florida Nuclear Plant Leaking Radioactive Water Into Biscayne Bay and Fusion.Net - Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant


EcoWatch: Renewable Energy Revolution Rocks On: In January All New Electrical Energy Generation in US Came From Renewable Energy Sources

RT News: South Carolina Nuclear Plant Forced to Shut Down


UK Telegraph: Former Japanese Prime Minister On 5th Anniversary of Fukushima Disaster - The country was within a ‘paper-thin margin’ of declaring martial law and evacuating 50 million people. The main contractor Tepco, and nuclear ‘experts’ within his administration had no real idea of what was going on or what to do about it. “The future existence of Japan as a whole was at stake.” 3 of the 6 nuclear cores suffered meltdown and their locations are still undetermined. Mutations and DNA damage has been detected in the forests around the plant. Nuclear power is pure folly.


Slate: “The Old Normal is Gone”: February Shatters Global Temperature Records and Washington Post


Science: Methane Emissions From 2015 Aliso Canyon Blowout in Los Angeles - ... released almost 100,000 tons and was the largest methane blowout in history.


CBS News: Indian Point Nuclear Plant Called a “Disaster Waiting to Happen” - 25 miles north of NYC.


NYTimes: Seas Are Rising At the Fastest Rate in 28 Centuries


Tri-City Herald: Hanford Contamination Spreads Across Public Highway - A little background.

RT News: Nuclear Reactor in Japan Leaking Radioactive Water - Not Fukushima.


BBC: Cyclone Winston Wreaks Destruction in Fiji - One of the strongest storms ever in the Pacific...40 ft. high waves...whole villages destroyed

CNN: Tropical Storm Winston Grinds Over Fiji - Strongest storm ever to hit that island...winds reaching over 225 mph, equivalent to a cat 5 hurricane


WIBW: Kansas Temps Set New Highs in Middle of February - 90 in Ness, KS.


UK Guardian: US ‘Likely Culprit’ of Global Spike in Methane Emissions


Climate Central: January Smashed Another Global Temperature Record

Bloomberg: Booming Wind Business Ignores Oil Slump As Market Values Double


UK Guardian: Another Risk Assessment to be Ignored At Our Peril


Mashable: Unusually Warm Arctic Winter Stuns Scientists With Record Low Ice Extent for January

Bloomberg: A Renewables Revolution: Renewable Energy Was the Biggest Source of New Power Added in the US in 2015


UK Guardian: Copenhagen Set to Divest From Fossil Fuels


Green Tech Media: US Wind Industry See Its Second Best Quarter Ever


New Scientist: Glaciers in Andes Melting At Record Rates


LA Times: How Much Damage is the Porter Ranch Doing to the Climate?


CNN: Blizzard 2016: Motorists Stranded For Hours - ...35 mile long backup in Kentucky has lasted for 12 hours so far...eleven states declare emergency...40 inches of snow possible in some areas...989 crashes, 793 disabled vehicles in Virginia...9,290 flights cancelled...33 million people under blizzard warnings. Not fixing climate change seems to be very costly.

NYTimes: Dire Warnings Along East Coast as Snow Piles Up


NBC News: Mid-Atlantic Blizzard Could Make ‘Legitimate’ History


DeSmogBlog: Beyond Koch: Meet the Other Right-Wing Oligarchs Featured in Jane Mayer’s Dark Money - An examination of the origins and funders of the Heartland Institute, and ALEC. There’s also an interesting mention of the pro-corporate, right-wing Democratic Leadership Council (DLC), the New Democrats - whose current leaders are the Clintons and Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Also check out PBS’s Climate of Doubt for an examination of the new anonymous funding method Donor’s Trust and Greenpeace’s Dealing in Doubt. And remember that knowledgeable people speaking out (in the media: Twitter, YouTube, blogs etc. and on the street) will defeat dark money every time.


MoJo: 2015 Was By Far the Hottest Year on Record

Democracy-NOW: Dark Money: Jane Mayer on How the Koch Bros. & Billionaire Allies Funded the Rise of the Far Right and DeSmogBlog and Fresh Air - Their father started the John Birch Society and built oil refineries for Hitler and Stalin.

Fresh Air: ‘Blood and Earth’ Shows How Two Modern Evils Are Linked: Slavery and Environmental Degradation - A truly chilling interview. For those interested in further research/action, here is a list of other prominent anti-slavery NGOs: Free the Slaves, Safe Horizon, Products of Slavery, Anti-Slavery, Freedom Network, Alliance to End Slavery and Trafficking, International Labor Rights Forum, Fair Trade USA, Social Accountability International. These are also available on the Progressive Links page of this site.

LA Times: California to Investigate Whether Exxon Mobil Lied About Climate-Change Risks


Truth Out: Mother Nature’s Invisible Hand Strikes Back Against the Carbon Economy


Time: This is How Much the California Gas Leak is Hurting the Planet and Democracy-NOW - See entries of 1/7, 1/6, 1/4, 12/29.


UK Guardian: NASA Study Debunks Climate Contrarians’ Last Stand - The earth is warming and humans are doing it, so get over it and let’s get started fixing it. Leave it in the ground.

DeSmogBlog: Obama Slams Climate Deniers in State of the Union, Vague on Details for Action


Dirty Energy Money: Ted Cruz: Tool of Big Oil - This is an app designed to allow a quick search of every politician’s debt to big oil. Pick your favorite one, and get quick results.


USA Today: Wintertime Floods Along Mississippi River Among the Costliest Ever


Living on Earth: Massive Natural Gas Disaster Hits LA - This one has a real time calculator showing how much gas has leaked to date. As of this writing, it’s at 90,000 metric tons of methane, the equivalent of 7.5 million metric tons of CO2. See entries of 1/7, 1/6, 1/4, 12/29.


Go Fossil Free: Vermont Governor Calls on Pension Funds to Divest From Exxon, Coal

NYTimes: No Short-Term Fix for California Methane Leak - I’m beginning to wonder if this deserves its own page similar to Oil Spew.

UK Daily Mail: December Was the Warmest and Wettest Ever

NYTimes: Earthquakes in Oklahoma Raise Fears of a Big One - See entry of  1/1.


LATimes: The California Methane Leak Is Now Declared An ‘Emergency’ and NYTimes - Hey, no rush...this thing has been spewing up to 60 tons per day of a gas that is 30 times more deadly to the atmosphere than CO2, since Oct. 23. But I’m sure with the lessons learned from the Gulf spew that BP can quickly seal this right up. No problem. See entries of 1/4 and 12/29.

UK Guardian: American Geophysical Union Allows Exxon to Greenwash Its Climate Science Disinformation Campaign

UK Guardian: Earth is Experiencing a ‘Global Warming Spurt’

UK Guardian: Western Australia’s Rooftop Solar So Popular, Power Privatization Not An Option

NYTimes: Study Finds that Weather Disasters Take a Heavy Toll on Crops


ABC News: Record-Tying El Nino Storms Hitting Parched California

Gizmodo: Here’s What Historic Flooding of the Mississippi River Looks Like


Inside Climate News: California’s ‘Staggering’ Methane Spew Could Last for Months - Leaking 40 - 64 tons per hour. See entry of 12/29.

UK Guardian: Scotland Battered by Rain, Gales and Flooding


NYTimes: St. Louis Area Surveys Toll as Flood Risk Shifts South - The Mississippi River is expected to crest at 50 feet, one foot above the record set in 1993. That was supposed to be a ‘100 year flood.’ Looks like it was only a ’22 year flood.’ And they’ll probably start coming even faster now. Look for insurance companies to disappear from this market, and leave the people on their own.

UK Guardian: Another Fracking Earthquake Hits Oklahoma

Climate Change 2015