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How Democrats Put Trump in the White House - This is a case where parody is the best way to the truth. Hilarious and well worth the 7 minute watch.

Portia Bulgher is Pissed! And we need to Listen! - I only listened to the first 5 minutes or so, but it was priceless.

Sourcewatch: Citizens for Self-Governance - This is the Koch Bros./ALEC funded group that is trying to stage, through its “Convention of States” project, a Constitutional convention in order to severely restrict federal power. It’s basically a “states rights” group, although it uses the phrase “local control”, that wants to get rid of child-labor and worker protections and eliminate the federal agency - such as EPA, Interior Dept., etc. - authority. If they can get Koch surrogate politicians in 34 states to call for a convention, and then get 38 states to ratify whatever resolutions they come up with, they can effectively re-write the Constitution.

Obama Deported More (By Far) Than Any Other President

Trump’s Cabinet and Actions

Jill Stein FAQ

Dr. Margaret Flowers: The Democrats want to create the appearance of a divide between themselves and the Republicans because that gives the voters something to fight about and keeps voters distracted. In fact, the two corporate parties work very well together to create illusions that distract the masses and allow the parties to continue to move their corporate agenda forward within the parameters of their limited differences. I do not want to maintain that illusion. That is why I support the Green Party.

Popular Resistance: Electoral politics has become nothing more than a periodic horse race between corporate candidates chosen through a rigged system.

Edward Snowden: “I understand that I will be made to suffer for my actions, but I will be satisfied if the federation of secret law, unequal pardon, and irresistible executive powers that rule the world that I love are revealed even for an instant.”

The Thundering Failure of the Democrats - Originally written in May of 2015, this very short article still speaks directly to the point that Dems just don’t get. Spot on. If we don’t hold the psychopaths from both parties to account, then we are totally complicit and just as guilty.

Albert Einstein Institute: 198 Methods of Nonviolent Action

EFF Border Search Pocket Guide - How to protect your personal data at the border.


AP: Burma Bulldozes What is Left of Rohingya Muslim Villages - This is a true human rights tragedy in plain view for the whole world to see. Essentially the purpose is so the repressive military regime can continue to treat all of its citizens as virtual slaves. Seen entry of 2/8/18.

Democracy-NOW: did a Russian Troll Farm’s Inflammatory Posts Really Sway the 2016 Election? - Most interesting excerpt:

I remember listening to an interview with Michelle Alexander, the wonderful African-American activist, a few weeks before the election, and how painful it seemed for her to talk about the election and how she said that she was going to have a really difficult time voting for Hillary Clinton, and she wasn’t going to say unequivocally that she was going to vote for Hillary. And I was listening to that interview, and I thought, “Oh, my god, she is going to lose. She is so clearly going to lose, right?” And she was not going to lose because Russians were telling young African Americans to stay home. She was going to lose, in part, because there were very good reasons for young African Americans and old African Americans to stay home, because there was a very visceral memory of her position on prison reform and welfare reform and the incredibly racist rhetoric around her in the 1990s. And she hadn’t addressed it in any kind of convincing way. And to trivialize that tragic rift by saying that the Russians did it is just a huge disservice to our political conversation.”

It wasn’t the Russians. It was the Neera Tandens and the John Podestas at the top of the Democratic party that not only did not address these types of issues, but decided to sabotage the candidate that would have cruised to victory over Cheeto-head.

Also, the follow-on interview “Russiagate Has Become a Conspiracy Trap Obscuring How Trump is Damaging the Nation” is well worth reading, as is the original article on which it is based, which contains one of my favorite quotes, referring to the so-called “intelligence” leaks/evidence behind the Russia conspiracy theory: “The context, sequence, and timing of the leaks is determined by people unknown to the public, which is expected to accept anonymous stories on faith.”

AP: Criticism Mounts That Trump Jr. Is Pushing Ethics Boundaries By Making a Foreign Policy Speech While Promoting Trump Business in India

Reuters: NRA Honors FCC Chair With Rifle For Repealing ‘Net Neutrality’ - Note: This is Not the Onion.


NPR Fresh Air: How a Russian Troll Factory Waged An Aggressive Campaign to Disrupt the US Election - It might have been aggressive, but it just wasn’t very effective. To think that Facebook entries like “we are looking for friendship because we're fighting for the same reasons. Actually, we are open for your thoughts and offers.” or a Bernie coloring book that says “The coloring is something that suits for all people”, are going to control any American’s thinking on an election is obviously ludicrous.

Other quotes from this interview give a flavor of what was really going on...

the Russians were wielding a firehose of information during the campaign. But a campaign is a hurricane.”

“there was a whole lot of stuff coming from the Russians, but there was a whole lot more stuff coming from Americans, a very polarized, very divided American public.”

“The CIA, in particular, has a long and colorful history of intervening in other people's elections and, indeed, in some cases going much farther - certainly much farther than the Russians went in 2016 in countries like Guatemala, Iran, Brazil.”

“The CIA, between the '40s and the '60s, intervened repeatedly in Italian elections trying to prevent the election of the communists to power...we were delivering suitcases full of money to a hotel in Rome in one instance a CIA retiree described. So they did - many of the things the Russians did in 2016, the U.S. has done historically using the, you know, whatever technology was available at the time.”

“But we have certainly put our thumb on the scales in elections once in Russia, trying to prevent the election of a communist in 1996 who was leading in the polls against Boris Yeltsin. And so we, you know, we intervened in a significant way to help Yeltsin's re-election. In both Iraq and Afghanistan, where, of course, we were and are at war, we're pretty heavy-handed in showing our preference and working to get particular candidates elected in both those countries as well.”

In other words, much ado about nothing...in order to prevent anyone from taking a serious look at how the DNC’s interference in its own nomination process effectively put Trump in the White House.

Black Agenda Report: Get Me Outa Wakanda - “The only Wakandans who matter are royalty, the women take orders from men, the king & his rival work with CIA. Despite the pretty faces Black Panther is enemy propaganda from Disney/Marvel studios whose other movies equate teachers unions with the mafia.”


Common Dreams: ‘Cowardly’: With Students Present, Florida GOP Votes Down Motion to Consider Assault Rifle Ban


New Yorker: The Fundamental Uncertainty of Mueller’s Russia Indictments - A very short and amusing summary of exactly what we know and don’t know about ‘Russian meddling.’ Most of it will probably remain unknown forever, but most Americans are convinced they know anyway. It goes without saying that American media has made this issue much larger than it needs to be.


Democracy-NOW: Parkland High School Survivor Emma Gonzalez’s Powerful Speech Demanding Gun Control - Amazing!

USA Today: Donald Trump Jr. Visits India, Mixing Business and US Foreign Policy - Selling ultra-luxe apartments in a country where most people earn less than $2,000 per year. But according to the brochure, buying one will get you a meeting with the son of and advisor to the President of the USA later in the week.

Intercept: Dennis Kucinich Vows to End All Oil and Gas Drilling in Ohio If Elected Goveror and Then Take the Industry to Court - He’s the boy who saved Cleveland. It’s not Kucinich’s proposals that are unrealistic, it’s the alternatives that are unrealistic. Kucinich was the only member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus who kept the pledge not to vote for any Obamacare bill that did not include a Public Option. MoveOn then picketed his campaign headquarters for doing so. The rest of the members took the pledge, collected contributions for that action, then broke the pledge and kept the money.


Robert Reich: The Meaning of America and Democracy-NOW: - A great article on America this President’s day. It deserves to be read in full. The idealism of being an American... “spawned a patriotism that once required all of us take on a fair share of the burdens of keeping America going – paying taxes in full rather than seeking loopholes or squirreling money away in foreign tax shelters, serving in the armed forces or volunteering in our communities rather than relying on others to do the work...The idea of a common good was once widely understood and accepted in America. After all, the U.S. Constitution was designed for “We the people” seeking to “promote the general welfare” – not for “me the narcissist seeking as much wealth and power as possible.”

NYTimes: To Stir Discord in 2016, Russians Turned Most Often to Facebook


Matt Taibbi: If We Want Kids to Stop Killing, The Adults Have to Stop Too - “Giant militarized countries breed violent populations.”

NYTimes: 13 Named in Russia Indictment by Special Counsel in First Charges on 2016 Election Interference - Finally, something. Hopefully Mueller can get to the bottom of this and soon. This particular indictment of hopefully more to come, does not charge any American citizens, and it does not allege that the Russian operation changed the outcome of the election.


Truthdig: Journalist Warns About Ex-Intelligence Officials in Media - A very short article with some great links.


NYTimes: US Spies, Seeking to Retrieve Cyberweapons, Paid Russian Peddling Trump Secrets - Last April, a hacker person/group calling itself Shadow Brokers stole the most important code used by the NSA to hack into foreign governments. Turnabout is fair play, eh? Then in September, in a caper worthy of the Keystone Kops, the NSA and CIA found themselves involved in a ridiculous sting to get the code back from a Russian 3rd party. In the end, they gave away $100,000, and got nothing to show for it - and they will probably have to recreate the lost code from scratch.


Open Markets Institute: Does a Voting Machine Oligopoly Open the Door to Mass Hacking?

Reuters: Massacre in Burma - Viewer discretion is advised. This is the article for which 2 Reuters reporters are facing 14 years in prison. Most of Burma is currently enslaved and almost every product that is exported has a slave component. Rohingya Muslims face the worst abuse, and Here, Here, Here, Here. Despite ongoing human rights abuses, and Here, Here, and intimidation of the press, and Here, Here, throughout the country, both Rethug and Democrap US administrations routinely give them a clean bill of health, and Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, in order to facilitate world wide Capitalism and keep those profits rolling.


Chris Hedges: The Bankruptcy of the American Left - Synopsis: Global, corporate capitalism exploits identity politics and multiculturalism to fragment the working class. By encouraging sectionalism and the division of blacks, the LGBT community, women, etc. the Democratic party has played right into their hands. In other words, both parties keep us focused on guns, gays and abortion in order to take our minds off the perpetual war, tremendous inequalities in the world, environmental degradation, malnutrition, inadequate health care, etc. This keeps the various groups weak and allows the corporate class to carry on perpetual war, class warfare, and destruction of the commons in the name of profit.

Democracy-NOW: As Paul Ryan Touts a Secretary’s $1.50 per Week Raise, Koch Bros Reap $1.4 Billion From GOP Tax Plan - Secretary’s raise is temporary. Koch’s is permanent. This plan will drastically increase inequality and expand loopholes for corporations and the rich.

The Nation: Millennials Are Keeping Unions Alive


Portland Press Herald: Ranked-Choice Voters Submit Signatures for ‘People’s Vote’ Ballot Initiative - Ranked-choice voting eliminates the problem of constantly being forced to vote the lesser of two evils, which is what got us Donald Trump. But of course it’s the last thing Rs and Ds want, since that is what maintains their chokehold on American voters.

BDS: BDS Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize


BAR: How Donald Trump Rode in on “Dark Money” - It wasn’t the Russians. It was Wall St., the “vultures of financial speculation.” “There is no such thing as resistance that is not loudly and consistently anti-war.

Onion: FBI Warns Republican Memo Could Undermine Faith in Massive, Unaccountable Government Secret Agencies - Wait, what?


Intercept: In A Major Free Speech Victory, A Federal Court Strikes Down A Law That Punishes Supporters of Israel Boycott

Reuters: Israel Rejects UN Report on Companies Linked to Settlements


Reuters: Poll: Only 2% of US Adults Report Bonuses, Raises As A Result of Trump Tax Law - “About 58 percent of U.S. adults surveyed said that large U.S. corporations or wealthy Americans stand to benefit most from the tax legislation. Just 13 percent said the middle class will benefit the most, the poll showed.” 36% of adults believe in UFOs, so...


Politico: Trump Leaves Door Open to TPP - Just one more campaign promise that he has broken.

Others: said he would drain the swamp, but loaded his entire administration with billionaires, Goldman Sachs execs and industry lobbyists...said he would never allow politicians to touch Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security...said middle class would get the major benefits of the tax cuts...said he would protect women, but supports cuts to Planned Parenthood...what else?


AJC: Federal Tax Overhaul Could Mean Massive State Tax Hike for Georgians - And GA is not the only state where this will be true. Trump/Rethug voters: “D’oh!!” But the really funny part about this to me is that it didn’t just dawn on GA Republican politicians that this would be a surprise result of the new tax law. They knew it all along but didn’t want to mention it until AFTER it was signed into law.


Intercept: Candidates Who Signed Up to Battle Donald Trump Must Get Past the Democratic Party First - “The Democratic and Republican parties are commercial enterprises and they’re very much interested in their own survival,” (Dem. Rep. Stephen) Lynch said. “The money race is probably more important to them than the issues race in some cases.”

The Intercept asked Lynch if the commercialization he referred to was for the benefit of the officials working in and around elections. “How much of the focus on fundraising,” we asked, “has to do with pumping money into this ecosystem of consultants and everybody else?”

“That’s what I mean,”  Lynch said. “It’s a commercial enterprise.”

Progressive, inspiring candidates don’t stand a chance in this environment, which is why the Democratic party is dying a slow death. The people who pull the strings within the party (the DCCC, Emily’s List, End Citizens United) don’t want to lose their control. It’s all about how much money you can raise. Issues are a distant second.

Democracy is dead.

Capitalism killed it.

Citizens United was the final nail in its coffin.


Politics: Schumer’s Shutdown Performance Sparks Unrest in His Ranks

Bloomberg: Facebook Says Social Media Isn’t Always Healthy for Democracy - ...says it will ‘try to do better’.?.


Truth Dig: Poll Debunks ‘Bernie Bros’ Phenomenon


Democracy-NOW: Democratic Party Faces Reckoning For Purging Sanders Supporters

Intercept: Forget About Siri and Alexa - When It Comes to Voice Identification, The NSA Reigns Supreme - ...listening to your every word. Currently being used, not just to record and transcribe private conversations, but to automatically identify the speakers. The major purpose is not to catch bad guys, it’s to identify and then locate whistleblowers...track journalists, unmask sources, and discourage anonymous tips. It’s now a $5 Billion per year business, with R&D performed completely on the taxpayer’s dime.

It still amazes me that the American people quietly acquiesce to all of this simply because of one very tragic, and very poorly explained event.

Always the eyes watching you and the voice enveloping you. Asleep or awake, working or eating, indoors or out of doors, in the bath or in bed -- no escape. Nothing was your own except the few cubic centimeters inside your skull.”

1984 - George Orwell

Politico: NSA Deleted Surveillance Data It Pledged to Preserve - EFF is suing to get evidence of illegal wiretapping. NSA: “Oops! We accidentally deleted it.” The same tactic worked well in avoiding any prosecution for torture.


McClatchy: FBI Investigating Whether Russia Funneled Cash to NRA to Aid Trump

EFF: Open Letter On Congress’s Vote to Extend NSA Spying

Reuters: US to Dismiss Charges Against 129 People In Trump Inaugural Protests

Black Agenda Report: US Supreme Court About to Pass the 21st Century Dred Scott Decision


Black Agenda Report: Ajamu Baraka: Why We Must Protect the World from the United States

NPR: Poll: Americans Have Little Confidence in Political Institutions


Thomas Reuters: Let’s Kill the Business of of Slavery - Synopsis: Whether it’s food, clothing, jewelry, cell phones, and many if not most consumer goods, slavery has infected the worldwide supply chains somewhere. Everyday, men, women and children around in the world are forced to work non-stop in life threatening conditions for less than subsistence wages. Over 40 million people are enslaved, 70% in forced labor, 30% in sex trafficking, in a $150 Billion per year ‘industry.’ This article does have ways this can be combated. As always spreading the information to as many people as possible is the number one strategy.


Intercept: With Help From Nancy Pelosi, House Gives Trump Administration Broad Latitude to Spy on Americans - Not even the Communist E. German Stasi had the powers to spy on its citizens that our NSA/CIA/FBI have, all courtesy of 9/11 and a totally compliant press.

Reuters: House Passes NSA Spying Bill After Trump Tweets Cause Confusion - This extends for 6 years the warrantless, un-Constitutional, universal wiretapping program that Edward Snowden blew the whistle on in 2013, and that former US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper lied about repeatedly to Congress, and Here, Here, Here, Here. The NSA’s Prism program is currently obtaining, storing and listening to up to one billion phone calls, emails, faxes, text messages, tweets, etc. per day, and Here. Even if all they have is a human voice, they can identify that person, the phone he was using and exactly where they were when the made the communication. They then illegally share that data with thousands of corporations around the world. In addition, NSA programs XKEYSCORE, and Palantir allow it to sort through all of this data quickly and use it as they see fit with no oversight.

The clandestine organizations (NSA, FBI and CIA) overthrew the democratically elected, secular government of  Iran in the 1950s, which ultimately led to their current anti-US, dictatorial regime. They lied about the Gulf of Tonkin in 1964, costing almost 60,000 US casualties and untold suffering in SE Asia from the effects of Agent Orange. They overthrew most of the democratically elected governments of Central and South America, under every president from Johnson to Reagan. In the 1970‘s they provided intelligence and military assistance to the murderous Argentine regime during their ‘Dirty War,’ although the USA refuses to release secret documents that would better clarify its involvement. They aided in the overthrow of the democratically elected government in Chile, replacing it with the brutal Pinochet dictatorship.

They infiltrated MLK’s inner circle, denounced him and attempted to convince him to commit suicide. They infiltrated/disrupted numerous feminist, environmental, anti-war, and civil rights groups during the 60’s. They disrupted and eventually overthrew the duly elected government of Nicaragua in the 1980s. With help from the bulk of the news outlets in the country, they aided George Bush & Dick Cheney  convince the world that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, leading to still ongoing, countless millions of deaths. In each and every one of these operations, they have consistently lied before during and after their involvments. Each and every one of these operations has caused untold thousands, if not millions, of innocent deaths - all in the name of Capitalism.

None of this was about law enforcement. It was all about control.

Common Dreams: Taking Short Break From Denouncing Trump Authoritarianism, House Dems Join GOP to ‘Violate the Privacy Rights of Everyone in the United States’ and NY Times- Again, the Dems could have stopped this, but 55 of them joined the Rethugs. No Difference.


UK Guardian: Paul Krugman Got the Working Class Wrong. That Blunder Had Consequences - To be fair, the DNC and the entire Democratic leadership, and by the way, MSNBC and Rachel Maddow all made the exact same mistake. This is the reason we should be looking for accountability, instead of looking for the still yet to be proven Trump-Russian Collusion.

Working people getting their fundamental interests wrong by voting for conservatives is the bedrock of our civic order; it is the foundation on which all else rests.”

Black Agenda Report: Donkey In a Hole: Don’t Expect Democrats to Change Much in 2018 - Democratic fundraisers in Martha’s Vinyard, the Hamptions, Wall Street billionaires...Elizabeth Warren says candidates shouldn’t “grovel on Wall Street,” but then she, Kamala Harris, Joseph Biden, Corey Booker, Tim Ryan, Kirsten Gillibrand, Terry McAuliffe, John Delaney all grovel on Wall Street. They’ll never get it. Too many great quotes in this one to try to list. Well worth the 10 minute read. BAR gets it!

Democracy-NOW: As ICC Considers Probing Israel for War Crimes, US Moves to Defund UN Palestine Refugee Agency


Intercept: Oprah Winfrey for President: Have We All Gone Bonkers? - Great reasons why some folks should think this over just a little bit. The celebrity culture - which is essentially the worship of money - is destroying our country.


Truth-Out: Israel’s New Blacklist of BDS-Supporting Groups Sparks Outrage


New Yorker: The Increasing Unfitness of Donald Trump


Vice: Trump’s First Year: More Bombs, More Boots, More Casualties - Same as Bush. Same as Obama. No Difference.

Vox: The Psychiatrist Who Briefed Congress on Trump’s Mental State: This is “An Emergency”

UK Guardian: Once More, Iceland Has Shown It Is the Best Place In the World to Be a Female


Mint Press: Ahed Tamini Stood Up to Israel While the Rest of the World Bows


NY Mag: Donald Trump Did Not Want to Be President - An inside look at all of the back-stabbing in the Trump campaign and White House, which turns out to be quite funny. The Trumps are the first couple since the Kennedys to have separate bedrooms in the White House. By 6:30 pm every evening Trump is in bed with his Big Mac watching 3 TVs, tweeting and talking on the phone.


Democracy-NOW: Glenn Greenwald on Trump-Russia Probe: Be Skeptical of Spy Agencies With a History of Lying and Deceit - Greenwald: “If you look at how our political media works, the part of the political media that is partisan, the way that the right-wing media really grew was during the Clinton years, when people like Rush Limbaugh and the Drudge Report and, ultimately, Fox News fed on scandal after scandal after scandal, of Whitewater and Vince Foster, and then, ultimately, the Ken Starr investigation. And then you had the Fox News growing even more during the Obama years with all kinds of fake scandals.

And what you see now is large parts of the media—MSNBC and lots of liberal websites—growing exponentially by constantly not talking about Trump’s dangerous foreign policy or his rollback of regulations or his ignoring of climate—the things that actually matter—but this obsession on the Russia scandal. And they’re getting great benefits from it. And so, that’s what happens, is we have this Balkanized media that feeds the audiences whatever it is that they want to hear, without any journalistic standards. And so the incentive is to constantly inflate and exaggerate and make it as sensationalistic as possible. And people are eating it up, to the profit of these media outlets.”

Washington Post: Meet Roy Moore’s Jewish Attorney. He Contributed to, Worked for, and Voted for His Friend Doug Jones


Democracy-NOW: Duty to Warn: Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess the “Dangerous Case” of President Trump - Sen. Lindsey Graham, 2016: “I’m not going to try to get into the mind of Donald Trump, because I don’t think there’s a whole lot of space there. I think he’s a kook. I think he’s crazy. I think he’s unfit for office.”


UK Guardian: Trump Looks to Cash In From Lavish NYE Party at Mar-a-Lago - We now live in a full-blown Plutocracy. You either pay or you don’t play. The super-rich are plundering the Treasury. Once it is empty they will leave the country and the rest of us will be left to fight over the scraps. That is how un-regulated Capitalism works. People no longer matter. The Executive branch, the Senate and the House are now a lawless and shameful criminal enterprise.


Truthdig: Third Parties, Your Time Is Now - We now have clear empirical evidence of where continuously voting for the lesser of two evils leads: Donald Trump. The purpose of the Democratic party has always been to co-opt the members of the parties that threaten the status quo into the hands of the two corporate parties, and then label those who refuse to go along as radicals, communists, or Russians.

Democrats believe in NAFTA, charter schools, industrial incarceration, war, drone murder, ‘the free market’ which means unregulated capitalism, fracking, ‘all of the above’ fossil fuel extraction, Israeli occupation, . They refuse to support Medicare for All, a carbon tax. They do not represent true ‘democracy.’


Intercept: How the Interrogation of Reality Winner Reveals the Deceptive Tactics of “Exceedingly Friendly” FBI Agents - You may think you are doing nothing illegal, unethical or immoral. You should read this article anyway, before they come to call.

Al Jazeera: Why is the West Praising Malala, But Ignoring Ahed?

Haaretz: “We Won’t Take Part in Occupation”: Dozens of Teens Refuse to Enlist in Israeli Army


Robert Reich: A Year With Trump - One of Reich’s best pieces.

Sanders.gov: Bernie Sanders’ Statement on Republican Tax Plan

NPR: Trump Signed 96 Laws in 2017. Here Is What They Do and How They Measure Up - “We have signed more legislation than anybody.” says Trump. Wrong. In fact he is next to last for as long as the records that have been kept. Only Gerald Ford signed fewer bills in his first year.


The Hill: Utah’s Largest Paper Tells Hatch to ‘Call It A Career’ In A Blistering Editorial


The Hill: Trump Told Friend at Mar-a-Lago “You All Just Got A Lot Richer” After Tax Bill Passed


Medium: US Intelligence Community Says US Had Better Reauthorize Surveillance...Or Else - “surveillance is not even really about fighting terrorism at all; it’s about having access to as much information as possible which can be used for geopolitical manipulation and leverage for America’s unelected power establishment.”

“This is after all the same US intelligence community that was seen in CIA documents casually discussing the option of the “real or simulated” sinking of a boatload of Cuban civilians as though they were discussing whether to buy two percent or whole milk at the supermarket. The same US intelligence community which lied about the Gulf of Tonkin incident to manufacture support for the Vietnam War, resulting in the needless deaths of millions of people including 58,220 Americans. The same US intelligence community which posed as a black civil rights advocate and tried to blackmail Martin Luther King Jr into committing suicide. The same US intelligence community which infiltrated American civil rights movements and dissident groups in order to disrupt and discredit them and frame them for acts of violence. The same US intelligence community which compiled a list of American dissidents to be thrown in concentration camps in the event of a “national emergency”.”


Matt Taibbi: Bob Corker, Corrupt? What a Surprise


WGBH News: Why Jill Stein Isn’t Worried About the ‘Investigation’ Into Her Campaign - This is a tough interview and Stein knocks it out of the park. The Dems are attempting to smear her campaign, but it’s only going to backfire on them.

Newsweek: First Group of #J20 Protesters Not Guilty - So protest in the age of Trump is still legal.


CNN: White House, GOP Celebrate Passing Sweeping Tax Bill - By getting rid of the mandate, it probably also means the end of Obamacare. Bernie Sanders: “Republicans are celebrating raising taxes on working families to give tax breaks to billionaires, corporations, private jet owners and themselves. Remember that.”


The Real News: Jill Stein Denounces Probe Over ‘Collusion with Russians’ - The two establishment parties are becoming extremely concerned over the Green Party’s and Socialist Alternative’s popularity with the people whom the two parties have forsaken, and the political revolt that is fomenting just below the surface.

A large portion of Americans feel marginalized by a political system controlled by “predatory banks and fossil fuel giants and war profiteers and pharmaceutical companies and all the rest, which have thrown the American people under the bus.” The Democrats are missing in action, and instead of focusing on what they did wrong in in the 2016 election, they are pointing their fingers at everyone else on the playground.

The American people are beginning to see through this and politicians from both of the major parties are getting extremely nervous.


International Business Times: Sen. Bob Corker Said He Hadn’t Read the Tax Bill, Denies Changing His Vote In Exchange for Personal Tax Breaks - The retiring senator was against the original bill, but changed his mind when a clause was added reducing taxes on income from real estate LLCs. Corker made $7 Million last year from real estate LLCs. Per his financial disclosure forms, Trump made between $41 and $68 Million from this type of income. Good old Capitalism.


Verified Politics: Here’s How Much Telecom Industry Gave Each Republican Who Urged FCC to End Net Neutrality

Democracy-NOW: The Growing Case for Impeaching Donald Trump


Intercept: Here’s What Actually Made the Difference in Doug Jones’ Victory - The Alabama Democratic Conference. A primarily black political group that actually knows how to turn out the black vote. Doug Jones had the good sense to call them into his campaign, which most white Alabama Democrats have not done. More power to them! A great read.

UK Guardian: Former Facebook Executive: Social Media is Ripping Society Apart


Intercept: The US Media Suffers Its Most Humiliating Moment in Ages and Now Refuses to Talk About It - Synopsis: CNN, MSNBC, CBS, and many others all published a false story (in very breathless language) “showing” that Trump had gotten advance word from Wikileaks about the contents of the DNC emails, thus “proving” the Trump-Russia-Wikileaks collusion - Rachel Maddow: “The smoking gun.” - I’ve lost count, how many of those has she reported now? One little problem: they got the date on the email wrong, but only admitted it very quietly and very late in the day on Friday - and now none of them will talk about it. But in a couple of months it will be “common knowledge” that Trump got advance word about the DNC emails from Wikileaks.


ProPublica: Trump Is Scuttling a Rule That Would Save People From Dying of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning


NBC News: Trump To Make Medical Exam Public After Shuslering His Wordsh - But don’t worry. Everything is jusuh fine. Just have a nice cup of covfeve.


The Hill: Paul Ryan Hints at Push for ‘Entitlement Reform’ in 2018 - After passing a tax windfall bill for the rich which will add $2 Billion to the US deficit, Ryan now says the only way to balance the budget will be to take money away from the elderly and disabled. Hurting the disadvantaged in order to add $Billions to the banking accounts of the already stupendously wealthy is pure evil. The only ‘entitlement program’ that needs to be addressed is the one that puts additional opulence into the hands of those that need it the least and will use it for anything except helping the country.

ProPublica: Jared Kushner By Day: Mideast Peace. Kushner Companies by Night: Fund West Bank Settlements


Democracy-NOW: Rep. Keith Ellison: GOP Tax Bill Would Reorder Society & Create “Hereditary Aristocracy” For Rich


Telesur: Europe and US Need to Do More to Combat Slavery in Libya - All of the people who joined the bandwagon in 2011 to advocate for regime change in Libya, and who are so fashionably distressed at slavery in the US that ended over 150 years ago, are silent about current worldwide slavery.

Mother Jones: Senate Passes Sweeping Tax Bill That Overwhelmingly Benefits the Wealthiest Americans - If you are in the top 1%, earning over $1M per year, you get a huge, permanent tax cut. If not, you get a tiny, temporary cut, maybe.

From the article: “This all begs the question of why Republicans are pushing a trillion dollar corporate tax cut at this particular moment. Corporate profits are near record highs, the rich are richer than they’ve been since the Great Depression, and the incomes of average Americans are in a four-decade slump. Tax reform could have eased that hardship by expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit or making working-class families eligible for Republicans’ expanded Child Tax Credit.”

The rich have no intention of using their additional tax credits to create jobs, and Here. Trump will get a $23 Million tax cut, and his cabinet will collectively receive $10s of Billions. And you? Buwahahahaha! We are nothing but road kill to these people.


The Intercept: The GOP Plan is the Biggest Tax Increase in American History, By Far - A great itemization of the huge tax cuts for the rich and the tax increases for everybody else.


Democracy-NOW: Mehdi Hasan Rips Thomas Friedman’s “Nauseating” Column in NYT Praising Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince


NBC News: ISIS Raises Stakes With Egypt Mosque Attack - Quote from this article: “...killing more than 300 people in the worst bloodshed of its kind in Egypt's modern history...” Wrong. The worst bloodshed was on 1/25/11 when Hosni Mubarak, whom Hillary Clinton called a family friend, slaughtered at least 846 protestors which effectively ended the Arab Spring movement. The weapons he used were entirely provided by the USA. The second worst was on 8/14/13 when current dictator al-Sisi slaughtered at least 817 protestors in the Rab’a Massacre, and Here, again with weapons provided by the USA. The biggest threat to the people of Egypt is not ISIS, it is their own government using weapons provided by American taxpayers.


Human Rights Watch: ‘The Darkness of Humans’:  Investigating Mass Rape in Burma

The Atlantic: The Computer Scientist Who Prefers Paper Ballots


LATimes: Tiny Rancho Tehama Reels in the Wake of Gunman’s Deadly Rampage - Yet another CWD.


Intercept: A Week After Virginia Election Sweep, Democrats Join Republicans for More Bank Deregulation


NYTimes: Security Breach and Spilled Secrets Have Shaken the NSA to It’s Core


Democracy-NOW: Voters Reject Republican Candidates As New “Autopsy” Report Finds the Democratic Party in Crisis - This group is trying to point out why the Democratic party needs to clean house at the top. The current leaders of the DNC and the party are doing everything in their power to change the focus away from their actions during the primary that lead to the devastating outcome of the 2016 election. Essentially they are blaming the outcome on the “Russiagate” conspiracy theory or anything they can possibly come up with over which they had no control. The only folks they are fooling is themselves. Here’s the actual report. The 6 questions in this letter put it all in a nutshell.


NYTimes: What Explains US Mass Shootings? International Comparisons Suggest an Answer - The US has 270 million guns and has had 90 mass shooters since 2012. Americans make up 4.4% of worldwide population, but own 42% of the world’s guns.


CBS News: Devin Patrick Kelley: What We Know About the Texas Church Shooting Suspect - Just another CWD with easy access to guns. This demographic is by far the biggest domestic terror threat in the USA today. See entries of 11/2, 10/19 and 10/2. Or search this site for “CWD.”


Boston Globe: Elizabeth Warren’s Charge That the Democratic Primary Was ‘Rigged’ - This is the height of hypocrisy. In 2016, she participated fully in said rigging, which set the stage for President Cheeto-Head. Now she’s hoping the Sanders supporters have forgotten all about that. Not likely. Just another calculating Corpra-Dem. Progressive is not where the Democrapic party, or Elizabeth Warren, are going.

New Yorker: Russian Interference in the 2016 Election: A Cacophony, Not A Conspiracy - An entertaining 5 minute read, and a great summarization of where we are currently, pending any revelations from the Mueller investigation. There is still no actual evidence - it’s all ‘highly classified’ - that Russia successfully accomplished anything with respect to the election. However, there is very good evidence to indicate that the ‘hack’ on the DNC mail server was actually an internal leak. The context, sequence and timing of each of the “Russian Conspiracy” news items always seem to be controlled by ‘CIA experts’ unknown to the public, which is expected to accept such anonymous stories solely on faith. There is still a very good possibility that the ‘Russian interference’ was actually a bunch of 20-somethings in Macedonia that figured out how to make a little extra money by using Facebook and Google AdSense.


The Nation: A Minneapolis Socialist Thanks the Local Paper for Not Endorsing Her

Black Agenda Report: In CIA We Trust - “The CIA has committed every crime known to man, and never missed an

opportunity to lie about it. So, what makes them credible about Russiagate?...More than a year after the Democrats began blaming Hillary Clinton’s campaign problems on Russia, the allegations of massive Kremlin interference in U.S. elections are still based on the “high confidence” – but evidence-free – CIA assertion that Vladimir Putin ordered the hacking of the Democratic National Committee.”

Also in this 5 minute read, a partial list of the most notorious instances where the USA “hacked” elections and regime change in other countries.

Salon: Donna Brazile: Hillary Controlled the Democratic Party - Now Democraps at the top of the party are blaming each other. One would think that rank and file Dems would begin to think about holding the top level controllers of the DNC - Amy Dacey, David Brock, Neera Tanden, John Podesta, Cory Booker, Tom Perez, Robby Mook, Cheryl Mills, Monika Bauerlein, Clara Jeffery, etc. - accountable.

But no, Brazile is now blaming Hillary for bamboozling her and the rest of the DNC.  Remember Brazile was the one caught passing crib notes under the table to Hillary, and Here, Here, just one of the sophomoric, colossal, comedic, idiotic mistakes made by these clowns that led ultimately to the election of Cheeto-head.

BTW, a lot of this information was originally reported here on 7/25/2016. See entry of 10/31/16 for all the ways the Dems cheated Sanders out of the nomination to set up the eventual win of Cheeto-head.

ProPublica: White Supremacists Share Bomb Making Materials In On-Line Chats - Even more CWDs.


UK Guardian: Hail To The Chief - A very special tribute.


The Hill: Urban-Brookings Tax Polity Center: GOP Tax Plan Will Cost $2.4 Trillion


Intercept: Minneapolis City Council Candidate is a Socialist Who Gets Things Done


Business Insider: Republicans Are Starting to Notice Another Big Problem With Their Tax Plan


BBC: Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) Calls Trump a Liar and That He Debases The USA - At least one Republican has courage, even if only because he’s retiring.

HuffPo: Alabama Republican Senate Candidate Says the 2015 Supreme Court Ruling In Favor of Gay Marriage is Worse than the Dred Scott Decision - This is the election to replace Jeff Sessions. I don’t think this country can get any more stupid.

WashPo: Clinton Campaign, DNC Paid for Research That Led to Trump/Russia Dossier - Odd that this is coming up again now. This issue has been well known and was reported here on 5/2/17 and again on 7/20/17. It’s no different than the furor over Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer who stated she had dirt on Hillary. Politics as usual.

But the Dems will do anything to avoid focusing on their primary problem which is that the leaders of the party should be held accountable for their multiple, horrendous decisions during the 2016 campaign which eventually made Cheeto-head the president of the USA.

As usual, the Dems and Rethugs want to keep us focused on gun control, gay rights and abortion, when what we should be discussing is campaign finance reform, funding for renewable energy and limits on greenhouse gases, a progressive tax structure,  a windfall profits tax on the oil industry, universal healthcare, adequate safety nets, adequate funding for public primary and secondary schools, public affordable post-secondary education, rebuilding physical infrastructure, keeping broadband infrastructure at least equal to that of the rest of the world, banking reform and making banks and banksters accountable for their actions.


DC Report: Nine Reasons Trump’s Tax Plan Will Hurt You


NBC News: The GOP Tried Trump-Style Tax Cuts in Kansas. What a Mess.


NYTimes: Why Has the EPA Shifted on Toxic Chemicals? Trump Appointees of Course - These people have no problem putting Americans at risk for birth defects, kidney cancer, immune system disorders, etc. because it ultimately puts more money in their pockets. Good ole’ Capitalism.


NYTimes: Senate Approves Budget Plan Protecting $1.5 Trillion (Yearly) Tax Cut For Ultra-Wealthy From Filibuster - How we gonna pay for it? By cutting $1 Trillion from Medicaid’s already paltry block grants to states and $470 Billion from Medicare. And they threw in first time ever drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge just for grins. Middle class families will see none of these tax cuts, mainly because it takes away tax deductions like interest on home loans and for dependent children. Massive riches continue to flow upward to the very richest while the rest of society suffers more and more. Democracy is dead. Capitalism killed it. Citizens United was the final nail in its coffin.

ProPublica: Racist, Violent, Unpunished A White Hate Group’s Campaign of Menace - Why is it I only see pictures of these guys beating up women? Biggest terror threat in the US today? Crazy White Dudes (CWDs). But the police seem very reluctant to prosecute. See entry of 10/2/17.


Center For American Progress: The Trump-McConnell-Ryan Tax Plan: A Windfall for President Trump and His Cabinet - Trump would save about $23 Million in taxes. Because the deductions for mortgage interest and dependents goes away, most of the working middle class will pay more.

Bloomberg: Treasury Secretary Says “It’s Very Hard Not to Give Tax Cuts to the Wealthy”


CounterPunch: The Political Economy of Obama/Trump - Synopsis: Debt dependent Capitalism, controlled by the two neo-liberal parties, continues to careen down blind alleys, with each crash worse than the last. Example: Everybody forgot about the dot-com bubble as soon as the 2008 mortgage debt crisis hit. And we are currently in the middle phase of a stock market bubble that can only end one way.

The only thing that prevented the re-forming of the New Deal coalition (unions, communists, socialists, students, white liberals, African Americans and Hispanic Americans) after the 2008 crash was the insertion of Barack Obama. However, it was mainly the members of that coalition that were then bypassed in the ensuing recovery.

Trump was able to channel the anger of a large minority of that coalition, and then defeat the 2nd worst presidential candidate of all time. Trump did this by convincing the ‘deplorables’ that only he could protect them from further injury and even cure its root causes. However now, after moves like destroying the meager protections that Obamacare did provide, the shine is wearing thinner and thinner, and a re-formation of the coalition appears a little more feasible.

The social groups that got left behind after 2008 need to see that the causes are not some ‘other,’ but rather are systemic to capitalism.


The Hill: After Long Delay, Clinton and Obama Rip Weinstein - Weinstein gave $1.4 Million mostly to Dems. Ex-Clinton campaign manager is “disappointed” after the long delay.


WashPo: Sen. Corker Calls White House ‘Adult Day Care Center’ - Ya think? I think we are beginning to see a quorum.


Intercept: Worried About Trump’s Mental Stability? The Worst Is Yet to Come.

NYTimes: Yes, Steve Bannon Should Terrify You


Common Dreams: “This Is A New Low”: Trump Blasted For Rolling Back Birth Control Mandate - In addition, the House has just passed a ban on abortions after 20 weeks. Here are the facts on such a bill. Gosh, I wonder what the anti-birther, “family values” GOP pols are going to do now when they get their married mistresses pregnant!

New Yorker: Diagnosing Donald Trump, And His Voters - Many psychiatrists who have closely observed his behavior conclude that, based on his “blatant lies (there is some disagreement among contributors on whether he knows he is lying or is, in fact, delusional); his contradictory statements; his inability to hold a thought; his aggression; his lack of empathy,” that we have a malignant, deranged narcissist with his finger on the nuclear button. The voters who elected him, in turn “reflect a wounded-ness at the core of the American group self” and Trump is the guy who, in their collective mind, “offers protection from further injury and even a cure for the wound.” God help us!


Politico: Inside Tim Murphy’s Reign of Terror - Staunch forced birther and family values Rethug, secretly encourages his married mistress to have an abortion. Very typical, old, white, male vagina expert who loves to tell others, especially women what to do, but feels that he is above all those rules. May they all rot in hell!


ProPublica: Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. Were Close to Being Charged With Felony Fraud - Then they bought off the prosecutor. A government that works like that has no validity or moral foundation.

CNN: Tillerson Calls Trump a Moron - Good call Tilly!


Democracy-NOW: Republicans in Congress: A Moment of National Mourning and Prayer for Those Killed in Las Vegas...Now Let’s Go Sell More Guns!!!

CNBC: Trump Says Puerto Rico’s Debt Will Have to be Wiped Out


Vox: White American Men Are a Bigger Domestic Terror Threat Than Muslim Foreigners - Crazy White Dudes (CWDs). A list of others in the article and Here are some others, and Here, Here, Here, Here, Here.


Empire Files: Israelis Speak Candidly About Palestine


Medium: Democrats Keep Rehabilitating Dubya’s Image to Justify Their Neoconservatism - The Democrapic party is not heading towards Bernie Sanders. They are heading towards neocons that favor policies first implemented by Dubya, like E. Warren, K. Harris, A. Franken, and C. Booker. One of those 4 will be the 2020 Dem nominee for Prez. This effort has intensified since their 2016 defeat. Using this approach they will accomplish nothing but to re-elect Trump. Maybe they’ll figure it out by 2024.


Intercept: Yet Another Major Russia Story Falls Apart. Is Skepticism Permissible Yet? - This is a must read.  Yet another of the list of these unfounded stories - the point of which is mostly to keep our minds off the DNC hatchet job on Bernie - not to mention just plain old horrible management of the 2016 campaign. For a quick review of the ways this conspiracy theory is quickly falling apart, see Here, Here, Here, Here, Here. And for a run-down of all the ways the DNC cheated and mis-managed the 2016 campaign see Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, and Here.

New Yorker: How Republicans Ditched Tax Reform for Tax Cuts - Trump is comparing his plan, which will increase the deficit by $1.5 Trillion in the first year and $5 Trillion over 10 years,  and Here, to those of John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan, and points to the ‘boom’ that occurred after Reagan’s 1981 tax cuts. What he fails to point out is that the ‘boom’ was not a result of tax cuts, but rather the result of the Keynesian defense build up and the Fed’s steep interest rate cuts at the time.


Democracy-NOW: Nobel Peace Prize Winners Call For UN Security Council to Protect Rohingya From Attacks in Burma

Vox: Trump: Iran is Violating The Nuclear Deal. Top US General: No, It Isn’t


New Yorker: Hillary Clinton Looks Back in Anger - It was Comey. It was Trump. It was Sanders. It was Putin. It was Assange. It was “deplorables.” It was sexism. It was TV news. No, it was just a completely dysfunctional campaign in which neither Hillary nor her inside-the-beltway ‘advisers’ could ever answer the simplest question...and she was just an awful candidate, from which the Democratic party seems to have drawn no lessons whatsoever and seems determined to continue repeating the same mistakes, using the same ‘advisers.’


Intercept: The View From the End of the American Empire - Very insightful article, but long. Synopsis: During Trump’s unhinged speech to the UN last Tuesday, he unwittingly “stated his intention to effectively dismantle the world order that the United States painstakingly built over the past century.” With 800 military bases in 70 countries (!!), the US has been working since the end of WWII to create a world hegemony. With the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990 and the creation of a global military alliance to repel Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait that same year under George H. W. Bush, America’s imperial control had reached its zenith.

America’s illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003, under Chucklehead Bush, combined with the use of torture under both C. Bush and Obomba and Here, signaled the beginning of the end of that world order, and “the global system of free trade deals and military deployments built by U.S. leaders over the past 75 years — the hard infrastructure supporting America’s hegemony — has come to be viewed by many Americans as a costly burden rather than a benefit.”

Meanwhile, the burgeoning power of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, S. Africa) coalition, stands ready to fill the vacuum created by America’s slide backwards towards nativism. Let’s just hope it’s a soft landing.


CounterPunch: The Killing of History


Matt Taibbi: Steve Bannon Splits From Trump: Hilarity Ensues

CNN: Nambia: Trump Praises Non-Existent African Country - Also talks about how all of his friends are ready to revive American imperialism in Africa. Maybe he should have had a cup of cofveve.


Common Dreams: After Not Prosecuting Any Bankers, Obama Cashes in on Wall Street Speeches - Typical Democrats, the other neoliberal, neoconservative party. This is simply what they do.

“This is a really crappy thing to do to the people who poured their hearts into his campaigns and administration.” - Matt Stoller, Open Markets Institute.


Truthdig: Chris Hedges: The Silencing of Dissent - Both major parties and vast majority of the news media, especially the NYTimes and MSNBC have launched a “New McCarthyism.” While there remains no evidence whatsoever that the Russians affected the outcome of any election in even the slightest way, the USA has been no stranger to secretly affecting the outcomes in dozens of other countries.

The point is that whenever any voice anywhere begins to point out the obvious bankruptcy of our current neoliberal economic policies (*see below), instead of including that voice in mainstream discourse as it should be, the force of the media is turned on that voice and it is accused of being “fake news” or a voice for Russia.

The financial breakdown of 2008 should have been the final nail in the coffin of neo-liberal thought, but instead: “The financial meltdown of 2008 not only devastated the global economy, it exposed the lies propagated by those advocating globalization. Among these lies: that salaries of workers would rise, democracy would spread across the globe, the tech industry would replace manufacturing as a source of worker income, the middle class would flourish, and global communities would prosper. After 2008 it became clear that the “free market” is a scam, a zombie ideology by which workers and communities are ravaged by predatory capitalists and assets are funneled upward into the hands of the global 1 percent. The endless wars, fought largely to enrich the arms industry and swell the power of the military, are futile and counterproductive to national interests. Deindustrialization and austerity programs have impoverished the working class and fatally damaged the economy.

*Neo-liberal economic policies: austerity, tax cuts for corporations and wealthy individuals, privatization, complete deregulation, slashing social safety net programs, slashing funds for infrastructure maintenance, destruction of public schools in favor of for-profit charter schools with no accountability, climate change denial, unlimited funds for war and health care industry corporations, etc.


McClatchy: Senate Intelligence Committee Slips Sentence Into Bill That Could Lead to Spying on US Citizens


NYTimes: Ethnic Cleansing in Burma

Intercept: Make Marc Zuckerberg Testify


Verified Voting: Virginia Board of Elections Votes to Remove All Paperless Voting Machines - It is impossible to know that the tallies provided by this type of machine are accurate. They are not verifiable and they are not re-countable. That just leaves 12 states that use these machines in any degree. Georgia uses them exclusively and will not allow the most routine inspections of its software/hardware. This flaw became painfully obvious during the recent Ossoff/Handel race.

Reuters: Virginia Halts Use of Voting Machines Considered Vulnerable to Hacking - Not only are they vulnerable in this way, they are also non-verifiable and produce no paper trail, so have no way to recount.


Green Party: DACA Crisis Inevitable Conclusion of Democrat Failure - The repeal of DACA is the inevitable conclusion of actions by both major parties. Obama, as deporter in chief, sent back more illegals than all 10 previous administrations combined. In addition he left behind an administrative structure and database perfectly suited to the stated intentions of Donald Trump. With ‘friends’ like the Democrats, who needs enemies?

Politico: Trump Hits New Low in Public Opinion - But He’s Still Ahead of Hillary Clinton

Politico: This Pro-Hillary Website Looks Like North Korean Agitprop


Public Citizen: President Trump Inc. - Investigative report on all of Trump’s self-dealing since he announced his run for president.


ProPublica: How Jeff Sessions Misrepresented the Trump Administration’s Expansion of Military Supplies for Police


Intercept: NYTimes Hires Yet Another Neolib Editorial Writer - The Grey Lady is so not what she used to be. Sad.


Al Jazeera: ‘Even A Baby Was Not Spared’ - The Burmese army turns on its people.


ProPublica: Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign - More evidence of just how dysfunctional and stupid the leaders of the Democrapic party really are. She could never one simple question: “Why am I running?”

HuffPo: This Holocaust Survivor Noticed A Detail in Charlottesville You Might Have Missed - This country is in trouble, and we better deal with it soon. See entries of 8/22, and 8/16.

New Yorker: A Conversation With Mark Lilla on His Critique of Identity Politics


UK Guardian: American Politics Are Becoming Violent. But Peaceful Movements Have Power.

Slate: What the “Alt-Left” Was Actually Doing in Charlottesville - “The antifa were like angels to me in that moment.”

Cornel West: “...we would have been crushed like cockroaches if it were not for the anarchists and the anti-fascists who approached, over 300, 350 anti-fascists...The anti-fascists, and then, crucial, the anarchists, because they saved our lives, actually. We would have been completely crushed, and I’ll never forget that. Meaning what? Meaning that you had the police holding back...I think what we’re really seeing, though, Sister Amy, is the American empire in decay, with the rule of big money, with massive militarism, facilitated by the scapegoating of the most vulnerable, of immigrants, Muslims, Jews, Arabs, gay, lesbians, trans and bisexuals, and black folk.”

Me: Americans need to wake up to what this really is: Germany 1936. Followed quickly by Germany 1945. See entry of 8/16 below.


Chris Hedges: The Corruption of the Law - “The Fourth Amendment reads: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.” Yet our telephone calls and texts, emails and financial, judicial and medical records, along with every website we visit and our physical travels, can be and commonly are tracked, recorded, photographed and stored in government computer banks.” See Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, and Here.

“Constitutionally protected statements, beliefs and associations of individuals are criminalized. Our judicial system, as Ralph Nader has pointed out, has legalized secret law, secret courts, secret evidence, secret budgets and secret prisons in the name of national security.

The executive branch can order the assassination of U.S. citizens without trial. It can deploy the military into the streets to quell civil unrest under Section 1021 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and seize citizens—seizures that are in essence acts of extraordinary rendition—and hold them indefinitely in military detention centers while denying them due process.

Corporate campaign contributions on the other hand, which largely determine who gets elected, are viewed by the courts as protected forms of free speech under the First Amendment. Corporate lobbying, which determines most of our legislation, (and Here), is interpreted as the people’s right to petition the government. Corporations are legally treated as persons except when they carry out fraud and other crimes; the heads of corporations routinely avoid being charged and going to prison by paying fines, usually symbolic and pulled from corporate accounts, while not being forced to admit wrongdoing. And corporations have rewritten the law to orchestrate a massive tax boycott.”

All of this legal framework was created by George Bush and Barack Obama, only to be handed over to Donald Trump.


CNN: Sen. Corker Questions Trump’s Stability, Competence - Maybe Rep. Ted Lieu’s bill to require a psychiatrist in the White House 24/7 will get somewhere now. Rep. Jerrold Nadler introduced a censure bill yesterday as well. 40% of Americans now favor impeachment.

New Yorker: Donald Trump’s Crisis of Legitimacy - Like all narcissists, he is toxic to everyone around him and anyone who supports him. But he’s still making tons of money from being president, and especially from his hotel in DC.


NPR Fresh Air: In Trump’s Government The Regulated Have Become the Regulators

WashPo: Who Are the Antifa? and Democracy-NOW - In 1919 when Hitler attended his first meeting of the German Workers Party, it had only 54 members. Interesting to think what might have (not) happened if antifa had shown up and wiped them all out on the spot. But he transformed it into the National Socialist German Workers (Nazi) Party.

By the end of 1920, it had 3,000 members and Hitler was subsequently declared its “Fuhrer.” By 1925 the party had 27,000 members, and by 1929, 108,000 just as the Great Depression began.

The Weimar democracy under Hindenburg was unable to stabilize the country which by 1930 had over 30% unemployment. In the elections of that year, the Nazis gained 18% of the vote, making it the second largest party in Germany. During the Nazi Brown Shirts (the SA Nazi ‘storm troopers’) sometimes violent demonstrations, the police often stood down and let riots ensue. Two years later Hitler won 37% of the vote and effectively took over parliamentary control of the government, annexing the Sudetenland in 1938 and invading Poland in 1939, which precipitated the Second World War.

At every step of the way, most Germans who even knew of the existence of the German Workers Party laughed it off as a small group of crazy extremists that had absolutely no chance to gain any power in their parliamentarian government. And at every step of the way most Germans were surprised and horrified by the respective election results. Remind you of anyone?


New Yorker: Is America Headed for Civil War? - Ordinarily I would toss an article like this off as hyperbole. But after Trump’s news conference of 8/15, the day after this was written, it begins to sound a little more convincing.


ProPublica: Police Stood By As Mayhem Mounted In Charlottesville


Rewire: Georgia Pumps Taxpayer Money Into Anti-Choice Fake Clinics


The Nation: New Report Raises Big Questions About Last Year’s “DNC Hack” - The article should be read in its entirety, but here’s a synopsis:

Looks like it was a DNC whistleblower and not FancyBear/CozyBear after all. CrowdStrike, a cyber-security firm hired by the DNC claimed on 6/15/16, without providing evidence, that the two bears had planted malware on the DNC server and dumped the emails to Wikileaks. That narrative is falling apart as ex-CIA investigators are independently arriving at a different conclusion.  A “great edifice” has been erected over the last year making sure that “everyone knows” that Trump and the Russians were responsible for the release of those emails. There now appear to be some very large cracks in its foundation.

It’s going to be harder and harder in the next few weeks for the idiots in charge of the DNC to keep us focused on ‘Russiagate.’ The time is rapidly coming when they are going to be forced to face up to the actual content of those emails, which show their duplicity while they boosted Hillary and shafted Bernie - and at the end of the day caused the election of Donald.

Major facts contained in this report:

When “Gucifer” claimed responsibility for the ‘hack,’ it claimed that it was located in Romania, working for the Russian government.

Timestamps on the metadata indicate the download occurred on the east coast of the US, not Romania.

The download speeds in the metadata shows a significantly higher speed, 23MB, than could have been achieved by a trans-ocean download. The only device available in mid-2016 that could achieve that speed was a local usb (thumb drive). Thumbdrive download speeds of 23MB are typical. That means someone with physical access to the DNC mail server downloaded the emails.

The documents that Gucifer published on 6/15 had been cut and pasted into a Word template designed to make them appear to have come from Russian sources.

See entry in Politics dated 6/5/17.


Common Dreams: Trump/Price Slash Programs Aimed At Reducing Teen Pregnancy - I don’t get this. ‘Conservatives’ say they are against abortion, and then take away female health services and programs that teach how to avoid pregnancy. And see entry of 7/31.


New Yorker: Why Is Donald Trump Still So Horribly Witless About the World?


Rewire: House Democratic Campaign Arm Open to Anti-Choice Candidates - This is consistent with Hillary’s running mate Tim Kaine, and the party’s new leader Tom Perez, who supports the far-right rhetoric and junk science spewing Democrats For Life, that openly reject abortion rights. The Democrapic party is now in favor of controlling people’s behavior in the bedroom and at the doctor’s office no less than Rethugs. To deny women the full range of female health services is nothing short of denying them full personhood. I’m not at all surprised that this is where the leaders of the party are ready to go now.

MIC: Dem Rising Star Kamala Harris Has A “Bernieland” Problem - She has a history of serving Wall St., especially the current Treasury Secretary. Just another faux-progressive, in the tradition of Obama, and Elizabeth Warren.

Nurses United RoseAnn DeMoro dismissed Harris’s prospects as a progressive 2020 contender, saying, “She’s not on our radar.” “She’s one of the people the Democratic party is putting up,” DeMoro told the Times. “In terms of where the progressives live, I don’t think there’s any ‘there’ there.”

“She is the preferred candidate of extremely wealthy and out-of-touch Democratic party donors,” said Winnie Wong, co-founder of the group People for Bernie, which played a prominent role the grassroots movement behind Sanders in 2016. “Her recent anointing is extremely telling. These donors will line her coffers ahead of 2020 and she will have the next two years to craft a message of broad appeal to a rapidly changing electorate.”

If the Democratic party continues trying to anoint more center-right neoliberals, they will continue losing elections. Voters get better and better by the day at following the money.


Common Dreams: George Lakey: What the Nordics Bravely Won, People Across the US Are Now Demanding - Son of a coal miner and now almost 80, Lakey has always been an inspiring social commentator, activist and visionary. His record of activism and leadership in nonviolent revolution is incomparable.

Using the labor struggles in Norway and Sweden of the 1920s and 30s as an example, Lakey points out the many similarities in class warfare (which Warren Buffet famously acknowledged in the NYTimes) between their situation and that of current day America. The visions and ideals that they worked for were “an economic model that delivers a high degree of equality, individual freedom, and shared abundance.  They even rolled up their sleeves and virtually abolished poverty.” Nowadays in Scandinavia, “Police don’t carry guns, incarceration is unusual and used for intensive rehabilitation, and the people enjoy free higher education, universal quality health care and pensions, affordable child care and on and on.”

“Winning strategies require not only vision, but also a plan for how to get there.  Inspired by the strategy dialogues in bookstores, I woke up ready to write the morning after joining the Women’s March with 100,000 others in San Francisco. I wrote a Ten-point plan to stop Trump and make gains in justice and equality. The national organizers for the Women’s March declared the Plan a “must-read” and it went viral.”

“We’ll build into our strategy lessons from our past successes as well as successes of others. The Nordics learned to see through the pretend democracies of their day. They learned not to expect unaccountable parliamentary parties to do their job for them.  They built independent movements rather than letting them be co-opted by existing political parties.” (italics mine)

UK Independent: Shock Defeat For Trump Healthcare Reform As Republicans Concede ‘It’s Time to Move On’


Democracy-NOW: Is Trump’s Base Turning On Him After His Humiliation of Jeff Sessions?

UK Independent: Senators Caught on Hot Mic: ‘Donald Trump Is Crazy. I’m Worried’


Black Agenda Report: Democrats Smear Jill Stein - 2 reasons: 1. Democrats love war just as much as Rethugs, and hate anyone that even hints that peace is actually possible. 2. It’s easy to blame someone else for the Democrats failure to mount a campaign to defeat the 2nd most disliked person ever to run for president, rather than to look at their own mistakes. Here is Stein’s interview regarding her visit to Russia during the Paris Climate talks. See entry of 6/7/17.

ProPublica: Amid Blaring Headlines, Routine Reports of Hate-Fueled Violence


UK Independent: Trump ‘Disturbed’ After Learning Russia Investigation Could Easily Access His Tax Returns


WashPo: Sessions Discussed Trump Campaign-Related Matters With Russian Ambassador - So now Sessions has lied to Congress twice.

Al Jazeera: World Reacts to Israel-Palestinian Fallout Over al-Aqsa

Democracy-NOW: Criminalizing Critics of Israel: Congress Considers Sweeping Bills to Fine and Jail Backers of BDS and Intercept


NPR Fresh Air: The Insecurity of America’s Old and Underfunded Voting System - An excellent, eye-opening interview. Georgia is the most secretive state when it comes to the internals of how the voting system works. The Republicans, who have held an iron grip on state power ever since Georgia went totally electronic in 2002, will not allow even the most routine inspections of its software/hardware. The interviewee wrote an article in Politico prior to the Ossoff/Handel race outlining the many weaknesses in Georgia’s systems, concluding that the election probably would be hacked.

Real News: Russiagate: Kooky Characters, Cold-War Liberals - Kind of long but interesting. Synopsis: Remember back to the Obama-Romney debates of 2012. Romney stated that the Russians were the greatest menace to peace and prosperity on the planet. Obama’s reply was “Hey Mit, the 80’s called. They want their foreign policy back.” Most of America regarded Romney’s remark as laughable. Then last May, the ‘Steele Memo’ was released - essentially the Dems and some Rethug opponents of Trump had paid a British spy to dig up dirt on Trump - which in reverse, is exactly what Donald Jr. is now accused of trying to do by meeting with the Russians. And now in turn, this meeting is being called by Rachel Maddow “the smoking gun” and as always, she makes it out to be definitive proof...of something, we know not what.

But what’s far more likely is that Trump is soliciting Putin and his oligarchs to help them launder their money in Trump’s foreign real estate. This would be a clear violation of the Constitution’s Emoluments clause. One possible reason the Dems are not much interested in that illegality is that it would take attention away from the ‘Russians hacked the election’ as the reason that Clinton lost and possibly force them to examine the real reason which is that the Democratic hierarchy made decisions during the election that were consistently, horribly wrong - and therefore that hierarchy needs to be removed and replaced.


CBS News: Sessions Reinstates Asset Forfeiture - You don’t have to be guilty of anything, or even charged with a crime. If the local police decide you have some cool stuff or lots of money, they can simply take it. They don’t have to present any evidence, and they can keep it no matter what the outcome.


Common Dreams: Billionaire Mega-Donor Gets It: Dems Need Bernie’s Message - ...though maybe not Bernie. Will the party leaders head this message? If not, we need to get a new party that has been pushing this message for decades.

Intercept: With New DC Policy Group, Dems Continue to Rehabilitate and Unify With Bush-Era Neocons -  Amazing! But not as much of a surprise when one considers the lack of any objective analysis on the part of the DNC regarding their horrible loss to cheeto-head. The same people are still in charge, pretending nothing happened. The Democratic party continues to seek new lows.

Greenwald: “Neocons have done far more damage to the U.S., and the world, than any other single group – by a good margin. They were the architects of the invasion of Iraq and the lies that accompanied it, the worldwide torture regime instituted after 9/11, and the general political climate that equated dissent with treason.

With the full-scale discrediting and collapse of the Bush presidency, these war-loving neocons found themselves marginalized, without any constituency in either party. They were radioactive, confined to speaking at extremist conferences and working with fringe organizations.

All of that has changed, thanks to the eagerness of Democrats to embrace them, form alliances with them, and thus rehabilitate their reputations and resurrect their power and influence. That leading Democratic Party foreign policy officials are willing to form new Beltway advocacy groups in collaboration with Bill Kristol, Mike Rogers, and Mike Chertoff, join arms with those who caused the invasion of Iraq and tried to launch a bombing campaign against Tehran, has repercussions that will easily survive the Trump presidency.”


Real News: Gaza Crisis, Global Silence

Intercept: Trump’s Team Overseeing Wall Street Brings in More Goldman Sachs Alums - SEC Deputy Chief of Staff Sean Memon, SEC Director of Enforcement Steven Peikin, and Under Secretary of State Eric Ueland now make 9 Goldman Sachs alums on Trump’s cabinet and staff. The other six are Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, Dept. Secretary of Treasury James Donovan, SEC Chairman James Clayton, National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn, and Senior Counselor for Economic Initiatives Dina Powell.


Reuters: Lawyer for US Army Sergeant Accused of Terrorism Suggests Entrapment - The US government has prosecuted over 800 people for terrorism since 9/11. Most of them never got close to committing an act of violence.


Newser: Confident of Pope Francis Condemns US Religious Right - The only thing the organized religious right worships is money/capitalism - “The Dung of the Devil”.

Real News: Empire Files: Abby Martin Meets the Venezuelan Opposition - Ever since Hugo Chavez was democratically elected in 2002, the US government, both Dem and Rethug, has been attempting and/or funding coup after coup. The US press constantly portrays the situation exactly backward. Just one more country where the US wants regime change. The protests are funded by US taxpayer money and the protestors are far more violent than the National Guard which is attempting to maintain order.


Observer: Former DNC Interim Chair Cashes In After Being Exposed for Cheating During Democratic Primary - This is why the Democratic party is slowly dying. They will never clean house, ever.

New Yorker: Fear and Loathing in the Trump White House

Black Agenda Report: Democrats Gone Wild: The Year of Living Stupidly - The “two major parties” are one. It’s the corporate war party. “The dogs of war at the US intelligence agencies...joined with their longtime partners in corporate media propaganda...” make sure that “...the only politics allowed is war politics.” “All Russiagate all the time” has begun to undermine both parties and the press in the mind of the voters. There is never any talk of the issues that the voters really care about.


Medium: America’s Deep State Power Struggle Is At Its Most Interesting Point Yet


Observer: The DNC is Debt Ridden, Unpopular and Failing - A 4 minute read that outlines the problems and names the failing, corporate-serving leadership that is stumbling the party into oblivion.

New Yorker: Donald Trump Is Dragging America Down


Intercept: It Gets Worse: Ivanka Trump Takes Her Father’s Seat In Meeting of World Leaders


Intercept: Rachel Maddow’s Exclusive “Scoop” About A Fake NSA Document Raises Several Key Questions - There she goes with her Galloping Gish argument technique...make a series of confusing, partially true and sometimes completely untrue statements, then following up with The Resting Smug face for effect. People who aren’t listening carefully will think she just proved something.


UK Guardian: We Came to Hamburg to Protest G20 - But Found a Dystopian Nightmare and Democracy-NOW - Heavily armed police brought helicopters, tear gas, water canons, enhanced surveillance equipment, all of which was turned on the demonstrators with no provocation, before any sort of gathering took place. The interpretation of what followed is pure media spin, at which point peaceful demonstrators were summarily handcuffed, trussed up and taken to jail. No peaceful demonstration was ever allowed to take place.


Intercept: CNN Warns It May Expose An Anonymous Critic If He Ever Again Publishes Bad Content - Odd. CNN found the identity of the anonymous disguised troll user in about 2 days, but the FBI, CIA, and NSA cannot find any evidence of a Russia/Trump conspiracy after over a year of looking. When will the Democratic party start looking at the real reasons for Clinton’s loss to cheeto-head and stop looking for excuses?


Black Agenda Report: America’s Embarassment - Trump is a repugnant, boorish embarrassment and should have been gone on Jan. 22. But so far he hasn’t bombed 7 Muslim countries (Obama - the Nobel Peace Prize president), he hasn’t destroyed a major social safety net program (Clinton), and he hasn’t ruthlessly expanded the massive surveillance of American people (Bush and Obama).


Democracy-NOW: Bernie Sanders On Resisting Trump and Why the Democratic Party is an “Absolute Failure”


NYTimes: Trump Foot Soldier Sidelined Under Glare of Russia Inquiry


CNN: Defiant Trump Resumes Attacks On ‘Morning Joe’ Hosts, Despite Bipartisan Criticism - Trump is a deranged narcissist. Completely undignified, he debases and demeans his office, and the country. Every day he remains in office is a further disgrace on both parties in Congress, who should have already impeached him for violations of the Constitution, his public behavior and self-dealing in office. The Russia/Trump conspiracy theory should not be a deciding factor - whether it has any validity or not, it’s being used as a way to take attention away from the DNC’s horrible decision making in the run up to their convention - the real reason that he is now president. Meanwhile Trump systematically destroys every function of government not related to war.

Politics 2nd Qtr. 2017