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Bernie’s Tax Plan

Impeach Trump Now

SPLC: Stephen Miller: The Breitbart Emails

Kenan Thompson Explains the Whole Impeachment Process in One Succinct Phrase

“Capitalism has outlived its usefulness. It has brought about a system that takes necessities from the masses to give luxury to the classes. Call it what you may, call it democracy, or call it democratic socialism, but there must be a better distribution of wealth within this country for all of God’s children.”
Martin Luther King

Don’t Ban Equality

10 U.S. Code § 904. Art. 104. Aiding the enemy

How Democrats Put Trump in the White House - This is a case where parody is the best way to the truth. Hilarious and well worth the 7 minute watch.

Portia Bulgher is Pissed! And we need to Listen! - I only listened to the first 5 minutes or so, but it was priceless.

Sourcewatch: Citizens for Self-Governance - This is the Koch Bros./ALEC funded group that is trying to stage, through its “Convention of States” project, a Constitutional convention in order to severely restrict federal power. It’s basically a “states rights” group, although it uses the phrase “local control”, that wants to get rid of child-labor and worker protections and eliminate the federal agency - such as EPA, Interior Dept., etc. - authority. If they can get Koch surrogate politicians in 34 states to call for a convention, and then get 38 states to ratify whatever resolutions they come up with, they can effectively re-write the Constitution.

ProPublica: Documenting Hate

Frontline: Documenting Hate

Obama Deported More (By Far) Than Any Other President

Trump’s Cabinet and Actions

Jill Stein FAQ

Dr. Margaret Flowers: The Democrats want to create the appearance of a divide between themselves and the Republicans because that gives the voters something to fight about and keeps voters distracted. In fact, the two corporate parties work very well together to create illusions that distract the masses and allow the parties to continue to move their corporate agenda forward within the parameters of their limited differences. I do not want to maintain that illusion. That is why I support the Green Party.

Popular Resistance: Electoral politics has become nothing more than a periodic horse race between corporate candidates chosen through a rigged system.

Edward Snowden: “I understand that I will be made to suffer for my actions, but I will be satisfied if the federation of secret law, unequal pardon, and irresistible executive powers that rule the world that I love are revealed even for an instant.”

The Thundering Failure of the Democrats - Originally written in May of 2015, this very short article still speaks directly to the point that Dems just don’t get. Spot on. If we don’t hold the psychopaths from both parties to account, then we are totally complicit and just as guilty.

Albert Einstein Institute: 198 Methods of Nonviolent Action

EFF Border Search Pocket Guide - How to protect your personal data at the border.


MSNBC: Joe Biden: It’s Time Corporate America Pays Fair Share of Taxes - Ok Joe, we’ll be watching. Typically this is the stage in presidential campaigns where candidates make all of their most farfetched promises. Obama used similar language at this point in his 2008 campaign, but never put it in any of his proposed budgets.

Guardian: Biden Unveils $700B ‘Buy American’ Proposal to Revive US Industry

NYTimes: 6 Takeaways From the Biden-Sanders Joint Task Force Proposals - see Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force Recommendations - Typical neo-liberal, right wing Democrats. Totally uninspiring.  Not even a mention of Single-Payer M4A.


Guardian: Trump Suffered Emotional Abuse From His Father, Niece Writes in Bombshell Book


Guardian: Trump Says US Under Siege From “Far-Left Fascists” - Surely he knows that’s an oxymoron.


NYTimes: Trump Uses Mount Rushmore Speech to Deliver Divisive Culture War Message


Democracy-NOW: The Untold Story of Mt. Rushmore


Guardian: 20 Ways Trump Will Lie, Cheat and Abuse His Power to Get Reelected


FiveThirtyEight: Voter Registrations Are Way, Way Down Due to Pandemic - This is very bad news for Dems. They may have again picked the one and only nominee that could lose to Trump.


Democracy-NOW: The Next AOC? Progressive Insurgent Jamaal Bowman Takes Big Lead Over Pro-War, Pro-Israel Dem Centrist in NY Primary - Bowman supports Medicare for All, Green New Deal and defunding the police.

Intercept: FBI Expands Ability to Monitor Cellphone Location Data, Monitor Social Media - In every case that has been audited by an Inspector General in the last 2 years, the FBI has made errors or false accusations to the FISA court in order to obtain warrants.


Democracy-NOW: Trump Attacks Anti-Fascists But Is Silent on Deadly Far Right Groups


BBC: Neo-Nazi Militant Group Grooms Teenagers


NYTimes: Facebook Removes Trump Ads Displaying Symbol Used by Nazis


Guardian: Juneteenth: 5 Facts


Reuters: Most Americans, Including Republicans, Support Sweeping Democratic Police Reform Proposals

Intercept: As Calls to Defund Police Grow, Joe Biden Wants to Give Them More Money - The corporate servant is ready to push the people down and down and down. Are you sure you want to vote for this robot idiot?

Guardian: ‘Just Ridiculous’: What It’s Like to  Wait Five Hours in Line to Vote in the US - More voter suppression in Georgia.


NYTimes: ‘I Refuse Not to be Heard’: Georgia in Uproar Over Voting Meltdown - A clear case of massive voter suppression. When we’re told that voting is more effective than massive demonstrations, remember that’s always a lie.

Voting is marginally useful, but it is a poor substitute for democracy, which requires direct action by concerned citizens.”

Howard Zinn

Guardian: Amazon Pulls Facial Rekognition Software From Police for One Year


Reuters: Little Evidence of Antifa Links in US Prosecutions of Those Charged in Protest Violence - See entries of 6/2/20, 8/22/17

NPR: No Sign of Antifa So Far in Justice Dept. Cases Brought Over Unrest


CNN: Colin Powell: Trump Has ‘Drifted Away’ From the Constitution

CNN: Calls Growing to Defund the Police. Here’s What That Means


CNN: With a Shocking Invocation of George Floyd, Trump Shows His Disconnect From Nation’s Pain

Guardian: Protests About Police Brutality Are Met With Wave of Police Brutality Across USA


US News & World Report: Trump Turns the White House Into a Heavily Fortified Complex - It’s called cocooning. It’s done out of fear, and it’s how the 1% always responds to working people. Guess we’ll have to look through the fence to see the White House Christmas tree this year.


Onion: White Hot Sphere of Pure Rage Early GOP Front Runner for 2020 - So goes the orb. Buckle up! Just as true today as in 2016.

Guardian: Trump’s Bible Photo Op Splits White Evangelicals - “Here’s a good rule of thumb,” he said. “Looking back through history, whenever you see someone in authority using the Bible to justify law and order, it ends badly.”

Guardian: The Brands Rushing to Defend Black Lives Used to Silence Us. Does It Get More Shameless?


Guardian: ‘How Did We Get Here?’: Trump Has Normalized Mayhem and the US Is Paying the Price

Democracy-NOW: ‘A Declaration of War Against Americans’: Trump Threatens to Deploy Military to Quell Protests

WashPo: What is Antifa and Why is Trump So Frantically Trying to Designate It As A Terrorist Organization? - As opposed to his prepper, nativist, racist, right-wing followers? Antifa has an interesting history, usually as a non-violent protector of peaceful demonstrators, and Here

From an entry on this site from August 2017:

In 1919 when Hitler attended his first meeting of the German Workers Party, it had only 54 members. Interesting to think what might have (not) happened if antifa had shown up and wiped them all out on the spot. But he transformed it into the National Socialist German Workers (Nazi) Party.
By the end of 1920, it had 3,000 members and Hitler was subsequently declared its “Fuhrer.” By 1925 the party had 27,000 members, and by 1929, 108,000 just as the Great Depression began.
The Weimar democracy under Hindenburg was unable to stabilize the country which by 1930 had over 30% unemployment. In the elections of that year, the Nazis gained 18% of the vote, making it the second largest party in Germany. During the Nazi Brown Shirts (the SA Nazi ‘storm troopers’) sometimes violent demonstrations, the police often
stood down and let riots ensue. Two years later Hitler won 37% of the vote and effectively took over parliamentary control of the government, annexing the Sudetenland in 1938 and invading Poland in 1939, which precipitated the Second World War.
At every step of the way, most Germans who even knew of the existence of the German Workers Party laughed it off as a small group of crazy extremists that had absolutely no chance to gain any power in their parliamentarian government. And at every step of the way most Germans were surprised and horrified by the respective election results. Remind you of anyone?

Guardian: With Trump We’ve Reached the ‘Mad Emperor’ Stage and it’s Terrifying to Behold

Guardian: ‘Words of a Dictator’: Trump’s Threat to Deploy Military Raises Specter of Fascism - Please review The Posse Comitatus Act.


Guardian: ‘He is A Destroyer’: How the George Floyd Protests Left Donald Trump Exposed


Guardian: Andrew Cuomo Gave Immunity to Nursing Home Execs After Big Campaign Donations


Democracy-NOW: Noam Chomsky on Trump’s Disastrous Coronavirus Response, WHO, China, Gaza and Global Capitalism


Intercept: Inside the Influential Evangelical Group Mobilizing to Re-elect Trump - Trump has effectively promised this group to remake America into a right-wing theocracy similar to the one portrayed in “The Handmaid’s Tale.”


Guardian: Black Americans Are In An Abusive Relationship With the Democratic Party - Short, well written, and lots of excellent links in this article.

Biden authored and successfully passed the $30bn 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act. Besides putting 100,000 additional police officers in the streets, the crime bill distributed funding for new prison construction, encouraged prosecutors to charge children as adults, and even added the death penalty for 28 new areas, including drug-related offenses. Pushing for further criminalization, then senator Biden argued that George HW Bush’s crime plan did not go far enough because it did not “include enough police officers to catch the violent thugs, not enough prosecutors to convict them, not enough judges to sentence them, and not enough prison cells to put them away for a long time”. An older black generation fought through Jim Crow only for Biden to help make sure that their children and grandchildren lived through a new Jim Crow. ...‘Lock the SOBs up.’ The law spent $30bn but contributed to only a 1.3% decline in violent crimehe is inconsistent and ambivalent about marijuana legalization.

Harris forced Biden to confront his work with racist elected officials to stop integration efforts using school busing. That was not his only education mistake. Biden played a significant role in creating the student debt crisis, including making student loan discharge “nearly impossible”. This is devastating to black people, who disproportionately carry school debt.

The Obama days feel distant yet warm compared to Donald Trump’s current presidency. But remember: Biden cycled millions of black people in and out of jail, voted for massive numbers of poor people to go to war in Iraq, threw Anita Hill under the bus to confirm a conservative justice to the US supreme court, and, under Obama’s administration, helped to deport millions of immigrants and bombed brown countries. When Biden was vice-president, black home ownership and wealth declined significantly, even as it rose for other races. Biden’s friendship with one black person does not mean that he’s a friend to black people.

Biden and others will rightfully argue that Trump is worse, and I agree. But what can Biden actually deliver? Will there be fewer drones if he’s president? Maybe not. Fewer deportations? Maybe not. Less money to police departments? No. Will fewer black people die from police? Unlikely. Will black people have healthcare? Unlikely. Will black wealth increase? Unlikely. Will Palestinian lives be safer? Unlikely. Commitments to preserving our climate? Doubtful. If black people have a hard time figuring out the differences between Trump and Biden, then that is Biden’s problem, not ours.

Joe Biden refuses to reckon with the harm that he has caused to people all over the world. His best line is that he is better than the other guy, and that is exactly how abusive relationships function.”

Joe Biden Has a Serious Problem With Social Security

Some of the worst Obama Admin Problems were Joe Biden problems


Reuters: Plaintiff in Roe v. Wade Said She Was Paid to Switch Sides - The perp, Rev. Robert Schenck, confesses and apologizes. The anti-abortion crowd will stoop to any low to push their sick propaganda. An excellent program. Be sure to watch AKA Jane Roe.


Guardian: Republicans Devote $20M and 50,000 People to Efforts to Restrict Voting - ...despite the fact that there is no evidence to support the claim that voter fraud exists.


NYTimes: EPA Opts Against Limits on Chemical Tied to Fetal Brain Damage - ...setting a precedent for future regulation of other chemicals


NYTimes How Kushner’s Volunteer Force Led a Fumbling Hunt for Medical Supplies - Points up some examples where it is better to use Federal government bureaucrats than members of the private sector.


Guardian: No Leadership, No Plan: Is Trump About to Fail the US on Coronavirus Testing?

Guardian: Benefit of the Doubt? Joe Biden - and Allies - Face Key Questions Over Sexual Assault Claim


Visual Capitalist: The New Energy Era: The Impact of Critical Minerals on National Security


NBC News: ‘Blow to American Democracy’: Sanders’ Campaign Blasts Cancellation of NY Primary


Guardian: Trump Attack on Biden Highlights President’s Own Financial Dealings With China - It’s called emoluments. Why did the Democrats not use this during the impeachment hearings? Trump has been in clear violation of this clause since the moment he took office. Also see Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, and Here.


Guardian: South Carolina’s Republicans Gutted Public Healthcare. Then the Pandemic hit.

BBC: Disinfectant Firm Issues Warning After Trump Comments - To all Trump supporters: Ignore the lame-stream media. Do exactly what Trump says, right now before you vote!


NYTimes: Home Alone at the White House: A Sour President, With TV His Constant Companion

Media Matters: Sean Hannity Praises Mitch McConnell’s Plan to Let States Go Bankrupt Rather Than Providing Relief - Salt of the earth rural America. The people who most strongly supported Trump in 2016.

Guardian: “It’s Overhyped”: Trump Mega-Donor Pushes to End Wisconsin’s Stay-at-Home Order


Onion: Shaggy, Curly-Nailed Georgia Governor Urges Salons to Reopen


Democracy-NOW: Noam Chomsky: Gangster in the White House


Democracy-NOW: Trump Cuts Funds forWorld Health Org as Oxfam Warns Pandemic Could Push Half a Billion Into Poverty - Condemned by almost every world leader. Profoundly hard-hearted. And he claims to be a Christian.


Truthout: Trump Says His “Authority is Total”


CNN: Reporter Grills Trump: What Did You Do For an Entire Month? - Priceless. The reporter asks a simple question. Trump begins gaslighting because he has no intention of answering the question. The reporter stays on topic, no matter what the gas-lighter does to change the focus of the discussion. Text book on how to handle a gas-lighter.

Dissent: The Nationalist Roots of White Evangelical Politics - Partly behind a pay-wall. Still has some good points: “The problem with today’s evangelicals, said Galli in response to the negative reception of his editorial, is their “widespread ignorance” and “ethical naïveté.”

Evangelical historian Thomas Kidd has even questioned their religious credentials: “I suspect that large numbers of these people who identify as ‘evangelicals’ are really just whites who watch Fox News and consider themselves religious.

The faithful...avoid extremes when they attend church regularly and adhere to orthodox theology. When these practices break down, chaos and crisis await.

White evangelicals, according to this perspective, have substituted the real truth of the gospels for an exclusionary religious nationalism. The absence of a deeper theological and spiritual foundation contributes to a sense of grievance and resentment.”


Guardian: Robert Reich: America’s Billionaires Are Giving to Charity - But Most of it is Self-Serving - Per the article: Bezos recently gave 11 days income ($100 m) to food banks, but still drives his warehouse employees like slaves. Walmart just hired 100,000 workers, but still provides no Covid-19 protection for them, and several have died. E. Musk rejects sheltering as a strategy. All the billionaires’ contributions combined are a small percentage of the trillions that the federal government has already spent.

NYTimes: ‘There Will Be Losses’: How A Captain’s Plea Exposed a Rift in the Military - A couple more years of Trump and the USA will have no way to defend itself. I’m sure the Chinese and the Russians are watching this with glee.


Guardian: The Secret Weapon in the Fight Against Coronavirus: Women - It’s hard to argue with reality.


Medium: Prepare for the Ultimate Gaslighting - Extremely thought-provoking.

Guardian: Trump’s Poll Numbers Dip Over Handling of Coronavirus Pandemic


Guardian: In Shadow of Pandemic, Trump Seizes Opportunity to Push Through His Agenda

Common Dreams: A Mother in ICE Detention Pleads for Her Life


Guardian: Bernie Sanders: We Can’t Rely on Trump. Congress Must Lead the Way In This Unprecedented Crisis


Reuters: Trump Removes Top Coronavirus Watchdog, Widens Attack on Inspectors General


Guardian: Coronavirus is Revealing How Broken America’s Economy Really Is


Guardian: ‘Trump is Killing His Own Supporters’ - Even White House Insiders Know It


NBC News: Trump Administration’s Lack of Coherent Strategy Will Cost Lives

DSA: We Demand a Covid-19 Response That Puts People Over Profits


NBC News: America’s Stunning Unemployment Surge, Visualized


Socialist Alternative: Stimulus Package: Corporate Robbery Disguised as Coronavirus Relief

NYTimes: Problems in FBI Wiretap Applications Go Beyond Trump Aide Surveillance, Review Finds - “systemic incompetence”, “systematic sloppiness” An audit last year brought out many of these issues, and the FBI promised to do better. The FBI spokesman in the current case promised to do better as well. What is this, high school after class detention?


George Conway (Kellyanne’s husband): For Trump Supporters Let Me Make One Thing VERY Clear - Priceless!


CNN: Fact Check: Trump Makes Another Round of Misstatements During Coronavirus Briefing - State of Washington NPR station refuses to air briefings because they are so full of c**p.


Democracy-Now: Democrats Roll Over as Congress Passes $2 Trillion Pandemic Bill That Could Become a $10 Trillion Corporate Coup


Socialist Alternative: World Recession Marks the Beginning of a New Era - The capitalist system continues to stagger from wild boom to incapacitating bust, like a drunk sailor staggering down Main St. This is what happens when good people stay silent.

CleanTechnica: Nature is Trying To Tell Us Something. Is Anybody Listening?


W. Post: Smartphone Data Reveal Which Americans Are Social Distancing Or Not - Data is collected from “games, shopping and utility apps and marketers...Google also collects where we go”, as well as Facebook’s Instagram.


Intercept: Sen. Richard Burr Sold Off Stocks After Coronavirus Briefing, Just as He Did Right After 9/11 Briefing on Un-Constitutional Domestic Spying - Four other Senators in that briefing did so as well: Dianne Feinstein, James Inhofe, David Perdue, and Kelly Loeffler - in a direct violation of the Stock Act, and numerous insider trading laws. Loeffler is married to the chair of the New York Stock Exchange, and they jointly sold stock beginning January 24, the day she attended a Senate briefing on Covid-19. Pre-Trump they would all have had to step down from the Senate, and face prosecution. “Only suckers follow the rules.”


Like the Dew: Seniors - Vote Your True Interests - Short article with a very interesting graph at the end regarding the federal debt between 2004 - projected 2030.


Intercept: Silicon Valley Super PAC Fueled Elizabeth Warren With $14 Million - ...and what was all that about EW’s opposition to super-PAC donations?

Washington Post: US Intelligence Reports From January and February Warned About a Likely Pandemic - Trump ignored them.

Dissent: It Doesn’t Have to Be a War -

The Penn Central bailout of 1970 and Nixon’s 1971 price and wage controls are two of the central events of modern U.S. economic history, and they were both carried out through the provisions of legislation originally intended to build industrial capacity for Cold War rearmament.

In this closed loop, any domestic economic policy can be interpreted as a defense measure, and any defense measure can be thought of as economic policy.

Pentagon officials and bipartisan members of the defense establishment in Washington are only interested in perpetuating their own power.

Instead of indulging in rationalizations, it is time to motivate our economic planning in terms of solidarity and compassion, not defense against shadowy enemies. Worth noting: Obama Defense Secretary Ash Carter, proudly shared the 2016 Ronald Reagan Peace Through Strength Award with Dick Cheney

The alternative we need today might look more like the Works Progress Administration (WPA), which began in 1935, outside of a war context, as part of the New Deal. In its eight years of existence, the WPA employed 8.5 million workers on useful public works.

We can also look to a more radical current of New Deal thought, characterized by the slogan “production for use.” In these proposals, the government would put unemployed people and industrial plants to work to produce consumer goods, which would then be provided cheaply or for free to those in need. The production of canned food was a poignant example in the 1930s, when fields of crops lay rotting while unemployed and hungry workers stood by idly.”


Truthdig: These Are the 51 GOP Senators Who Voted Against Paid Sick Leave to Protect Americans


Guardian: How Trump Changed His Tune On Coronavirus Again, Again...and Again


Guardian: ‘We Have a Responsibility’: Fox News Declares Coronavirus a Crisis in Abrupt U-Turn


Guardian: Russian-Led Troll Network Based in West Africa Uncovered - Facebook again


AJC: 560,000 Purged From Voter Registration Rolls in GA - #VoterSuppression


Democracy-NOW: Biden Wins, Sanders Lags: Naomi Klein & Alicia Garza on Calls to Shut Down Primaries and Debates - Joe Biden “is associated with all of the neoliberal baggage of the Democratic Party, a candidate who has lied repeatedly, who is confused repeatedly.” The DNC is doing everything it can to keep Joe Biden away from a microphone.

The Intercept: Democratic Voters Played Pundit in Picking Joe Biden. History Suggests They Are Really Bad At That - A review of all of the times rank and file Democrats have ignored their hearts, and picked the candidate they were told was ‘electable.’ “The real risk of a Biden nomination might not be that he could lose to Trump — though that is certainly plausible — but that he will beat Trump, fail to deliver, and open the door for a fascist who actually knows what he’s doing. Playing it safe is going to get us all killed.”


Intercept: We Need to Talk About Joe - Biden’s handlers were very careful to minimize his time in front of the camera during the primaries, but now that he’s up against Trump, Biden is not going to fare well.

Reuters: Biden Snaps At Michigan Auto Worker Over Guns, Curses Him - The more Biden gets in front of a microphone, the worse he sounds.


Current Affairs: Democrats, You Really Do Not Want to Nominate Joe Biden - Written just before Sanders suspended his campaign. Sirota on Biden

NYTimes: Erik Prince Recruits Ex-Spies to Help Infiltrate Liberal Groups


Intercept: Warren Should Endorse Sanders If She is to Be True to Her Self-Proclaimed Mission

Media Matters: Finally Asked About Firing Pandemic Leadership, Trump Rambles Meaninglessly


Guardian: California and Texas Voters Faced Hours, Long Lines on Super Tuesday - Odd, the two states where Bernie was supposed to well. #VoterSuppression

Mother Jones: Bernie Sanders’ Revolution Sputtered On Super Tuesday. His Supporters Think They Know Why.

Onion: Biden Says Incredible Comeback Proves He Can Beat Progressive Democrat In the General Election


Reuters: Sanders Asks Court to Keep Los Angeles County Polls Open After Voting Delays - #VoterSuppression


Guardian: Texas Closes Hundreds of Polling Sites, Making it Harder for Minorities to Vote - #VoterSuppression

Intercept: Democrats Craving a Brokered Convention - Including Elizabeth Warren - Should Remember the Lessons of 1968 - “The Democratic establishment is rapidly snapping into line behind Biden like the sheep that they are, falling all over themselves to endorse him now that he won his first state in 30 years of running for president.”

“Those are, instead, the actions of party establishment apparatchiks who far prefer to lose to Trump and endure four more years of his presidency than lose their monopoly over the apparatus of an out-of-power Democratic Party and all the consulting contracts, funding opportunities, and lobbyist openings that go along with it.”

Must read.


Clamoring For Change: America is Overdue for a Revolution

Fair: Media Stoop to ‘Russian Assistance’ to Explain Sanders’ Rise - some great links here


Socialist Alternative: The (un)Democratic Party: Why We Need A New Working Class Party


NYTimes: Democrapic Leaders Willing to Risk Party Damage to Stop Bernie Sanders... despite the fact that we now have empirical evidence about what happens when the Democraps continually opt to be the ‘lesser of two evils’: Donald Trump. I’m beginning to think this headline in the Onion might be right on the mark, or possibly that winning the 2020 race for president is not really all that important to the DNC.

ISA: The (un)Democratic Party. Why We Need a New Working Class Party


Intercept: Everything We Were Told About Bernie Sanders Was Wrong


Yes Magazine: We’ve Got a Better World in Mind


FAIR: Factchecking NPR’s Attempted Takedown of Bernie Sanders - Apparently Mara Liasson and Mary Louise Kelly are gaslighting for Trump. Who knew?

Guardian: Bloomberg Plunges Into New Controversy As Race and Gender Comments Surface


Intercept: NSA Whistleblower Reality Winner Submits Clemency Petition With 4,000 Letters of Support


CBS Sunday Morning Editorial: Charlotte Adler on Young Voters and “Socialism” - She completely explains the appeal and rationale of Democratic Socialism in 2 min 36 sec.


NYTimes: Bloomberg’s Billions: How the Candidate Built an Empire of Influence - Bloomberg is worth over $60 Billion, and has spent $400 Million of his own money on this campaign. Interesting the number of so-called liberal institutions (DNC, Center for American Progress, Emily’s List, etc., and plenty of examples in the article) that are willing to completely ignore Bloomberg’s oft spoken contempt for the #MeToo movement, and his extreme right-wing approach to law enforcement and mass incarceration the moment he hands them a $6 Million check.

Common Dreams: UN Publishes List of Companies Profiting From Israel’s Illegal Settlements


Socialist Alternative: What’s the Difference Between Socialist Alternative and DSA? - “Socialism cannot exist without democracy. We don’t believe that top-down authoritarian Stalinist regimes were or are socialist. The current system where the economy is in private hands, and run on the basis of profit as opposed to human need, is the root cause of society’s problems...”As AOC herself has raised, all elected officials who seek to represent working people will come under ferocious pressure from the capitalist class. Therefore it is imperative that left-wing elected officials be democratically accountable to the workers movement. This is one of the reasons we advocate forming a new broad party representing workers interests, a process which DSA could help catalyze. To withstand the pressures of the capitalist political system, a strong counterweight is necessary – no matter how principled an individual socialist may be.”

Democracy-NOW: Corporate Media is Directly Profiting From Mike Bloomberg’s Rise As He Spends Fortune on TV Ads - Reminds me of the ‘Trump is bad for America, but great for CBS’ from 2016. Oligarchs all think alike.

Yahoo: Alabama Lawmaker Responds to Abortion Ban With Mandatory Vasectomy Bill: ‘It Takes Two to Tango’


Democracy-NOW: Bloomberg’s Too Little, Too Late Stop and Frisk Apology Tour

Associated Press: MIT: Hackers Could Alter Ballots in Widely Used Voting App


Democracy-NOW: Journalist Who Exposed Bloomberg’s Racist Defense for Targeting Black & Brown Youth


Guardian: Love the Billionaire Bucks Flooding US 2020 Elections? Thank Charles Koch - The numbers are stunning.


Guardian: Trump Unleashed: What’s Next For a President Who Feels Invincible?


Truthdig: They’re Going to Try to Steal California From Sanders (Again)

Guardian: Taunts, Groans and Walkouts: Trump Stokes Division With Cascade of Lies


Guardian: Smartphone App At Center of Iowa Debacle

Wired: The Iowa Caucus Tech Meltdown Is a Warning - All software has bugs. In this case Iowa’s underlying data had a paper backup, so the results are not in question. It was really just an annoying reporting issue. But many states, including mine, have no paper backup. In those cases there is no verifiability, and no way to do a recount. It’s just ‘trust us, we know what we’re doing.’


Democracy-NOW: As Bernie Sanders Surges Ahead of Iowa Caucus, DNC Under Fire for Changing Rules to Help Bloomberg

Truthdig: Chris Hedges: America: Land of Make-Believe - Poor people of color can get no justice. Jesus did not tell you that he wants you to be rich, or to annihilate Muslims, or to condemn homosexuality and abortion . One-sided annihilations of women and children in impoverished countries are not great American victories. Wholesale surveillance of Americans, the revocation of due process and having the world’s largest prison population are not signs of liberty, freedom and justice. Having an inept, vulgar con-artist as president is not the sign of a country that is the leader of the free world and a beacon of democracy. Formalizing an apartheid state in Israel is not a peace plan. Having 3 men that control more wealth than the bottom 50% of Americans, is not the sign of a meritocracy or a land of opportunity. Torturing kidnap victims in foreign countries, ripping children from their parents arms and then putting them in foul and putrid warehouses, and gunning down unarmed citizens by militarized police, do not make us examples of human rights.

But our government and its lackey press would have you think so.

“Victory is speaking the truths the ruling elites seek to silence.”

Onion: DNC Mulls Asking Donald Trump to Run As A Democrat In Effort to Stop Sanders


NBC News: John Kerry Overheard Discussing Possible 2020 Bid Amid Concerns of ‘Sanders Taking Down the Democratic Party’

Guardian: Robert Reich: Why Democrats Share the Blame For the Rise of Donald Trump - This is the most correct assessment of our current political climate. So I recommend that you skip the synopsis and read the article.

Synopsis: “The most powerful force in American politics today continues to be anti-establishment fury at a rigged system.

There is no longer a left or right. There’s no longer a moderate “center”. There’s either Trump’s authoritarian populism or democratic – small “d” – populism.

Democrats cannot defeat authoritarian populism without an agenda of radical democratic reform, an anti-establishment movement. Democrats must stand squarely on the side of democracy against oligarchy.

They must form a unified coalition of people of all races, genders, sexualities and classes, and band together to unrig the system. Trump is not the cause of our divided nation. He is the symptom of a rigged system that was already dividing us. It’s not enough to defeat him. We must reform the system that got us here in the first place.”

Me: And there is only one Democratic presidential candidate who gets this, but as in 2016, the DNC will do whatever it has to do to prevent him from getting their nomination. As a result, Trump will get 4 more years. Sad.


Guardian: Health Experts: US Underprepared for Coronavirus Due to Trump Cuts


Democracy-NOW: Mehdi Hasan: Trump’s Middle East Plan is a Policy of Apartheid and Settler Colonialism

BAR: Negros For Bloomberg


Democracy-NOW: Trump’s Expansive Claims of Executive Privilege Post “Very Serious Constitutional Crisis” - I have to point out that what Bush did, and Democrats rightly complained about so loudly, in terms of invading and destroying foreign countries without cause, universal, warrant-less surveillance at home and abroad, rendition, and drone murders on foreign soil, was only expanded under Obama. And then Democrats went silent. This has set the stage for Trump. If Bush and Obama had not been permitted by Congress’ inaction, and citizen silence, then this wouldn’t be happening. Don’t listen to what they say. Only watch what they do.

Guardian: Knock Down the House Review


Intercept: Joe Biden Lied About His Record on Social Security

Guardian: ‘I Really Hope She Is the Future’: AOC’s Support for Sanders Fuels 2024 Speculation

Forbes: Kelly and Pompeo: How a Journalist Masterfully Combated Gaslighting


Intercept: Lindsey Graham Is the Most Shameless Man In American Politics

Guardian: Hillary Clinton is Still Trying to Sell Herself As A Feminist Icon


NYTimes: The Saudi Connection: Inside the 9/11 Case That Divided the FBI - fascinating


Intercept: How the Transformative Power of Solidarity Will Beat Trump


ABC: Hillary Clinton on Sen. Bernie Sanders: ‘Nobody Likes Him’ - In 2016, Bernie took an oath to support the eventual Democratic nominee even if it wasn’t him. When the primaries were over, he endorsed her and actively supported and campaigned for her. He even used some of his leftover campaign funds to help her. In return, Hillary originally promised to put some of his delegates on the platform committee and incorporate some of his views into it. Then she broke her promise and instituted a scorched earth policy. She did not incorporate any of his people or his views and for that reason we now have Donald Trump. I don’t know why anyone even listens to her anymore. Now look what she does. I am sooooo glad I did not vote for this woman. I did vote for a woman, just not that woman.


Sacramento Bee: Devin Nunes’ Ukraine Lies Are a Betrayal. Voters in His District Deserve Better. - Ouch! That’s gotta hurt. Just an example of what Rethugs are facing at home.


BAR: MLK and the Black Misleadership Class - The day after King’s birthday, the Oakland Swat team continues


Jacobin: Social Security and Medicare Are Not Safe With Joe Biden


NYTimes: Buckle Up For Another Facebook Election

Guardian: Kentucky Republicans Push Restrictive Voting Law After Landmark Democratic Win


NYMag: What Will Happen to the Trump Toadies? - Vichy Republicans, very much like Vichy French.

Democracy-NOW: “The Great Hack”: Big Data Firms Helped Sway the 2016 Elections. Could it Happen Again in 2020? - See also this TED talk (first 12:27) and Carol Cadwalladr’s explanatory article. From these articles: A few billionaires have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to find some of the smartest people in the world, pay them to create algorithms that identify the “persuadables” in swing states, and then bombard them with just the right messages to make them click on total propaganda pieces. These few billionaires now effectively control our elections. We have a lot more to worry about from Facebook than ‘the Russians’.


Intercept: Can Bernie Sanders Alter the Course of the Democratic Party?


Socialist Alternative: How Can Bernie Win? Getting Organized to Build the Movement For Socialism - In 2016 Bernie apparently believed Hillary when she said that if he would endorse her, she would incorporate his ideas and supporters into her election campaign. Bernie was “stunned” by the corporate media (read CNN, MSNBC) blackout, and by her when she took his campaign funds, used none of his ideas and Here, and kicked all of his supporters to the side of the road, and Here, and Here. This article presents a better plan for 2020.

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