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Truthdig: Onward, Christian Fascists - “Tens of millions of Americans live hermetically sealed inside the vast media and educational edifice controlled by Christian fascists.”

Intercept: Ivanka Trump Is Senior Adviser to the President. She Should Be Asked Tough Questions. - “Instead Margaret Brennan asked her, “What is your dad’s mood right now?””


NYTimes: California is Booming. Why Are So Many Californians Unhappy?


Guardian: ‘They’ve Turned Their Backs on Us’: California’s Homeless Crisis Grows in Numbers and Violence - In the words of Chris Hedges: Our system “...is a vicious form of class warfare. It is profoundly anti-democratic. It is about forming nations of impoverished, disempowered serfs and a rapacious elite of all-powerful corporate oligarchs, backed by the most sophisticated security and surveillance apparatus in human history and a militarized police that shoots unarmed citizens with reckless abandon. The laws and rules it imposes on the poor are little more than organized sadism.”


Guardian: ‘Try to Keep Up’: How AOC Upended Politics in Her First Year


Reuters: Survival Camps Cater to New Fear: America’s Political Unrest

Reuters: Christianity Today Again Slams Trump, Raises Issue of ‘Unconditional Loyalty’


Guardian: Top Trump Adviser: Republicans Have ‘Always’ Relied on Voter Suppression - #VoterSuppression


ABC News: Trump Signs $1.4 Trillion Spending Bill to Avert Government Shutdown

Guardian: ICC to Investigate Alleged Israeli and Palestinian War Crimes


Intercept: The A to Z of Things Trump Should Have Been Impeached For - And even this article leaves out several things: Here, Here, Here and Here are some other reasons why he’s been in violation of the Constitution since the day he took the oath of office. Had the Dems brought out all of the reasons that he’s in violation, they might have convinced more moderate Rethugs and the American people that he is a true menace, and at least it would be out there.

BAR: The Impending Ruling Class Mental Breakdown and Riot - “The Democratic Party is a hopeless trap from which Black America must escape if it is to cast off its own misleadership class and exercise any real political agency. But fear of the GOP White Man’s Party's brand of Dixie-born fascism locks African Americans in an alliance with the modern corporate fascist Democrats and their national security and mass incarceration, oligarch-serving state. The same goes for millions of progressive white folks and other Americans.”


The Hill: Sanders Surges Ahead of Iowa Caucuses - Sanders has a 20 point lead over the next closest contender among voters under the age of 45.


Truthout: Judge Orders More Than 200,000 Wisconsin Voters Purged From Rolls - Similar to the action last week in Georgia where 309,000 voters were purged. Also see Here and Here. When Chris Hedges says we live in a “profoundly anti-democratic country,’ this is what he’s talking about, and especially Here. #VoterSuppression


The Atlantic: This Isn’t What Progressives Wanted From Impeachment - “This isn’t walking and chewing gum,” says Heidi Hess, a co-director of CREDO Action, the advocacy arm of a progressive group that supports grassroots organizing. “This is trying to get the bully to like you in hopes that the bully will stop being mean to you. The idea that that’s driving political decision making for the folks who are supposed to be on our team is just terrifying.”


Forbes: Trump Has Shifted $1.7 Million From Campaign Donors to His Private Business


Guardian: Revealed: Ilhan Omar and Rashitalib Tlaib Targeted in Far-Right Fake News Operation - Again, it’s Facebook.

Democracy-Now: Edward Snowden: If I Came Back to the US, I would Likely Die in Prison For Telling the Truth - This is the guy who revealed the full extent of the un-Constitutional, warrantless, suspicion-less snooping that our government carries out on all Americans - started by Bush, exponentially proliferated by Obama.


Democracy-NOW: Israel Deports Human Rights Watch Monitor


BAR: Public Housing As the Front Line of Green New Deal


The Atlantic: Trump’s White Nationalist Vanguard

Democracy-NOW: Noura Erakat: US Recognition of Israeli Settlements is Entrenchment of Apartheid Regime - Noura Erakat bio. All Israeli settlements are illegal according to Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention. Jimmy Carter: Peace Not Apartheid.


CNN: Supreme Court Stops Trump Financial Documents From Going to House on Wednesday - I put this directly at the feet of the Democratic National Committee. By rigging their nominating process in favor of a totally dull and uninspiring ‘lesser evil’ candidate, rather than the inspiring one - which was really the whole (missed) point of the ‘hacked’ emails, they essentially elected cheeto-head. He then immediately nominated ultra-conservative justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, and now we have a completely stacked Whore Court not much different from the Court of the Gilded Age. The next step for this court will be to make abortion completely illegal in America, and soon thereafter we’ll all live in a later day Gilead. Thanks Dems!


Wash Post: White House Officials Ramp Up New Tax Cut Talks - Trump Tax Cuts 2.0, all for the rich. Social services cuts, more huge deficit increases on the way. The DNC effectively did this by trying to force HRC down our throats.

The Atlantic: The GOP Tax Cuts Didn’t Work - “Republicans said the reform would grow the economy by up to 6 percent, stimulate business investment, and pay for itself. None of that happened.” GDP growth has slowed to less than 2%. Business investment has declined for the last 2 quarters. Instead of balancing the budget as Trump promised, the federal deficit now exceeds $1 Trillion. The US manufacturing index (ISM) is at it’s lowest rate in 10 years. Real exports of goods and services and mining jobs have declined in the past year.”

“Finally, hovering in the background behind declining investment, sputtering manufacturing, and wilting exports is the trade war with China, which has proved neither “good” nor “easy” for American businesses.”

What the Trump tax cuts of 12/17 did accomplish was a huge transfer of wealth to the rich and corporations, give a kick in the teeth to the middle class, and explode the deficit, see Here and Here. Democrats immediately cooperated with Rethugs to raise spending limits, and the debt ceiling. Remember what the Rethugs used to do when the shoe was on the other foot? Corporate executives continue to pocket huge tax windfalls while laying workers off - the opposite of what they all promised would happen. The US is now an aristocracy of the rich. 80% of the $1.5 Trillion in tax cuts go to the rich. The Congressional Research Service concluded in May of 2019 that the tax cuts did not significantly affect the economy or boost wages.

Companies that paid no or less tax in 2018:

Amazon, worth over $1 Trillion in assets, paid $0 taxes on $11.2 Billion in profits - and got a $129 Million tax rebate. Over the previous two years they paid $412 Million and $273 Million. and Here

All of the oil companies.

FedEx and 60 of America’s largest corporations


NBC News: Why Did Microsoft Fund an Israeli Firm That Surveils West Bank Palestinians?


Intercept: Biden’s Corporate Super PAC


NBC News: Graham Unveils Measure Slamming Impeachment Process - He’s got to be one of the most frequently flip-flopping chameleons in US political history. During the 2016 election he said he would never vote for Trump. But after the election, he claimed to have voted for Trump. When Trump first announced his Syria pullout, he said he would ‘never be quiet’ in opposition to it. Then he said never mind, he’s actually impressed by Trump’s outside-the-box thinking. Now instead of fighting against Trump’s impeachment, he’s fighting the process.

Politico: DeVos Held in Contempt for Violating Judge’s Order on Student Loans - She’s still illegally collecting loans from defrauded students to pay off her Wall St. buddies. The fine of $100,000 will be paid by you and I, not her.


Vox: Trump Unironically Says His Sons Receiving Foreign Payments “Would Be the Biggest Story of the Century” - Many more hypocrisies in this article. Trump is now unabashedly and continuously using his office for personal gain, and essentially daring anyone to call him on it. Hannity will explain it all away to any doubting Trump-supporters.


Intercept: Ocasio-Cortez on Why She Backed Bernie Sanders Over Elizabeth Warren - “...it was a recognition that Sanders is the only candidate in the field who has been fighting consistently for working people for decades, making him the ideal leader of multiracial, working-class movement...history contrasts him to every other Democrat in the race, including Warren, who was conservative as a young woman and at times registered as a Republican before converting to the Democratic Party and progressivism in the 1990s.”

USA Today: Trump Mocks Constitution’s Emoluments Clause


Guardian: Ocasio-Cortez Joins Bernie Sanders for Comeback Rally in New York


Raw Story: Trump Was ‘Yelling and Screaming’: Reporter Says GOP Source Fears Trump Is ‘Not In Control of Himself’ - And Getting Even Worse - I think it’s time to take the keys away.


Slate: Trump’s Doral G-7 Self-Deal is Worthy of Impeachment All On Its Own


EPI: Unprecedented: The Trump NLRB’s Attack on Workers’ Rights


ProPublica: We Found a Staggering 281 Lobbyists Who’ve Worked in the Trump Administration - “Draining the swamp” ???

NYTime: How Burma Covered Up Ethnic Rohingya Cleansing - This is the first reporting since last year when the Burmese government locked up 2 Reuters journalists (originally for 7 years) for reporting on the same subject. After their military carried out genocide and mass rapes, the UN ruled they should be tried for “the gravest crimes under international law.” Also see Here, Here, Here, and Here. Most of Burma is currently enslaved and almost every product that is exported has a slave component. Rohingya Muslims face the worst abuse, and Here, Here, Here, Here. Despite ongoing human rights abuses, and Here, Here, and intimidation of the press, and Here, Here, throughout the country, both Rethug and Democrap US administrations routinely give them a clean bill of health, and Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, in order to facilitate world wide Capitalism and keep those profits rolling.


Guardian: Robert Reich: Donald Trump: Xenophobe in Public, International Mobster in Private


Reuters: Trump Uses Re-Election Campaign Rally To Undermine Impeachment Inquiry - His language is becoming more and more incendiary. If impeachment begins to look imminent, he is going to rally his supporters to use violence against Democratic leaders. Some of them probably will. He fits all the defining criteria of a terrorist.


BAR: The Corporate Democrats’ (and Alicia Garza’s) Get-Sanders Slanders - The most insightful article I’ve read this election cycle.

When it became clear that Biden was not a good bet for the ruling class to stake its systemic life on, the corporate media fell in love with Sanders’ mimic, Elizabeth Warren, who had already signaled her loyalty to “the Party” and an openness to gradualism on Medicare for All and the rest of her agenda. For the time being, until Sanders is effectively neutralized, that’s reassuring enough to make Warren a favorite of much of corporate America and their media. Once the Sanders threat has subsided, however, Warren will be required to further neuter herself to allay the fears of billionaire Democratic donors who threaten to withhold their money, or even support Trump, if the capitalist boat is rocked. Every indication is that she will try to present as little problem as possible to the rulers.”

Also, Ford’s last paragraph sums it up nicely.

Warren is just like Obama. Play up the feel-good rhetoric and smile at the camera while backpedaling the green new deal, maintaining the wars, doing nothing real about the climate crisis, continuing universal surveillance and mass incarceration, keeping the 1% happy by pushing austerity further. That’s just R & D politicians today.


NBC News: Deeply Concerning: Trump’s Day of Rage: Profanity, False Accusations, Press Spat


Common Dreams: Sanders Unveils Plan to Hike Taxes on Corporations That Pay Their CEOs 100’s of Times Average Worker Pay

Democracy-NOW: Edward Snowden: Private Contractors Play Key Role In US Creeping Authoritarianism - “And this is the challenge, when we talk about proper channels, when we talk about inspectors generals, when we talk about congressional oversight. These processes only work when the harm that you are reporting, the people who are responsible for it are willing to correct. So, if it’s a little bad, maybe it will work. If it involves one person, who the rest of the elite section are willing to sacrifice or, in fact, very much want to get rid of, then, yes, these kind of oversight processes can work. But if what you are reporting is that all of the different branches of government are working in concert to violate the rights of the American people, what do you think they’re going to do when that report comes across their desk? They’re going to get rid of you. They’re going to bury what you have reported. And very possibly, they’re going to put you in prison.”


Common Dreams: MSNBC Pundit Who Accused Those Who Prefer Sanders of Sexism Sparks Viral Outcry


Truthdig: Chris Hedges: The Problem With Impeachment - “Impeaching Donald Trump would do nothing to halt the deep decay that has beset the American republic. It would not magically restore democratic institutions. It would not return us to the rule of law. It would not curb the predatory appetites of the big banks, the war industry and corporations. It would not get corporate money out of politics or end our system of legalized bribery. It would not halt the wholesale surveillance and monitoring of the public by the security services. It would not end the reigns of terror practiced by paramilitary police in impoverished neighborhoods or the mass incarceration of 2.3 million citizens. It would not impede ICE from hunting down the undocumented and ripping children from their arms to pen them in cages. It would not halt the extraction of fossil fuels and the looming ecocide. It would not give us a press freed from the corporate mandate to turn news into burlesque for profit. It would not end our endless and futile wars. It would not ameliorate the hatred between the nation’s warring tribes—indeed would only exacerbate these hatreds.”


New Yorker: In Major Shakeup, One of the Voices in Rudi Giuliani’s Head Resigns


Democracy-NOW: Israel’s Election Outcome Remains Unclear, But the Ultimate Loser Will Be Palestinians


Truthout: Federal Appeals Court Rules Trump Can Be Sued For Unconstitutional Profiteering


Guardian: “They Wanted Me Gone”: Edward Snowden - “We have moved to a society in which we are forced to live our lives naked before power.”


New Yorker: Trump Signs Executive Oder Giving Him Control of the Weather


Washington Post: Biden’s Claims That He Opposed the Iraq War ‘the Moment it Started’

Salon: We’re Starting to See the Scale of Trump’s Personal Corruption - And It’s Massive

The Atlantic: Donald Trump is Not Well - Erratic, unprincipled, unstable, obsessive, extreme narcissism, addiction to lying, bullying, detachment from reality, self-aggrandizement, impulsive, vindictive, craving for adulation, remorseless, lack of empathy and sympathy, deteriorating in plain sight, disordered, unhinged. But other than that, he’s a pretty good guy.


Guernsey Press: Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Holds Benefit for Julian Assange


Fox News: Neil Cavuto: President Trump, Fox News Doesn’t Work for You - I despise Fox, but this is priceless. A rare takedown by Fox, well executed by Cavuto. Hilarious.

Intercept: DSCC Pressuring Consultants Not to Work With Leading Progressive Candidates


NBC News: Federal Judge Blocks Missouri’s Restrictive Abortion Law


Common Dreams: While “The World is on Fire”, DNC Refuses to Hold a Climate Debate


Guardian: Trump Abortion ‘Gag Rule’ Leaves Poor Patients With Nowhere To Go


Independent: Three Migrant Children Die of Flu While in US Detention, Multiple Reports of Child Molestation


Guardian: BDS: How A Controversial Non-Violent Movement Has Transformed the Israeli-Palestinian Debate


New Yorker: “Kochland” Examines the Early Crucial Role in Climate Change - The one person on earth who is by far the most responsible for climate change denial and the subsequent extinction of our species, is Charles Koch.


Socialist Alternative: Climate Catastrophe and the Case for a Planned Economy - One view.

Des Moines Register: Biden Says ‘Poor Kids’ Are Just As Talented As ‘White Kids’ - Poor, idiot Joe Biden and the democraps who apparently plan to vote for him.


Guardian: ‘Blood On Their Hands’: The Intelligence Officer Whose Warning Over White Supremacy Was Ignored


Slate: National Cathedral Leaders Condemn Trump’s Racism, Question America’s Silence in the Face of It


Telesur: Tulsi Gabbard and Ayanna Pressley Vote With AIPAC, Against the BDS Movement - Here’s the actual vote.

Democracy-NOW: Tom Perez Was Elected Head of DNC Thanks To a “Silent Coup” in Puerto Rico in 2017

Onion: Pelosi Concerned Outspoken Progressive Flank of Party Could Harm Democrats’ Reputation as Ineffectual Cowards


Guardian: “If Others Have Rifles, We’ll Have Rifles”: Why US Leftist Groups Are Taking Up Arms - Antifa works protection for LGBT groups in areas that allow racist fascists to persist.


Guardian: Brexit Funder Arron Banks Threatens Netflix Over Great Hack Documentary - See also: NPR: TED Radio Hour: Data Manipulation, especially first segment


Politico: The Border Patrol Hits a Breaking Point


NPR: Fresh Air: Journalist Digs Into Years of Corruption, Dysfunction at Border Protection Agency - Per this interview: Trump’s promises to invest in the Border Patrol (Customs and Border Protection) have gone unfulfilled. During the Obama administration, the agency had 21,000 agents. Trump promised to hire 5,000 additional agents, but instead it is down 2,000 agents so far and currently loses about 25 agents per pay period. Trump also promised to reform wages and overtime pay for the agents and has failed to deliver. Also see: Here, Here, Here, Here, and Here.

Think Progress: New Court Docs Implicate Trump in the Illegal Hush-Money Scheme That Landed Cohen in Jail


NPR: TED Radio Hour: Digital Manipulation - A great podcast. How large corporations like Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook have devised ways to manipulate desires and emotions, control elections and sell all the details of your personal life to the highest bidder. The first segment describes how the Brexit election was, according to the presenter, hacked. If you have time you should also listen to the “Unintended Consequences” episode.


NYTimes: Thousands Are Targeted as ICE Prepares to Arrest Undocumented Migrant Families - Now that ICE/FBI/CIA are using Prism, XKEYSCORE, Medusa, and now Palantir, and Here, and the Utah data center, and Here, that stores all of this info, no one on the planet is free from 24/7 surveillance. All of this of course is in total violation of the 4th Amendment, but good people have remained silent, and this is what we get and deserve.


Reuters: UN Human Rights Inspector Appalled at US Treatment of Migrants and Refugees


Clamoring for Change: “Love It or Leave It”

ProPublica: Inside the Secret Border Patrol Facebook Group Where Agents Joke About Migrant Deaths and Post Sexist Memes


Guardian: Sanders is Right: Trump’s Tax Cut for the Rich Costs More than Forgiving Student Debt


Democracy-NOW: Supreme Court Hands GOP Big Victory on Gerrymandering, Ensuring Massive Election Rigging

Common Dreams: “Spineless”: Schumer and Pelosi Join GOP to Give Trump, McConnell $4.6 Billion in Border Funding With No Protection for Children and Politico - Difference? Nope.


Vanity Fair: Kushner Failed to Mention All His Meetings with Foreign Leaders - Probably conduction family business and using his government position to aid in his negotiations. Totally illegal.


WSJ: Judge Allows Emoluments Lawsuit by Democrats Against Trump to Proceed


NYTimes: The Long, Cruel History of the Anti-Abortion Crusade - “Abortion opponents don’t care what happens to an unwanted child, and they’ve never cared about what happens to the mother.” One commenter: “they subscribe to so many contradictory beliefs--pro-life, but opposed to universal health care, food stamps, subsidized daycare, etc. Opposed to contraception and sex education. Many of them eager to rationalize separating small children and infants from their parents.” Pro-life, but also pro-war and pro-death-penalty.


Guardian: What Does Biden Have in Common With Trump? Delusional Nostalgia

Intercept: Forget Bernie vs. Warren. Focus on Growing the Progressive Base and Defeating Biden. - “...make no mistake: For corporate Democrats, the endgame is still to defeat both Warren and Sanders. And in this never-ending and crowded campaign, that effort will shape-shift many times over.”


HuffPo: Joe Biden Promises Rich Donors He Won’t ‘Demonize’ the Wealthy If Elected President - “No one’s standard of living will change, nothing would fundamentally change.” “You beat them without changing the system.”

Common Dreams: Dems and Rethugs Vote As One To Maintain Universal Warrantless Surveillance

NYTimes: Deutsche Bank Faces Criminal Investigation for Potential Money-Laundering - Transactions involving Jared Kushner, Trump, and Russian money launders are the subject of the investigation.

Onion: Trump Thanks Supporters Who Sacrificed Time, Money, Friends, Family, Morals, Religious Beliefs To Be Here Today


The Hill: AOC: Trump Detention Centers Are Concentration Camps - DHS agrees.


Democracy-NOW: The US Government’s Crusade Against Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning

Sludge: These Corporations and Public Charities Funded the State Abortion Bans

MoJo: “Beyond My Paygrade”: When Pete Buttigieg Had a Chance to Stand Firm on Abortion Rights, He Dodged - Guess what else is beyond his paygrade.

Onion: Pence Visits Conversion Therapist For Routine Gay-Preventative Checkup


Reuters: Jon Stewart Assails Congress for Ignoring 9/11 First Responders Fund - In 2001, George Bush and EPA Chief Christine Todd Whitman swore the air was safe to breath. Later she apologized but took no responsibility. There was never any accountability.


Reuters: Age Matters More Than Sexual Orientation to US Presidential Voters - That eliminates about half the field in this race. As mentioned here back on 4/25: It’s amazing to think that prior to Trump the oldest person ever to take the office was Ronald Reagan at age 69. Here is a list of the oldest candidates currently running and their ages as of when they would take office, 1/20/21. B. Sanders 79, J. Biden 78, D. Trump 74, H. Clinton 73 (not currently running but you never know), E. Warren 71.


Intercept: As SF DA, Kamala Harris Stopped Cooperating With Abuse Victims of Catholic Church Child Abuse


CBS News: Some Progressives Worry Puerto Rico is Being Left Behind on 2020 Campaign Trail - For the full context on Puerto Rico, see Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, New England Journal of Medicine estimates death toll at 4,645, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, and Here.


Democracy-NOW: “Massacre” in Sudan: Military Kills Over 100 Protestors for Civilian Rule

Salon: ‘Pro-Choice’ Susan Collins Has Voted to Confirm 32 Anti-Abortion Trump Judges

FAIR: WSJ Says CIA Chief Wouldn’t Do Anything ‘Inappropriate’ - Despite Record of Torture and Coverup

Vanity Fair: After Failing to “Shut Out” Puerto Rico, Trump Declares Himself Its Savior


Black Agenda Report: Elizabeth Warren Wants Green Bombs, Not a Green New Deal - The US military drops a bomb on a foreign country once every 12 minutes. No corporate cable news ever mentions this or the other astounding statistics in this article.

Intercept: Joe Biden’s Opposition to the ACA’s Coverage for Contraception - A review of his previous positions, just as he flip-flops on the Hyde Amendment. Nobody really knows what he believes, because just like Hillary, he is constantly changing depending on perceived public opinion. It’s a mark of someone with no real moral compass.


Salon: American Taxpayers to Pay Millions in Luxury Hotel Costs From Trump’s London Visit


Socialist Alternative: Democratic Establishment Pushes Biden for 2020, Continuing the Failed Strategy to Defeat Trump - The conformist Democratic rank and file will vote for the guy who championed: NAFTA, the 1994 Crime Bill which led to mass incarceration, Repeal of Glass-Steagall which led to the 2008 economic meltdown, the Iraq War, China PNTR, the Patriot Act which led to universal warrant-less surveillance, Welfare Reform which threw millions into abject poverty, Bankruptcy Reform, Wall St. Bailout, and the Defense of Marriage Act. But nobody else will. By making this choice, the Democratic Establishment will essentially re-elect Trump.


Diane Ravitch: Worrisome News About Elizabeth Warren

News & Guts: Ten Easy Pieces: Translating Robert Mueller’s Legalese - “5. Anyone saying I found “no obstruction” is lying.”


Guardian: London Mayor: Donald Trump Is Like a 20th Century Fascist - “Like a”? Tenets of Fascism

Onion: ‘No Way to Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens - Mulvaney says it’s too soon to talk politics.


Rewire: The Escalation of Anti-Abortion Violence 10 Years After the Murder of Dr. George Tiller

Democracy-NOW: UN Special Rapporteur Calls For Assange to be Freed, Citing “Psychological Torture”


Public Citizen: Revolving Congress: The Revolving Door Class of 2019 Flocks to K Street - “Nearly Two Thirds of Former Members of 115th Congress Working Outside Politics and Government Have Picked Up Lobbying or Strategic Consulting Jobs.”

Reuters: As Trump Rewrites Public Health Rules, Pence Sees Conservative Agenda Born Again - Not only are Rethugs intent on outlawing abortion, they also want to eliminate contraception. We are moving towards a theocracy little different from Saudi Arabia and Iran.

This isabout the elimination of women – particularly poor women – as a threat to the social order; it is a measure designed to ensure that poor people stay poor, and women stay home.”


Tulsi Gabbard: “While politicians cry crocodile tears over lives already lost, they make plans to sacrifice more lives on the alter of regime change and the new cold war.” Wars that will only profit the execs and directors of defense contractors, such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrup Grumman, General Dynamics, Raytheon, etc.

The Nation: Robert Mueller Just Told Congress to Do Its Damn Job

McClatchy: ‘The Dam Has Burst’: Liberals Warn Democrats Risk Backlash by Not Impeaching Trump

New York Magazine: Study: Trump Tax Cuts Failed to Do Anything But Give Rich People More Money - Here’s the study.


Popular Resistance: The Frontline Documentary on Gaza That PBS Pulled


Intercept: Sanders, Warren and Wyden Slam Assange Indictment - A good summarization of why this case is so important.


Onion: New York Times Rehires Judith Miller to Cover Escalating Iran Tensions

Guardian: Alabama’s Abortion Ban Is About Keeping Poor Women Down - “An abortion ban as radical as the one voted for in Alabama is about the elimination of women – particularly poor women – as a threat to the social order; it is a measure designed to ensure that poor people stay poor, and women stay home.”

Onion: Abused 12-Year-Old Alabama Girl Doesn’t Think She Can Handle Being A Mom On Top of Everything Else - This is not funny, it’s sad. But it is the best piece - using irony as a mechanism to make a very serious point - I’ve seen outlining one of the many problems of this Neanderthal law. It is also an explanation that all Anti-Choice, Forced Birth hypocrites in the entire country should be called on. All Republicans in the US Senate - including 6 women - voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh, as did one Democrat. They should all be called to account.


FAIR: Media Stenography Turns Beheaded Saudi Protesters Into ‘Terrorists’


Guardian: These 25 White Men - All Republicans - Just Voted to Ban Abortion in Alabama


Guardian: Google Has Given $150,000 in Free Ads to Deceptive Anti-abortion Group

Guardian: Monsanto Must Pay Couple $2Bn in Largest Verdict Yet Over Cancer Claims - 5 things to know about Bayer.


Guardian: Georgia’s Six-Week Abortion Ban Reveals the Cruelty of the Anti-Choice Movement - Here’s what’s already happening to women. “All this is justified by a moralizing, misogynistic and medically arbitrary logic based on a fantasy that wants to equate the movement of cells with personhood...The new slew of six-week abortion bans is a direct result of the appointment of the multiply accused sexual assault perpetrator Brett Kavanaugh to the supreme court, where anti-choice conservatives now hold a five-four majority and can dismantle or strike down Roe v Wade at any time...with Kavanaugh on the court, the door is wide open for misogynist laws to make legal, clinic-based abortion access a thing of the past in large swaths of the United States.”


NYTimes: Decade in the Red: Trump Tax Figures Show Over $1 Billion in Business Losses


NYTimes: 5 Takeaways From 10 Years of Trump Tax Figures

Bloomberg: Why Mnuchin Doesn’t Want You to See Trump’s Tax Returns - Separation of powers, and checks and balances as outlined in the Constitution are now out the window. As Chris Hedges said just yesterday, tyranny is just around the corner.

NPR: Gov. Kemp Signs ‘Fetal Heartbeat’ Abortion Law - Signed into law by the just-elected governor whose most effective campaign ad had him jumping out of a beat-up pickup with a pump shotgun, cocking it and, in a really sickening country boy accent, chortling: ‘This is just in case I have to round up some of those illegal aliens myself!!” This effectively ends abortion in Georgia, and probably in the end the USA. And they say Alabama and Mississippi are backward.?

Once Trump appointed Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, it was a done deal. This law will be appealed to the Supreme Court and Roe v. Wade will be overturned. We’ll revert to back-alley abortions and women dying in ER’s of sepsis. This is all about male dominance and only about male dominance.


Truthdig: Chris Hedges: Creeping Toward Tyranny

Democracy-NOW: Ex-Blackwater CEO Erik Prince Makes a Comeback Under Trump - He is the brother of Sec. of Education Betsy DeVoss, brother-in-law of the former CEO of Amway. Essentially kicked out of the country by Obama, he is back in Washington pitching ideas such as a mercenary army for the invasion of Venezuela, or to fight in Afghanistan. He has also joined forces with James O’Keefe and Project Veritas - the group that staged the attempt to ‘expose’ Planned Parenthood, which then failed miserably. Why these folks have joined forces is still a mystery.


Reuters: Trump’s Former Lawyer Goes to ‘Jewish Heaven’


Guardian: Trump Tweets Support For Far-Right Figures Banned on Facebook


Talking Points Memo: This Is An Insanely Big Deal - Giuliani is actually “conducting unofficial diplomacy abroad, apparently mixed with his own private business and investments, in which he offers friendly treatment from the President of the United States in exchange for those governments targeting the President’s political enemies.” What kind of an idiot would do that, and what kind of idiot Democrats would not use that as partial evidence in an impeachment? Mind-boggling.


Reuters: Foreign Government Leases at Trump World Tower Stir More Emoluments Concerns

Black Agenda Report: Black Voters Are Biden’s Polling Bubble. We Need to Bust It.

Intercept: Peter Thiel’s Palantir Used to Bust Relatives of Migrant Children


Slate: Trump Just Gave Democrats Another Reason to Launch an Impeachment Inquiry - But for the second time Nanny Pelosi takes impeachment off the table against a lawless rethuglican.


Guardian: Lies, Damned Lies and Donald Trump: The Pick of the President’s Untruths - 10,000 lies and counting.


FAIR: Comcast-Owned MSNBC In the Tank for Joe Biden’s Presidential Run - From the article: “Comcast, along with other internet service providers (ISPs) like Verizon and AT&T, hold what are essentially regional monopolies, where they very rarely directly compete with one another in a given area. As of 2017, almost 80 percent of US households have access to just a single ISP that offers broadband speeds of over 100 mbps. This has a striking impact on US internet users: The nation has just the 20th fastest average internet speed in the world, and, according to the FCC, US consumers pay more for broadband than most other comparable countries. Of course, ISPs are also famous for their unmatched customer service record–Comcast ranks as one of America’s most hated companies year in and year out, along with many other ISPs.”


Guardian: Joe Biden is the Hillary Clinton of 2020 - And It Won’t End Well This Time Either

In These Times: Biden Says He’s the Workers’ Candidate, But He Has Worked to Cut Medicare and Social Security

Intercept: Texas Federal Court Becomes the Third to Strike Down Pro-Israel Oath as Unconstitutional


Intercept: Joe Biden Launches Presidential Bid With Fundraiser for Corporate Lobbyists and GOP Donors

NPR: Joe Biden Announces for President - He is currently 76 years old. It’s amazing to think that prior to Trump the oldest person ever to take the office was Ronald Reagan at age 69. Here is a list of the oldest candidates currently running and their ages as of when they would take office, 1/20/21. B. Sanders 79, J. Biden 78, D. Trump 74, H. Clinton 73 (not currently running but you never know), E. Warren 71.

Democracy-NOW: From Crime Bill to Iraq War, Biden’s Legislative History Under Close Scrutiny - Biden is about to embark on his ‘Magical Apology Tour.’ He will apologize for: opposing busing, teaming up with Strom Thurmond to vote against busing, create mass incarceration, voting for the bill that did away with Glass-Steagle, abusing Anita Hill, voting for war with Iraq and its subsequent occupation, sexually harassing women on the campaign trail. He’ll just be so sorry, but with no accountability of course. No Joe!!


Intercept: Beto O’Rourke Was Threatening to Run a New Kind of Campaign. Not Anymore. - He was in favor of Medicare-For-All, and said he wouldn’t take money from fossil fuel lobbyists, or do high-dollar fund raisers. Now he’s done a 180 on all of those promises. Just another sell-out former punk rocker.


Truthdig: Noam Chomsky: Democrats Have Already Handed Trump the 2020 Election - Synopsis: Historically, the true constituency of the Republican party was and still is extreme wealth and corporate power. And up until the Reagan candidacy of 1980, the entire leadership was pro-choice. It was not the government’s job to get involved in that. It was considered a private matter. However, during that election Reagan decided he could pick up Northern Catholics and Southern evangelicals by changing that position. They already had white racists which began with Nixon’s Southern Strategy and cemented with Reagan’s Neshoba county fair speech, and his constantly dropping the “states rights” buzz words. Then he added gun rights.

Since that time, Democrats have consistently moved right to try to counter the Republicans constant shift, and to constantly present themselves as ‘the lesser of two evils’ instead of taking up New-Deal-like positions that would actually inspire voters to come to the polls. Reason: The power structure in the Democratic party is chasing the same wealth and corporate power.

After the 2016 debacle, they took the lose-lose position that it was all because of Russian interference. As it turns out, there is no actual evidence that the Russians had any real effect on the election. Sure, they tried to interfere, just like the US has interfered in the elections of hundreds of foreign governments, especially since the early 1900’s. The Mueller investigation revealed that there is all sorts of evidence that Trump was guilty of obstruction of justice and has been in violation of the Emoluments Clause since day 1, but the Democrats continue to ignore that and slowly shift right to appease their big money donors. Trump’s re-election is all but over.


Guardian: Trump’s Moral Squalor, Not Impeachment, Will Remove Him From Office


Guardian: Trump Tampered With Witnesses. The Senate Voted to Oust Clinton For Doing Just That.


Axios: Mueller Report Lists 10 Episodes of Potential Trump Obstruction

Intercept: Hey Democrats: Mueller Just Handed You a Roadmap for Impeachment. Follow it. - Mueller: “With respect to whether the President can be found to have obstructed justice by exercising his powers under Article II of the Constitution, we concluded that Congress has authority to prohibit a President’s corrupt use of his authority in order to protect the integrity of the administration of justice,”

“The conclusion that Congress may apply the obstruction laws to the President’s corrupt exercise of the powers of office accords with our constitutional system of checks and balances and the principle that no person is above the law.”

CNN: The Green New Deal Isn’t Socialism. It’s What the Founding Fathers Wanted


BAR: The “Resistance” is Silent on Julian Assange


UK Guardian: Bernie Sanders Flips the Script on Fox News Hosts

NYTimes: ‘Stop Sanders’ Democrats Are Agonizing Over His Momentum - “From canapé-filled fund-raisers...” indeed.


Medium: The US Government Won’t Care About Your Definition of Journalism After the Assange Precedent Is Set


Democracy-NOW: Noam Chomsky: Assange Arrest “Scandalous”


Reuters: Beto O’Rourke’s Past Support for Charter Schools Scrutinized In 2020 White House Bid - His wife Amy is a former charter school leader and now sits on the board of the business-backed (Bill and Melinda Gates and the Hunt family) Council on Regional Economic Expansion and Educational Development, or CREED, a local education reform group that supports expanding charter schools. CREED has made it clear that it has no interest in getting involved with the public school system and working with administrators and teachers to see how they might help change the direction of these vastly underfunded schools. O’Rourke himself has been silent on this subject.

Never listen to what they say, only watch what they do.

Reuters: US Charges Assange After London Arrest - News reporters in the US have a long history of leaking previously classified information after receiving it from an anonymous source. The source may be guilty of a crime, but the reporters’ right to publish is guaranteed by the First Amendment, and a long line of court precedent. To charge Assange for doing the same thing would violate a precedent with a very long history. One great example had to do with the Pentagon Papers, the Nixon Administration and the New York Times. The only thing that makes Assange different is that his information concerns the military-industrial complex now in power - and determined to remain so. If they can make him toe the line, press freedom will be a thing of the past. This story has a long way to go.


Intercept: Nancy Pelosi and Cheri Bustos Continue Dividing Democatic Party, Take New Swipes at AOC


New York: Stories of People Whose Loved Ones Were Transformed by Fox News - Limbaugh and Fox News are literally poisoning America.


LA Times: 5 Misconceptions About the US-Mexico Border - Misconception 3: More immigrants are illegally crossing the border. Fact: Illegal crossings have been trending down since 2000 - 1.64 M annually, to about 0.4 million today. The other 4 are just as interesting.


In These Times: Chicago’s Elections Brought A Lot of Good News for Progressives - And Democratic Socialists and Socialist Alternative - At least 5 Democratic Socialists of America were elected.

Intercept: Socialists Leave Rahm Emanuel’s Legacy in Tatters in Chicago Election


NBC: Senate Democrats Will Introduce Constitutional Amendment to Abolish Electoral College


Sludge/MapLight: As It Works to Stifle Primary Challengers, DCCC Takes More Money from Corporate Lobbyists


Intercept: Cory Booker and AIPAC


MoJo: Beto’s Wealthy Father-In-Law Helped Launch His Career. He’s Haunted it Ever Since.


Intercept: Beto O’Rourke’s Free Ride on Charter Schools Won’t Last Long


Intercept: Debate: The Media and Political Humiliation From the Mueller Report - “In sum, Rachel Maddow is the Judy Miller of the Trump/Russia story, except that unlike Miller – who was scapegoated for behavior that many of her male colleagues also engaged in to the point where her career and reputation was destroyed – Maddow, who makes $10 million a year from NBC, is too valuable a corporate brand and too much of a liberal celebrity for any consequences or accountability to be permitted. Another difference is that Maddow was so far more frequently off the deep end – way off the deep end, in another universe totally devoid of basically rationality – than Miller ever was.”

AFP: ‘Reckoning’ Looms for News Media As Russia Probe Clears Trump - For most liberal news sources, this was just a circus to divert attention from the fact that the DNC made a series of boneheaded decisions during the 2016 nominating campaign to promote the candidate that never really polled ahead of Trump, and to take down the candidate that consistently, throughout the entire campaign, polled 10-15 points ahead of Trump. See entries of 6/9/18, 4/30 and 1/23/17 and 10/21/16.

Glenn Greenwald: “"Check every MSNBC personality, CNN law 'expert,' liberal-centrist outlets and #Resistance scam artist and see if you see even an iota of self-reflection, humility or admission of massive error," Greenwald said on Twitter.

"If there's no media reckoning for what they did, don't ever complain again when people attack the media as 'Fake News.'"

The DNC diverted attention from their 2016 boneheaded decisions in this way, and so avoided having to answer for those decisions - and the inevitable house cleaning at the top as a result, just long enough to stay in power and pick the next boneheaded nominee (probably Kamala Harris or Beto O’Rourke), which inevitably will yield the same end result as 2016. There are no longer two parties in this country.


Matt Taibbi: It’s Official: Russiagate is This Generation’s WMD - “The Iraq war faceplant damaged the reputation of the press. Russiagate just destroyed it.” A very detailed article covering every Russiagate story hyped by the media, which later was shown to be false - they all were.

Intercept: Terrorism’s Double Standard: Violent Far-Right Extremists Are Rarely Prosecuted as Terrorists

Intercept: Glenn Greenwald Eviscerates The Atlantic’s False Article Attempting to Shame Bernie and His Speech Writer - There is no limit to the depths that corporate Dems will stoop to wound the Sanders campaign with outright lies.


Credo: Women Shame Male Senators For Advancing Forced Pregnancy Bill in GA


Onion: Biden Pulls Off Dusty Tarp Covering Old Campaign Motorcycle - Sorry, couldn’t help it. Hilarious.


Democracy-NOW: Trump Bars ICC Officials Investigating War Crimes - an action previously reserved for tin-pot, 3rd world despots...It’s clear that the last 3 presidents have routinely engaged in war crimes, and Here. All 3 should be living in the Hague along with Ratko.


McClatchy: Why Sanders is the Only Candidate Going Directly After Trump


Intercept: Kamala Harris Celebrates Her Role In the Mortgage Crisis Settlement. The Reality is Quite Different. - She participated in helping the banks. A detailed recap of all that’s happened and Harris’ bit part in the whole drama. She should be apologizing, not celebrating herself.

Democracy-NOW: A Look at the Legacy of Joe Biden - An opponent of busing in the 70’s, he constantly pushed for harsher sentences for all crimes in the 80’s and 90s, even teaming up with Strom Thurmond at one stage. In 1991 he played a pivotal role, by virtue of his scornful questioning of Anita Hill, in the nomination of Clarence Thomas, the most right wing justice of the current Supreme Court. He also recently stated the famous words of the 2016 Clintonites: “Anybody can beat Donald Trump.”


Vox: Trump Said He Wouldn’t Cut Medicaid, Social Security or Medicare. His 2020 Budget Cuts All Three


Democracy-NOW: Ilhan Omar in Her Own Words - “I want to talk about the political influence in this country that says it is OK for people to push for allegiance to a foreign country. I want to ask: Why is it OK for me to talk about the influence of the NRA, of fossil fuel industries or Big Pharma, and not talk about a powerful lobbying group that is influencing policy? “ For that the old guard democraps call her anti-semitic. That’s how strong the grip of AIPAC is on them.


BAR: Russiagate and Democratic Defeat

Salon: The Real Motivation Behind the Anti-Abortion Movement


Intercept: GOP and Democrat Politicians Are Gaslighting Us About Ilhan Omar’s Anti-Semitism - A compilation of incidents of true anti-semitism from her accusers.

Vox: T-Mobile Admits It Spent $195,000 At Trump Hotel While Merger Awaits Government Approval - Unlike any president before him, Trump blatantly uses his office for personal gain, because he knows he can get away with it.


NYTimes: Disputed NSA Phone Program is Shut Down, Aide Says - Don’t you believe it.


New Yorker: Why Measles is a Quintessential Political Issue of Our Time - The British gastroenterologist who proposed the now long-ago debunked hypothesis that preservatives in the MMR vaccine cause autism, has lost his license to practice medicine, but the theory persists. Why?


NYTimes: How AOC Won the Cohen Hearing - “I know what Mr. Trump is. He is a racist. He is a con man. He is a cheat

FB: Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Masterfully Exposes Trump’s Tax Fraud

RayMcGovern.com: Sorry Russia-gaters; Wikileaks Got the DNC Emails From An Insider, Not Russia - McGovern was a CIA analyst for 27 years. For the last 10 years of that time he chaired the National Intelligence Estimates and prepared the President’s Daily Brief, and received the Intelligence Commendation Medal at his retirement, which he returned in 2006. In 2003, he confronted Donald Rumsfeld in a news conference about his lies regarding weapons of mass destruction during the build up to the Iraq war. So he’s got creds. No matter what your position on this question, his article is valuable for its links regarding the evidence for who actually leaked the DNC emails to Wikileaks.

UN: Gaza Probe Finds ‘Reasonable Grounds’ Israel Committed Violations of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law and Democracy-NOW


UK Guardian: ‘You’re Fired!’ America Has Already Terminated Trump - Lots of great factoids in this short article. One it missed: The Republican tax cut, which will add $2T to the US deficit, but gives most people a zero to tiny, temporary cut, will give Trump a $23 Million permanent cut.


Robert Reich: While Millions of Americans See Their Refunds Shrink, Large Corporations Are Filing for Massive Refunds - US Steel $303M, GM $104M, Amazon $129M, Goodyear $15M. Socialism for the rich.


NYTimes: China Uses DNA to Track Its People, With the Help of American Enterprise - This is why people who don’t care that we now have universal surveillance because they don’t have anything to hide, are wrong. In this case, under the guise of rooting out terrorists, China is targeting at least one political group for persecution and incarceration. Think it can’t happen here?


Jamaica Global: Kamala Harris’ Father Slams Her for Perpetuating False Jamaican Stereotypes


NBC News: Senate Has Uncovered No Direct Evidence of Conspiracy Between Trump Campaign and Russia


Onion: Ilhan Omar Thankful For Colleagues Educating Her on Painful History AIPAC Lobbyists Have Had to Endure


NYTimes: Majority of French People Support the Yellow Vest Movement


Science: Controversial Experiments That Could Make Bird Flu More Risky Poised to Resume


BAR: HR 1’s Purpose: Cut Funding for Any 3rd Party and Sic HRS onto True Investigative Journalism


Intercept: Trump Headlines a Benefit Concert for Imperialism - ...and Democrats in Congress cheer him on. As the media goes crazy over the raid on Roger Stone, whistleblower Reality Winner remains incarcerated.

Democracy-NOW: Brett Kavanaugh’s Presence on SOTU Represents Failure of US Democracy


AJC: Firm’s Close Ties to Georgia Stir Concerns About Voting System Purchase


Matt Taibbi: The Annual ‘Misremembering Dr. King’ Editorials Roll In - They all leave out the fact that he said  the US government was “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today.” He spoke out repeatedly against extreme materialism. That never gets mentioned on MLK day.


Democracy-NOW: LA School Teachers Return to Work With New Contract Essentially Meeting All of Their Original Demands


The Onion: Kamala Harris Assembles Campaign Staff of Unpaid California Prison Workers - ...whom she originally convicted as CA AG.


NYTimes: Time to Break the Silence on Palestine - In honor of MLK Day.


USA Today: Mueller Disputes BuzzFeed Story About Trump Directing Cohen’s False Testimony


The Ghion Journal: The Diversity Hustle - One of the most insightful articles I’ve read in a very long time. We’re all getting hustled. It’s easy to see when it’s the other side. But we are simultaneously falling for the same gag, just in a different outfit. Also, some great links in this article.

Identity politics is nothing but a diversity hustle, For the record, it’s not only Democrats who use this scam to get elected, Republicans deploy the same game of grievance and feigned concern to wield power and dupe their constituents. After all, Trump got elected President by treading on the hopes and frustrations of his supporters the same way that Barack Obama hoodwinked his believers.”

“Sadly, this dubious ruse keeps working every election cycle. The first black president ended up being nothing more than a puppet of banks and Wall Street, the first woman Secretary of State ended up being another warmongering maniac, the first Muslim Congressman did nothing to ameliorate the plight of the poor and oppressed, the first transsexual representative will just fall in line and be another reliable vote of neoliberalism. Establishment voices use identity to hide the insidious policies that are being pushed by both parties, amazingly countless Americans keep falling for this bullshit.

Victims of US imperialism ought to consider it a privilege to be starved/attacked/bombed by the most diverse group of women in Congress. #IntersectionalImperialism https://t.co/uXm47RecJr

— S. Khan (@SameeraKhan) January 4, 2019


BAR: Kamala Harris Destroyed Black Lives


Matt Taibbi: Return of the Neocons

UK Daily Mail: US Amasses Wikileaks Data in Preparation of Arresting Julian Assange - This is pay-back for the release of DNC emails. Banishing The Truth


CREDO: Why Bob Barr Should Not Be Attorney General - An interesting list of links at the bottom.


Ballot Access: Stein Campaign Wins Court Ruling on Whether, After Examining Wisconsin Voting Software, She Is Free to Criticize It - ES&S (formerly Diebold) attempted to gag all criticism of its faulty machines. They failed. Georgia uses the same DRE (direct-recording electronic) machines and software as Wisconsin.

The Atlantic: Kamala Harris’s Political Memoir is an Uneasy Fit for the Digital Era - Poor title, great article. Harris has great twitter skills, but little else. She keeps repeating the same politically correct anecdotes, but her very aggressive ‘prison for profit’ prosecutorial record as the AG of California does not, match her current rhetoric.

From the article:

“Under District Attorney Kamala Harris, the overall felony-conviction rate in San Francisco rose from 52 percent in 2003 to 67 percent in 2006, the highest seen in a decade. Many of the convictions accounting for that increase stemmed from drug-related prosecutions, which also soared, from 56 percent in 2003 to 74 percent in 2006. As California’s attorney general, Harris pushed a punitive initiative that treated truancy among elementary schoolers as a crime for which parents could be jailed. In 2014, she attempted to block the release of nonviolent second-strike offenders from overcrowded state prisons on the grounds that their paroling would result in prisons losing an important labor pool.

The following year, she defended the California state prosecutor Robert Murray after he falsified a defendant’s confession that was used to threaten a sentence of life in prison, and sided with state prison leaders in contesting a transgender inmate’s bid for gender-confirmation surgery. Twice in 2016, she brought criminal charges related to human trafficking against Backpage.com, an online classified website frequently used by sex workers, and later, as a senator, she co-sponsored federal bills that led to the site’s seizure, a move that sex workers and activists said threatens their survival.”

Her ‘prison for profit’ record as AG does not square with her current rhetoric advocating for Black Lives Matter and against mass incarceration. And while now she is a big advocate for marijuana legalization, she “literally laughed it off in 2014.”


BAR: Ocasio-Cortez, Socialism, War and Austerity - “The truth is, what passes for socialism, thanks to Bernie Sanders and others, is actually New Deal liberalism, programs designed to save capitalism from itself by distributing some benefits and services to the masses. But the Lords of Capital decades ago threw down the gauntlet and swept the crumbs for the masses off the table, decreeing austerity forever and allocating ever-higher proportions of the federal budget to the military.”


Democracy-NOW: Sanders Debunks Trump Lies -

Trump still says Mexico will pay for the wall. Fact: American taxpayers will pay for the wall.

Trump says thousands of terrorists are coming across the southern border. Fact: Per Trump’s State Dept. “there is no credible evidence that international terrorist groups have sent operatives via Mexico into the United States.”

Trump says ex-Presidents have told him that they should have built the wall. Fact: All four living Presidents have stated that is not so.

Trump said that we need the wall to prevent heroin, fentanyl, and other legal drugs from entering the country. Fact: Trump’s DEA has said that the most common method that drug cartels send illegal drugs into the US is through legal ports of entry using passenger cars.

Trump simply wants to create crisis, chaos and fear, and then use that chaos to impose measures that he favors, the Bush Doctrine all over again and the same techniques used by dictators around the world for centuries.

Naomi Klein wrote in her book The Shock Doctrine about a recurrent metaphor of shock, and she claimed in an interview that the Bush administration continued to exploit a "window of opportunity that opens up in a state of shock", followed by a comforting rationale for the public, as a form of social control.”


NYTimes: AOC and the Economics of Soaking the Rich - Krugman lost all credibility with his “Whitewater Down” column, in which he stated that “the NSA stuff is just a policy dispute.” But here he objectively argues for higher taxes on the rich from a strictly economic point of view.

American Herald Tribune: Clinton Crony Says Bernie Supporters Must be Silenced for 2020

Intercept: US Senate’s First Bill of 2019 Is A Bipartisan Defense of the Israeli Government From Boycotts - ...thus ignoring the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

NYTimes: Middle-Class Shame Will Decide Where America is Headed


The Hill: Top Finance Dem Reintroduces Bill That Would Require Trump to Release His Tax Returns


BAR: How the US Spent Billions to Change the Outcome of Elections Around the World - Haiti (repeatedly for over 200 years), the Philippines, Russia (1996), Honduras (repeatedly, especially 2009), Guatemala (1954), Democratic Republic of the Congo (1960), Vietnam, Brazil (1964), Chile (1973), Nicaragua,  are just some of the countries in which the USA has intervened. Truly, we live in a rogue state. Puts the ‘Russiagate’ think is perspective.

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