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Merco Press: Morales Planning to Return to Bolivia Following on Arce’s 20-Point Victory Margin - Here is a little more progressive opinion.

The great elephant in the room, around which so much of the behavior of establishment power revolves, is that there are many more ordinary human beings than there are sociopathic dominators trying to exploit them.

This fact rarely enters the minds of the rank-and-file citizenry, but for the manipulators responsible for engineering the continuation and expansion of the imperialist oligarchic status quo, it is always at the center of their attention.

The powerful fear the people. And that’s why the manipulators responsible for keeping the empire running work all day every day ensuring the people never awaken to their true power. That they never realize they’re being worked like slaves to support the obscene planet-destroying excesses of plutocrats while struggling just to survive. That they never realize their value and resources are being funneled into a war machine which murders people just like themselves on the other side of the world to ensure geo-strategic domination which benefits nobody but the most powerful. So we don’t realize what they are doing, and realize that we have every ability to stop them.

They do not pour vast fortunes into manufacturing the consent of the governed because it’s fun for them. They don’t buy up narrative control in the form of media outlets, think tanks, NGOs, political influence and advertising in collaboration with opaque government agencies because they’ve got nothing better to do. They work so hard to manufacture consent because they need it.

So don’t give them your consent. Refuse to be propagandized. Refuse to let your countrymen be propagandized. Work to awaken people to their lies. Work to awaken people to their true power.”


Sydney Morning Herald: American ‘Mercenaries’ Detained After Failed Coup Plot - Couldn’t find a word about this in any of the corporate media. Venezuela has more proven oil reserves than any other country in the world, and big oil can’t wait to get its hands on it.


AP: US Allows Chevron to Keep Drilling in Venezuela For 3 Months - It’s all about the oil.


Democracy-NOW: Hundreds of Thousands Strike in Columbia in Rebuke to Right-Wing President Duque - As usual austerity advocating neo-libs in the US governments practicing regime change in a foreign country. And yet we get angry and aggravated when a foreign country interferes in our internal affairs.


Democracy-NOW: Bolivian UN Ambassador: Racist Elite Engineered Coup to Restore Neoliberalism in Bolivia

BAR: US Fingerprints in Bolivian Coup


Democracy-NOW: “This Is a Military Coop”: Evo Morales Resigns After Army Calls for His Ouster - Looks like the NYTimes and other corporate media have done their job.


FAIR: Media Conceal Chile’s State Criminality, Delegitimize Bolivian Democracy - The culprit, NYTimes, ignores repression and human rights violations by the right-wing, neo-liberal, austerity government of Chile, while amplifying unproven rumors about the left-wing Morales government and elections in Bolivia. Veneuela re-dux.


BAR: Tiny St. Vincent Blasts US Sanctions of Venezuela


Socialist Alternative: Puerto Rico Movement Forces Out Governor


BBC News: Brazil’s Indigenous People: Miners Kill One in Invasion of Protected Reserve and NBC News


FAIR: So Who Is Reporting That US Sanctions Have Killed Tens of Thousands of Venezuelans? - ...lots of international news outlets, but almost no US media outlets.


FAIR: Distorting ‘Democracy’ in Venezuelan Coverage - Well documented cases of corporate media calling the duly elected president ‘the Russian/Cuban-backed dictator’ and the politician agitating for a military putsch in collaboration with hostile foreign powers is ‘the democratic leader,’ never mentioning that Venezuela has the largest proven oil reserves of any country on earth.


Fair: Failed ‘Coup’ a Fake Corporate News Story Designed to Trick Venezuelan Soldiers - And US Public - CNN and NYTimes were apparently complicit in this ruse designed from within the White House.


Fair: The Atlantic Illustrates Everything Wrong With Media Coverage of Venezuela


NYTimes: Either They Kill Us or We Kill Them - An horrific way to have to live, but these are the ripple effects of the Obama Administration, and especially Sec. of State Clinton, in consultation with ex-Bush and Bill Clinton advisers, to look the other way when Zelaya was illegally deposed and then support Honduran oligarchs who did it, even though Congress has repeatedly demanded accountability from Washington. The name that keeps popping up: Lanny Davis.


Democracy-NOW: Venezuelan Coup Attempt Appears to Fail; Trump Administration Threatens to Invade - The American press gives very little coverage to the fact that Venezuela has more proven oil reserves than any other country in the world, and Here, and the CIA has been funneling arms to the opposition for months, and Here. What has devastated Venezuela’s economy is not socialism, it’s US sanctions, and Here.


Democracy-NOW: With US Support, Venezuelan Opposition Launches Coup Attempt - And to think, Americans go berserk when Russia attempted to alter US elections, but are completely silent as we do the same to many countries around the world.

Fair: Zero Percent of Elite Commentators Oppose Regime Change in Venzuela


Center for Economic and Policy Research: Collective Punishment, the Case of Venezuela - Over 40,000 Venezuelans have died as a result of US sanctions since Trump took office. He continued, and then increased the sanctions that Bush and Obama had initiated.


Democracy-NOW: Trump & Bolsonaro Join Forces to Back Regime Change in Venezuela, Attack Media as “Fake News”


Democracy-NOW: US Strangles Venezuelan Economy Via Sanctions


NYTimes: Footage Contradicts US Claim That Maduro Burned Aid Convoy - US neocons caught in yet another lie regarding Venezuela.


Democracy-NOW: The Coup Has Failed & Now The US is Looking To Wage War - Iran 1953, Guatemala 1954, Chile 1973, El Salvador 1980-1992 (75,000 people murdered, at least 85% of which were murdered by the Reagan-backed right-wing death squads), Iraq 2003, Honduras 2009, Libya 2011 - In each case the USA/CIA overthrew a democratically elected leader in order to put a puppet in charge (except in the case of Libya, which has been in chaos ever since the overthrow) that would follow the wishes of the USA. In every case the longterm outcome has been horrific for the citizens.


UK Guardian: Venezuela: Four Dead in Border Clashes - The next war for oil has begun. Trump has been arming the opposition for months and Here. The country with the most proven oil reserves in the world is Venezuela. The western oligarchs don’t care how much suffering they inflict on 3rd world countries, nor how much US taxpayer money they spend to get control of that oil. As you watch events unfold over the next few days and weeks, just keep this in mind. Also watch the candidates who announce for president. None will say a word about Venezuela. They serve capital and empire.


Black Alliance for Peace: Venezuela: A Litmus Test for the Anti-War and Anti-Imperialist Movement


Democracy-NOW: Ilhan Omar Grills Trump’s Venezuelan Envoy Elliot Abrams On His Role in US Backed Genocide in the 1980’s - She completely decimates the guy. Almost funny.


Democracy-NOW: Venezuela Accuses US of Secretly Shipping Arms After Weapons Found on CIA Plane and Here - Big Oil will have those Venezuelan reserves (300 billion barrels of proven reserves, more than any other country in the world), no matter how many people have to die.


Democracy-NOW: US Rejects Venezuelan Negotiations - Trump, like Obama and GWB before him, doesn’t want to talk. He and the American oligarchs just want the oil. Trump will negotiate with N. Korea, but not Venezuela.


American Herald Tribune: If Guaido Can Elect Himself President, Why Can’t Le Pen?


Democracy-NOW: How Washington’s Devastating Economic Blockade of Venezuela Helped Pave the Way for Coup Attempt - The US government continues - Bush, Obama and now Trump - to cause untold suffering on the Venezuelan people simply to serve its imperialistic desire for Venezuela’s oil. Venezuela has the largest proven oil reserves in the world and is rich in gold and other mineral wealth.

Ways in which the US interferes in Venezuelan politics and economy:

  1. -Bush’s failed coup in 2002

  2. -Citgo is not allowed to remit its $1B/year in profits back to V

  3. -V is unable to refinance its foreign debt because of US santions

  4. -the sanctions prevent any financial or commercial entity anywhere in the world from doing business w/V

  5. -70+ V officials are personally sanctioned and their foreign accounts are frozen

  6. -sanctions amount to a total economic blockade against V

  7. -US Stated Dept. has repeatedly sabotaged negotiations in the past with the opposition


Democracy-NOW: Trump Moves to Install Pro-US Leader in Oil-Rich Venezuela - Don’t look now, but we’re about to go to war. It’s interesting that every time the US declares war on a country, it turns out to have lots of oil.

UK Guardian: the Risk of a Catastrophic US Intervention in Venezuela is Real - And now Russia has warned the US not to intervene.


Democracy-NOW: Coup in Progress: Venezuelan Foreign Minister on US/Brazil Effort to Oust Maduro - Trump follows in the footsteps of Bush and Obama. Remember the Monroe Doctrine? The US will not allow a socialist country in its own hemisphere.


Reuters: Hondurans Who Fled Political Violence Fear For Their Lives If Sent Home


Mint Press: The NICA Act: Every Single Member of US Congress Approved Crushing Sanctions on Nicaragua - Ajamu Baraka: “Politics in U.S. where an alignment of liberals, conservatives & imperialist left take arrogant position that they - citizens of the most violent human rights violator on the planet are in a moral position to impose sanctions for human rights violations.”


Intercept: Killing Asylum: How Decades of US Policy Ravaged Central America

Democracy-NOW: How US Backed Coup in Honduras Fueled Migrant Crisis - From the article: “’s not just a question of the U.S. supporting the coup itself. I mean, clearly Hillary Clinton was responsible for that, but don’t forget that Barack Obama was her boss and he is responsible, too. But it’s not just that moment. The U.S. could have recognized Xiomara Castro, Zelaya’s wife, when she probably won the election in 2013. The U.S. could have...protested when Juan Orlando Hernández overthrew the Supreme Court in 2012 when he was president of Congress. The U.S. could have protested when he ran for reelection. And of course, it could have called for a new election last winter, or recognized the outcome as Nasralla is the winner last winter’s election. The U.S. has given this post-coup regime green light after green light after green light.”

Also Here and Here.


Democracy-NOW: Members of Migrant Caravan Are Fleeing From Misery & Horrors Created by the US


Democracy-NOW: Noam Chomsky: Members of Migrant Caravan Are Fleeing From Misery & Horrors Created by USA


BAR: Fascism is Real, But the “Resistance” is Mostly Fake


BAR: The Migrant Caravan and US Policy - “The United States should be more generous to everyone, citizens and non-citizens alike. There would be less resentment of newcomers if people already here did not live in cut-throat competition with one another. A truly democratic United States would not destroy other countries and would do better by its own people. The migrant caravan and fear of it are proof of failure on both counts...for now Americans are fixated on a mass exodus of poor people without any understanding of what they are witnessing.”


Democracy-NOW: The US Helped Destabilize Honduras, Now Honduran Migrants Are Fleeing Political & Economic Crisis


Reuters: More Honduran Migrants Seek to Join US-Bound Group in Guatemala - A situation caused mainly by the acquiescence to and continued support of US neo-liberals, and Here, and Here.


Democracy-NOW: Vatican Canonizes Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero, Killed by Reagan Backed Death Squad - See entry of 8/15/17 for more history on this man and his murder.


BAR: The United States Destroys Venezuela’s Economy


Intercept: US-Trained Police Are Hunting Down and Arresting Protesters Amid Post-Election Crisis in Honduras - The recent election there was a complete fraud. 35 non-violent protesters and bystanders have been killed by security forces and other unknown perpetrators, hundreds injured, and over 1,000 detained. As under Bush and Obama, Trump supports the un-elected dictator Hernandez and the security forces who terrorize the citizens. All on the US taxpayer’s dime.


Telesur: Despite Western Sanctions and Debt Strangulation, Venezuelan Housing Mission Delivers Nearly 2 Million Homes to the Needy - This among other things, is what the US could have done with that $1.5 Billion it just delivered to the ultra-rich.


Democracy-NOW: Allan Nairn: US Tries - But Fails - To Stop Hondurans From Protesting Election Fraud


BBC: Clashes As Argentine Congress Debates ‘Pension Reform’ - Austerity is not going so well there. Yet we do the same thing here and there is hardly a peep.


Democracy-NOW: “All Eyes on US” As Honduran Election Panel Declares US-Backed Incumbent President Hernandez the Winner


Democracy-NOW: No Democracy Here: Ousted Honduran Pres. Zelaya Says 2009 US-Backed Coup Let to Election Crisis - The oppressive government, funded by US taxpayers and supported by US politicians from both parties, stopped counting votes when the opposition party pulled ahead. Riots ensued. The corporate controlled US media was silent.


Common Dreams: US Outrage Grows At Risk of Honduran Election Theft, 50 Groups Join Call


Center for Economic and Policy Research: Investigation Reveals New Details of US Role in 2009 Honduran Military Coup and Intercept -  Synopsis: The Pentagon, with help from Sec. of State Clinton, used its relationships on the ground in Honduras to undermine career diplomats at the US State Department. The old School of the Americas (now known as the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation), greatly expanded under the Reagan administration and re-branded by George W. Bush, has trained right-wing Latin Americans in the art of murder, torture and military coups for decades.

The Honduran military, working for the rich Honduran oligarchs, used that training to oust the democratically elected Zelaya on 6/28/09. In the end, Sec. of State Hillary Clinton took the side of the Republicans and right-wingers to seal his fate and now she and they bear full responsibility for the murder and chaos that is part of the everyday life of the Honduran people. The first place the airplane that took Zelaya out of the country landed after kidnapping him was the US air base in Honduras - Soto Cano/Palmerola. The US Ambassador at the time, Hugo Llorens, clearly called it “an illegal and unconstitutional coup.”


National Catholic Reporter: Honduran Coup’s Legacy of Violence, Corruption Endures - A very good short summary. The coup of 2009 was illegal, supported by Hillary, and probably carried out with USA/Obama, Clinton and right-wing Rethuglican supervision. Honduras has not become the murder and corruption capital of the world by accident.


Irish Times: A Day to Remember Archbishop Oscar Romero - Romero was born 100 years ago today. He was murdered on orders from Roberto D’Aubuisson, whose right-wing death squads murdered thousands of Salvadoran peasants, including the well known murders of 4 Catholic nuns. D’Aubuisson was trained at the School of the Americas in Columbus, GA, and his activities were financed mostly through Reagan’s Iran-Contra scheme, coordinated by John Negroponte, as ambassador to Nicaragua, and Oliver North. Thousands more peasants in that country and also Guatemala and Honduras were murdered with funds from Reagan’s Iran-Contra slush fund. George W. Bush made Negroponte his representative to the UN, Ambassador to Iraq, and first National Intelligence Director. In all cases, both Rethughs and Democraps almost unanimously supported Negroponte. In 2016, Hillary Clinton loudly celebrated her endorsement from this same John Negroponte.


Reuters: Latin America Rebukes Trump - ...including many of Maduro’s Latin American opponents...the day before the start of VP Pence’s Latin American tour. Great timing Trumpster! What an idiot.


Intercept: Sphere of Influence: How American Libertarians Are Remaking Latin American Politics - Extremely informative and dot-connecting article.

Honduras, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile are just some of the countries south of our border (see map about half way down - followed by a quick history of libertarian thought) that have experienced regime change as a result of influence from the Atlas Network - funded by the US State Department, the US Agency for International Development, the US Information Agency, the International Communications Agency (now both folded into the US Ministry of Truth aka Global Engagement Center (presented by Obama to Trump), and Here), the National Endowment for Democracy, the US Chamber of Commerce’s Center for International Private Enterprise, the secretive and very well funded, climate-change-denying Donors Trust, and the Koch Bros. Venezuela and Ecuador are next on the list.

The hundreds of ultra-conservative “think tanks” that they and many US corporations (Pfizer, Phillip Morris, Exxon, Master Card...) finance push the ideals of slashing taxes on the wealthy, downsizing the public sector and placing it under the control of private corporations, liberalized trade rules and the destruction of labor unions, all repackaged as ideologies for the public good. The article also explains how the economic slowdown and inflation of the early 70’s led to the supply side, voodoo economics of Reagan and Thatcher. These theories, by the way, have never accomplished their stated aims (job growth, economic improvement for everyone) but have totally accomplished their actual aims (greater riches and political power for the 1% and growing income and wealth inequality).

Well at least interference in the internal affairs of other countries is one thing that Rethugs and Democraps can both agree on. For anyone in the US to take offense at other country’s meddling in our internal affairs is the height of hypocrisy.


The Hill: Harsher Sanctions on Venezuela Will Only Worsen the Nation’s Crisis - Whether it was Bush, Obama or now Trump, for American oligarchs this has always been about one and only one thing: O...I...L. Venezuela has lots of it, and they want it.

NYTimes: Venezuela’s Opposition Suffers a Crippling Blow - All in all, a fairly balanced article, except for the part about “the constituent assembly, with the power to rewrite the Constitution to favor Mr. Maduro”. The constituent assembly is a group of 540 ordinary citizens representing various regions, sectors and indigenous groups to make whatever changes to the laws of the country that they see fit. The rich “opposition,” partially funded with US taxpayer money  and Here, would like to re-establish rule of the rich like it was before Chavez. There is no better example of this opposition than Leopoldo Lopez, and Here, the rich son of top executives of the two largest media conglomerates (Cisneros Group and El Nacional), and husband of the country’s most popular soap opera/reality show actress Lilian Tintori.


NYTimes: US Orders Relatives of Embassy Staff in Venezuela to Leave Country - That is traditionally the final warning before an eminent US invasion. Shortages and inflation are caused just as much by US sanctions (coutesy of Bush and Obama) as from mismanagement on the part of Maduro. On Sunday, Venezuelans are scheduled to vote for a Constituent Assembly, necessitated by the fact that the current 3 branches of the Venezuelan government are completely deadlocked. The Constituent Assembly will give the people of Venezuelans from all walks of life the right to decide what to do. The protestors are mostly well-healed neoliberals supported by the USA, and their violent activities and consequent looting have caused most of the fatalities.

The US and neoliberals within the country understand that if the vote on the constituent assembly is allowed to take place, their interests will be defeated by the will of the majority of the people who simply want a voice in their government. The US and rich Venezuelans will do whatever is necessary to prevent the people of Venezuela from controlling their own destiny.


UK Independent: CIA Chief Hints Agency Is Working to Change Venezuelan Government - And Americans go all crazy at even the rumor that Russia attempted to interfere in our election.


Telesur: Honduran Students March to Protest Education Budget Crisis


Telesur: Time for the International Left To Take A Stand On Venezuela


Real News: Empire Files: Abby Martin Meets the Venezuelan Opposition - Ever since Hugo Chavez was democratically elected in 2002, the US government, both Dem and Rethug, has been attempting and/or funding coup after coup. The US press constantly portrays the situation exactly backward. Just one more country where the US wants regime change. The protests are funded by US taxpayer money and the protestors are far more violent than the National Guard which is attempting to maintain order.


International Action Center: Bolivarian Venezuela Resists USA and OAS Plots


Telesur: US Gives Green Light for Coup in Venezuela


TelesurTV: Venezuela Resists


TelesurTV: US Pumped $4.2M in 2015 to Destabilize the Venezuelan Government


Telesur: Honduran President Rewards Firm Accused of Killing Campesinos


Center for Economic and Policy Research: The Continuing Deterioration of Human Rights in Honduras


The Hill: Vatican Mediation in Venezuela Changes Political Equation for Washington - From the article: In 2002, Bush backed a violent overthrow of the democratically elected Chavez government. That didn’t work out, so now Obama is attempting ‘regime change’ through economic means, declaring Venezuela “an unusual and extraordinary threat to US security,” which is absurd. He and the lapdog corporate media now falsely blame the resulting inflation and shortage of basic goods on the Maduro government. Both Bush and Obama have tried every means possible to support the fractured opposition, which is a sometimes violent, right-wing political movement representing the upper classes, and its darling Leopoldo Lopez and Here. Clinton shows the same tendencies. The same old imperialism in economic form. Unfortunately for Obama/Clinton, the (“Dung of the Devil”) Pope has joined the negotiations. For more info, search this page for “Venezuela”.


UK Guardian: Two More Honduran Land Rights Activists Killed in Ongoing Violence


Reuters: Honduran President Warns of Drug Cartel Plan to Assassinate Self and US Envoy


Fusion: The Clinton Foundation’s Toxic Legacy in Columbia


Telesur: Correa: When Neoliberalism Rears Its Head, Ecuador Fights Back - “The most important thing is the wellbeing of the people.”


Intercept: Newly Installed Brazilian President Finally Admits Real Reason for Rousseff’s Impeachment


Vice News: Bolivia Ends Its Drug War by Kicking Out the DEA and Legalizing Coca


Foreign Policy: Amnesty Intl.: Honduras, Guatemala Deadliest Countries for Environmentalists


UK Guardian: Did Hillary Clinton Stand by As Honduran Coup Ushered In Era of Violence?


Bloomberg: Rich Clan Shaping Brazil Narrative Stays Away From Dark Chapter

WOLA: US Special Operations in Latin America


Democracy-NOW: Brazil: Complete Reversal of Democracy


NYTimes: In Honduras, US Aid Contributes to the Violence


Telesur: UN: Honduras Is A Giant Graveyard for Human Rights Defenders


The New Yorker: Should the US Still Be Sending Military Aid to Honduras?

Fair: NYT Touts Honduras as Ad For ‘American Power’ - Leaving Out Support for Murderous Coup Regime


Boston Review: Blood in Honduras, Silence in the United States - Historian Greg GrandinIt was Clinton who basically relegated the military coup to a secondary concern and insisted on elections, which had the effect of legitimizing and routinizing the coup regime and creating the nightmare scenario that exists today.” Then she lied and said that the coup was lawful. Her own State Dept. stated plainly that “the removal of Zelaya by the military constituted an illegal and unconstitutional coup,” and here’s the actual cabal. The US and Canada have been complicit in preserving the colonialist status quo so that international companies can go in, remove peasants from their land and take their natural resources.The Honduran government, funded by US taxpayers, maintains a ‘hit list’ of activists to eliminate whenever they interfere with corporate activities. The US State Dept. 2015 Human Rights Report documented “unlawful and arbitrary killings and other criminal activities by members of the security forces.” The UN Office of Human Rights echoes these findings. But the American people just turn away.


Global Sisters: Legacy of Mining Operation Lingers in Honduras Lang After Closure - Corporations always say they will clean up and restore the mountains and the countryside, but they never do. It is the local people who are left to suffer.


Telesur: Ecuador’s Correa: ‘Neoliberalism Has Failed, Not Socialism’


Washington Post: Brazilian Protesters Censored at Olympics


UK Guardian: Argentine Judge Orders Arrest of Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo Leader

LATimes: In Rio, Poor Families Are Pushed Out of Their Neighborhoods to Make Way for the Olympics


Washington Post: Days Before the Olympics, Rio Families Say Goodbye to Their Homes - 60,000 people displaced. That’s what I’ll be thinking of during the games.


LATimes: US Congress Expresses ‘Deep Concern’ Over Threats to Democracy in Brazil


Center for Economic & Policy Research: Brazilian Prosecutor Finds No Crime Committed by Dilma; Will the Law Count for Anything in Brazil?


BBC: World Anger Over Honduras Activist Lesbia Urquia’s Death - Using weapons and ammo courtesy of the American taxpayer.


UK Guardian: US Investigating Allegations Honduran Military Had Hitlist of Activists - Thank goodness there are politicians like Hank Johnson. The problem is that those who actually control the Democratic party have no interest in human rights, no matter how many words they waste on it. It’s all lies.


Telesur: Honduran Democracy Still in Crisis 7 Years After Coup - A great summarization of events. The name of former Clinton White House Counsel Lanny Davis keeps popping up. He also worked in the Bush White House for his DKE frat brother GWB. Just before and after the coup, he worked with the US Chamber of Commerce to white wash these events in the American press and in right-wing religious groups here.


Telesur: Senate Report Clears Ex-Brazilian President Rousseff of Budget Manipulation - Expert report shows she did not cook the books, but the impeachment process will continue and the oligarch coup neocons continue to milk the bribery machine and loot the treasury. Meanwhile it is highly doubtful that Brazil can pull off the Olympics.


Intercept: State Dept. Turns Blind Eye to Evidence of Honduran Military’s Activist Kill List - Then Hillary’s and now Kerry’s. Just a bunch of dirty neo-con sociopaths.


Reuters: Brazil Speaker Indicted For Money Laundering, Currency Dealing


UK Guardian: Berta Caceres’s Name Was on Honduran Military Hitlist, Says Former Soldier


Intercept: As Corruption Engulfs Brazil’s “Interim” President, The Mask Has Fallen Off Protest Movement - In one of the most racially diverse nations in the world, a protest movement of all white, middle class families, all dressed up in their protest uniforms, with their black nannies dressed in their traditional white servant uniforms following along behind? And now that the new leaders are facing multiple corruptions trials of their own, these protestors are no where to be found. Wonder who was behind that.


Democracy-NOW: US Rep. Hank Johnson Introduces Historic Bill to Stop Aid to Honduras and DC Sentinel


Telesur: Bolivian President Morales to John Kerry: Latin America Is Not Your Backyard


Reuters: Poll Shows Majority of Brazilians Want New Elections


Telesur: Honduran Activists Unmask Egregious Govt Human Rights Abuses


Intercept: The Difference Between How the US Treats Brazil and Venezuela in One Video

NYTimes: Brazil’s Gold Medal for Corruption

Telesur: Argentina: Macri’s Tax Amnesty Criminalizes Journalists Exposing Evaders


AP: Leader of Honduras’ Gay Community Abducted, Murdered

Telesur: 50 Years of CIA Infiltration of Ecuadoran, Central and South American Societies and Governments


Telesur: US Senator Joins Call for Honduras to Investigate Berta Caceres


Democracy-NOW: This Confirms Plot to Oust Brazil’s President Was A Coup


Democracy-NOW: Obama Urged to Stop Funding Honduran Military as Questions Grow Over US Role in Murder of Berta Caceres - Hillary defends her role.


NYTimes: Transcript Suggests a Plot Behind Effort to Oust Brazilian President - Glenn Greenwald: “Where “Suggests” means “lays out in clear, precise, extensive detail.””

UK Guardian: Brazil Minister Ousted After Secret Tape Reveals Plot to Topple Pres. Rousseff

ABC News: Police, Soldiers Swarm Mexico’s Acapulco, Killings Continue - Travelers: Don’t go to Acapulco. Don’t go to Mexico.

Indian Country: Another Armed Attack On Indigenous Activist in Honduras


Telesur: Macri Gives Go-Ahead to US Military Installations in Argentina - One new base agreed to, 2 more in negotiation. Argentina moved from pro-Keynesian leadership (the Kirchners) to right wing leadership (Macri) and so are now eligible for US taxpayer, neocon largesse.

UK Guardian: Brazil’s New Lower House Leader Being Investigated for Attempted Murder

BBC: What Has Gone Wrong in Venezuela?

Telesur TV: Maduro Warns of New US-Backed ‘Operation Condor’ Against Left Governments


Democracy-NOW: With Rousseff out, Brazil’s Interim President Installs Conservative All-White, All-Male Cabinet

UK Guardian: ‘Trust Me’: Michael Termer Takes Over as Interim Brazil President


LATimes: Impeachment or Coup? As Vote On President’s Future Nears, Brazillians Take To Streets

Democracy-NOW: Glenn Greenwald on Brazil: Goal of Rousseff Impeachment is to Boost Neoliberals and Protect Corruption - More details here.


AFP: Honduras Police Have Killed 152 Over the Past Two Years


NYTimes: Files Suggest Honduran Police Leaders Ordered Assassination of Anti-Drug Officials - Ever since the 2009 military coup, enabled by Obama and Hillary Clinton, and Here, and over a hundred references below, violence in Honduras has spiraled out of control. Police and drug gangs work hand in hand to eliminate any voice of dissent while they plunder the country and its people. Blood is and will be on the hands of anyone who supports the politicians who are at the root of this problem.


Telesur: Is US-Funded Destabilization In Latin America Now Paying Off?


Democracy-NOW: Hear Hillary Clinton Defend Her Role In 2009 Honduran Military Coup - Hillary: “the national Legislature in Honduras and the national judiciary actually followed the law in removing President Zelaya.” Amazing. She’s “badly lying.”

Actually, Zelaya was not attempting to change the Constitution as it was alleged at that time. He simply wanted to float a non-binding referendum that would allow the people of Honduras to vote on whether it should be made possible to change the Constitution so as to permit a president to succeed himself - exactly what we have in America. It was simply an attempt to let the people of Honduras express their wishes. Even if the referendum had been allowed to go forward and was passed, it would not have applied to Zelaya since he would have been out of office by the time it could have taken effect.

The greatest irony of all is that, once in power, the coup government then unilaterally passed that very measure into law and Here and Here without allowing Hondurans to have their say.

Hillary’s further remarks regarding US aid to peasants is disingenuous at best given the amount of US aid to Honduras that goes to the repressive military and para-military groups and Here - most of whom are trained at the School of the Americas and Here.

HuffPo: Hillary Clinton Needs to Answer for ‘Regime Change’ in Honduras


The Nation: How Hillary Clinton Militarized US Policy in Honduras


Counterpunch: The Forces Behind the Attempted Coup in Brazil - Another in a long list of Central and South American countries where the US has a history of supporting right-wing, militarized coups.


LATimes: Brazil Seizes Abortion Drugs Sent to Women Living in Fear of Zika - This and protecting child molesting priests is why, no matter what good it does, I have washed my hands of the Catholic Church.


World Post: Berta Caceres Did Not Die. She Multiplied.

Center for Economic and Policy Research: Video of Congressional Briefing: Assassination of Berta Caceres and Ongoing Killings of Social Activists


AlterNet: Hundreds of Scholars Demand Justice for Assassinated Honduran Indigenous Activist - From the article: “Nearly 1,000 Latin America scholars are heeding that request, with an open letter demanding that the U.S. government withdraw its support for the Honduran military and police...“institutions that have been responsible for human rights violations since the coup d’état of 2009.” Many are demanding that the Obama administration and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton account for their roles in backing the coup, discussed in Clinton’s memoir and released emails.“I really think Clinton should answer for her role in the Honduras coup because it was so egregious and it was not presidential,” Suyapa Portillo, an assistant professor at Pitzer College “It came from someone with a great conceit towards Latin America.” This issue is huge in Central America, but as usual, the American media is mostly silent.

Truthout: Gustavo Castro Soto And The Rigged Investigation Into Berta Caceres’ Assassination - In the absence of protest from the US, the Honduran military has ramped up the repression.


Antillean Media Group: In Honduras Environmental Activists Are Murdered With Impunity

Intl. Business Times: Slain Honduran Activist Berta Caceres’ Family Heads to Washington To Call For Independent Investigation

UK Guardian: Development Banks Need to Wake Up To The Humanitarian Rights Crisis in Honduras


Democracy-NOW: Slain Activists’ Daughter: US Military Aid Has Fueled Repression and Violence in Honduras


Telesur: Another Member of Berta Caceres’ Group is Assassinated in Honduras

Foreign Policy in Focus: The Murder That Exposed Hillary Clinton’s Grim Legacy in Honduras - A great, short summarization of the key events since 6/28/09.


Costa Rican Star: Modern Day Slavery Decried in Guatemala


Washington Post: Hillary Clinton Needs to Answer For Her Actions in Honduras and Haiti


New Yorker: The Death of Berta Caceres - The illegal Honduran government is directly responsible for the murder of this woman, hundreds of other activists and thousands of peasants. The fact that the US was directly responsible for the illegal coup of 2009 and continues to provide support for the murderous regime is an ongoing scandal and leaves all Clinton/Obama supporters with blood on their hands.

Democracy-NOW: Before Her Assassination Berta Cacere Singled Out Hillary Clinton for Backing Honduran Coup - Historian Greg Grandin “It was Clinton who basically relegated that to a secondary concern and insisted on elections, which had the effect of legitimizing and routinizing the coup regime and creating the nightmare scenario that exists today.”


UK Guardian: Nephew of Murdered Honduran Activist: “The Atmosphere is Terrifying”


Reuters: Human Rights Groups Chide Honduran Inquiry Into Activist’s Murder

Democracy-NOW: Honduran Activist Berta Cacere Died in Gustavo Castro’s Arms. Now His Life Is In Danger.

Telesur: Evo Morales Holds 58% Approval Rating in Bolivia After 10+ Years


LRB Blog: The Murder of Berta Cacere


Fair.Org: US Contribution to Death of Honduran Activists Goes Unmentioned in US Coverage - This short article explains succintly why Hillary Clinton is directly responsible for not only the illegal coup which removed democratically elected Honduran President Manuel Zelaya from office at gunpoint, but also the murder of this courageous activist and many others like her. Vote for a proven murderer for President? Not in a million years.

UK Guardian: Murder of Activist Berta Cacere Sparks Violent Clashes in Honduras - “We must note that during the 2009 military coup in Honduras, the US government, with Hillary Clinton as secretary of state, worked behind the scenes to keep Honduras’ elected government from being reinstated. Additionally, the US government continues to fund the Honduran military, despite the sharp rise in the homicide rate, political repression, and the murders of political opposition and peasant activists,” the group said in a statement.

Democracy-NOW: Remembering Berta Cacere, Honduran Indigenous & Environmental Leader, Assassinated Yesterday

RT News: Argentine Nobel Peace Prize Winner Tells Obama to Stay Away on Anniversary of US-Backed Coup Anniversary


The Nation: The Clinton-Backed Honduran Regime is Picking Off Indigenous Leaders


TruthOut: Sec. of State Clinton Enabled the Coup in Honduras


Telesur: Honduran Security Forces Accused of Massive Human Rights Abuses


NYTimes: An Anti-Corruption Charade in Honduras - A good summarization of how both Rethugs and Democraps at the highest levels have supported the human-rights-abusing leaders of Honduras and specifically pointing out Hillary’s role in the coup that ousted the democratically elected leader, Manuel Zelaya. It is an ongoing disgrace that the USA supports this horrible situation.


Daily Beast: Witnesses Expose Ronald Reagan’s Dirty Secret in Guatemala


Telesur: Hondurans Celebrate Delayed Sentencing of Local Journalist

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