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CNN: South Africa Files Genocide Case Against Israel at International Court of Justice - Hundreds of people killed while in UN shelters.

Common Dreams: Israeli Killing of Palestinian Children Hits 'Unprecedented Levels'    


Intercept: Calculating How Much of Your Money the US Sent to Kill Palestinians    


Reuters: Israeli Airstrike in Syria Kills Iranian Brigadier General - Israel is attempting to drag us into WWIII.


NYTimes: In Campus Protests Over Gaza, Echos of Outcry Over Vietnam    


Guardian: Israeli Military Accused of Targeting Journalists and Their Families    


Truthdig: 'The Way Things Are Going Biden is Going to Lose on His Own': An Interview With Jill Stein - From the article: "In 2016, we (Green Party) received 1.4 million votes, but seven million Democratic votes crossed over for Trump.The bigger problem was the 100 million voters who didn’t come out at all. Marginalized constituents, youth, the poor. That’s who the Democrats ought to be talking to. That’s who’s being left out here. The argument that we’re spoiling the election is extremely disingenuous as well as anti-democratic."

Q: Does Trump pose a unique threat this time around? Stein: "...the Democrats also pose very serious threats to democracy, including throwing competition off the ballot...They hijack their own primaries. They don’t even make a pretense. Democrats are leading the charge in the attack on free speech, freedom of the press, the right to protest. Democratic administrations accuse environmental protesters of terrorism and threaten them with decades in jail. The Republicans don’t have a stranglehold on threats to our democracy. The Democrats are also leading us into very dangerous wars that could turn nuclear quickly. I don’t think that’s less of a threat to the survival of our democracy."

"The visit to Moscow was part of a longer trip that included the Climate Summit in Paris, where I met with Jeremy Corbyn, China’s deputy lead negotiator on climate, and grassroots activists from around the world.

"The Senate Intelligence Committee later investigated the trip and found no wrongdoing whatsoever."

"The accusation that I was a “Putin puppet” ramified all the way up to a Senate Intelligence Committee investigation. It went on for years, cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. What the Committee came up with was a big “Thank you so much for your full cooperation.” They concluded there was nothing untoward or inappropriate whatsoever. The whole thing was completely above board and transparent from the get-go. We announced what we would be doing, how we were paying for it, who we planned to meet with. Our objectives were to advocate for a nuclear-weapons ban and a Global Green New Deal. The whole premise of the “Putin puppet” smear was always ludicrous, but they’re still using it, even after the Senate Intelligence Committee laid it to rest."    


Intercept: Biden Keeps Repeating His False Claim Regarding Beheaded Babies  


Al Jazeera: Israeli-Hamas War Updates: Civilians, Children, Infants Sheltering in Gaza School Executed at Point Blank Range       

Politico: Democrats Rip Biden Over Weapons Sales to Israel    


Intercept: This is not a War Against Hamas    


New Yorker: In the Shadow of the Holocaust  


Guardian: Human Rights Watch: US Risks 'Complicity in War Crimes'    

NPR: US is the Only UN Security Council Country to Veto Cease Fire in Gaza  

BBC: Israel Order 1.8 Million Gazans into 'Safe Zone' of 3.3 Square Miles  

Guardian: EU Agrees to 'Historic Deal' With World's First Laws to Regulate AI       


Open Secrets: Pro-Israel PAC's Poised to Spend Big to Unseat Progressive Members of Congress in 2024 Election Cycle     


Slate: Congress Hauled in College Presidents Over Anti-Israel Speech. That's Not the Worst of It.     


In These Times: How Israel Got an Endless Supply of US-Made Smart Bombs    

Guardian: UK's Most Hazardous Nuclear Site Hacked  


Guardian: Muslim Leaders in Swing States Pledge to 'Abandon' Biden Over His Refusal to Call for a Ceasefire  


Yes!: Why Are Fossil FuelsBooming Under Biden?    


Yes! Magazine: Jewish Americans Say "Not In My Name"    

LA Progressive: Kurt Campbell China Warmonger in Diplomat Clothes  


Intercept: As Calls for Ceasefire Grow Israeli Military Launches Closed-Door "PR Blitz" on Capital Hill    


In These Times: Biden's Unflinching Support For Israel's War On Gaza Is Derailing His Reelection Chances    


Guardian: Russian and Israel Lead the Global Surge in Attacks on Civilian Water Supplies    

Truthout: Poll Shows American Support for Israel is Cratering Amid Its Violent Siege    


NPR: Whore Court Adopts Meaningless Code of Conduct - It is strictly voluntary and there is no means of enforcement. Clarence Thomas, Saumel Alito, Neil Gorsuch regularly take bribes to throw cases. Thugs with law degrees!


BBC: Macron Calls on Israel to Stop Killing Babies  

In These Times: "I Want American Workers to Be United to Make This Occupation Costly, to Make Israeli Occupation Costly"    


Guardian: Is It Too Much to Ask People to View Palestinians as Humans? Apparently So.  

New Yorker: Inside the Israeli Crackdown on Speech  


Guardian: Biden Faces Calls not to Seek Re-Election As Shock Polls Rattle Senior Democrats - This is shaping up to be 2016 all over again. The Dems will nominate the least inspiring candidate possible, and then they will tell us that it's our duty to vote for him; it's our 'duty'.


In These Times: Whitehouse Requests 'Unprecedented' Loophole That Would Obscure Arms Sales to Israel - From the article: "Overall, Israel is the largest cumulative recipient of U.S. foreign assistance since World War II, totaling $158 billion (in non-inflation-adjusted dollars) in economic and military aid. The supplemental funding request more than doubles Israel’s annual $3.3 billion in FMF."


Guardian: Left Revolts Over Biden's Staunch Support of Israel Amid Gaza Crisis  


Guardian: UN Secretary General 'Shocked' by 'Misinterpretation' of Comments in Row with Israel


In These Times: "I Am Done Voting for the Lesser of Two Evils"    


Guardian: Pro-Palestinian Views Face Suppression in US  

Common Dreams: $10 Trillion in Added US Debt Since 2001 Shows Trump and Bush Tax Cuts Broke Our Modern Tax Structure  


Open Secrets: Defense Contractors Spent $70 Million Lobbying Ahead of Annual Defense Budget Bill  

New Yorker: Another Hospital in Gaza is Bleeding    

Reuters: Ex-Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell Pleads Guilty, Could Testify Against Trump  


Guardian: Roots of Israel-Palestine Conflict  


CNBC: The Secret Life of Jimmy Zhong Who Stole - and Lost - More Than $3 Billion in Bitcoin    


In These Times: Aparthied is At The Heart of the Brutality In Gaza and Israel  

MSN: Trump Hotel Hosting Holocaust Denier Days After Outbreak of War in Middle East  


Guardian: AOC Slams Sanctions Against Venezuela and Deportation Flights  

Guardian: 'Stabbed in the Back': Biden's Border Wall U-Turn Leaves Indigenous and Climate Groups Reeling - "Biden didn’t keep his promises – what happened to his word?” “We thought maybe we’d be OK with a Democrat as president, and now Biden did this. We’re being stabbed in the back.” "This is another and horrendous reversal of promises he made on the campaign trail, which is a dangerous move to make ahead of 2024.” "Colonizers “killed our people in the first place, and we had to bury – then you dig them up to build. It’s ongoing genocide”


Guardian: Cornel West, Presidential Candidate is Not Backing Down  


Dnyuz (free version of NYTimes): Climate Change is Forcing Families Into a New Kind of Indefinite Hell    

Guardian: Letitia James: The Fearless Attorney General Threatening Trump's Business  


Common Dreams: 'Affirming Apartheid': Biden Admin to Allow Israel Into Visa Waiver Program     

Gismodo: With New Commissioner FCC Will Finally Try to Reinstate Net Neutrality  


Guardian: Ginni Thomas and Right-Wing Activists Exploited Citizens United Decision Before and After - Pure unconstrained corruption of our republic and plunder of the US Treasury with no oversight or accountability whatsoever.


NYTimes: Proud Boys Lieutenant Sentenced to 17 Years in Jan. 6 Sedition Case - The cell doors are beginning to slam. Zachary Rehl 15. Stewart Rhodes 18. Enrico Tarrio 22. Ethan Nordean, Dominic Pezzola and 20 more are up next.


Guardian: GA Town Residents Demand Answers In Trump Election Plot  


CNN: Fox News Apologizes to Gold Star Family After Facing Backlash Over False Story  


Guardian: Billionaire-Linked Thinktank Behind Supreme Court Wealth Tax Case Lobbying  

MSN: Trump's Glare Likened to Stanley Kubrick Villains at the Height of Their Derangement     


Guardian: Clarence Thomas Condemned Over Billionaire Gifts  

Pro Publica: Clarence Thomas' 38 Vacations: The Other Billionaires Who Have Treated the Supreme Court Justice to Luxury Travel - The Whore Court is a reactionary right wing, autocratic, 100% political body with no ligitmacy, validity or credibility. When seeking confirmation, all 5 of the conservative 'justices' promised they would honor stare decisis, and felt that Roe v Wade was established law. They were lying. They are nothing but thugs with law degrees.


Guardian: 300 New Orleans Priests Were Reported for Sexual Abuse - Only 25% Are On the Archdiocese's Credibly Accused List - In areas where the Catholic Church is the predominant religion, it uses political pressure to prevent prosecutions of their priests. Another example: When Kamala Harris took over the job of San Francisco DA, she inherited an ongoing legal battle to hold predatory priests accountable. Because of the political clout of the church in San Francisco, she immediately dropped all cases, refused to communicate with the victims, and refused to release the clergy abuse files that were public record. Nevertheless, on the campaign trail Harris will constantly praise her own record of protecting victims of child and sexual predators.

FAIR: Brooks' Defense of Trump Defenders Disguises Where the Real Power Is  


NYTimes: Black History is a Casualty in Ron Desantis's Christian Nationalist Quest  


Common Dreams: Bernie Opposes $886B Defense Budget Amid Healthcare and Climate Crises - "...as well as education, income, wealth inequality..."


NYTimes: Tommy Tuberville is Whitewashing White Nationalism - He is also rapidly becoming the biggest idiot in the Senate (with the biggest dumbo ears) - a really hard title to achieve.


Guardian: Biden to Nominate Elliot Abrams Who Lied Over Iran-Contra to a Key Panel - This is a truly evil person. He, Reagan and John Negroponte presided over the deaths of 30,865 innocent peasants in Nicaragua and roughly 2,000  El Salvador , including the massacre of 6 Jesuit priests and 2 others. Biden appointed this freak, and Biden is the best candidate that the Democratic Party can come up with?


NYTimes: A Partial List of US Mass Shootings in 2023 - Also see entries of 7/27, 7/31, 10/19, 10/22/20, 5/17/22, 2/23/23

USA Today: Israel Launches Deadly Attack Against West Bank Refugee Camp Killing 8  

Common Dreams: After Latest Raid, Tlaib Demands US Stop Funding 'Violent Israeli Apartheid Regime'  


Guardian: White House Sends Warning to US Firms Interested in Acquiring Israeli Surveillance Tech - Also see: NPR: Global Spyware Scandal: Exposing Pegasus  


NYTimes: Justice Alito Defends Use of Private Jet Owned by Billionaire With Frequent Business Before the Court - He, Thomas, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett are political hacks and thugs with law degrees.

NPR: Jan. 6 Rioter Who Tased Michael Fanone Sentenced to 12.5 Years  

Guardian: Armed Israeli Settlers Rampage Through Palestinian Town in Revenge Attack  

B'Tselem: A Wave of Settler Riots Across the West Bank  


Guardian: 'More Extreme, More Violent' Experts' Warning Over Khaki-Clad Patriot Front - Since 1994, 329 people have died at the hands of right-wing extremeists and White Supremeisists - not counting the 5 who died on Jan.6, 2021. Zero at the hands of  left-wing violence.


Guardian: Florida Taxpayers Pick Up the Tab for Ron Desantis' Culture War Lawsuits  


Salon: Psychiatrists Warn Trump's Psychosis Will Grow as he "Becomes More Desperate"  


AP: FBI is Shocked, Shocked! to Find That Its Agents Are Still Illegally Surveilling US Citizens


AP: UN to Commemorate Palestinians' 1948 Flight From Israel for the First Time

The Hill: Connolly Staffers Injured in Baseball Bat Attack - Capital Hill Police Chief said a few months ago that threats against lawmakers have surged since Trump came into office. "Hate, intolerance, and violence are part of this disturbing trend."


BBC: Israel Gaza Strikes Kill 3 Militants - "...eight women and children were among the dead"


Reuters: Women State Senators Cross Party Lines to Block Proposed South Carolina Abortion Ban     


Common Dreams: Autopsy Shows Forest Defender Murdered by Police Never Fired Weapon   See Corporate Domination beginning 4/20/23.


NYTimes: Now Everybody Knows What Fox News Is       


New Yorker: A Christian's Thoughts on the Problem of Christian Nationalism - "In fact, Christ—the central focus of Christianity—is not a king, and not a fighter, but an advocate for the downtrodden. His ministry has no apparent interest in nationalism—indeed, welcoming strangers is one of its hallmarks. He is insistently nonviolent, and almost every gesture he makes is one of compassion. (His crime policy states that if someone takes your shirt, you should also give him your cloak.) His chief commandment is to love your neighbor. The four gospels are radical, rich, and deep, but they’re not complicated. If you read them and come away saying, “I’d like an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle,” you’ve read them wrong."



Common Dreams: 'Heinous Crimes': Global Outcry as Israeli Forces Attack Al-Aqsa Worshipers for Second Night


Guardian: The Most Consequential Political Event in the USA - It's Not Trump


New Yorker: How Christian is Christian Nationalism? - "Many Americans who advocate it have little interest in religion and an aversion to American culture as it currently exists." #Evangelical

Guardian: CBS Faces Backlash Over 60 Minutes Interview with Marjorie Taylor Greene - In 2016 CBS Chief said "Trump is damn good for business." I guess CBS thinks Greene is even better.


Common Dreams: Bowman, Sanders Lead Push for Biden to Probe Israel's Use of US Arms Against Palestinians     


Common Dreams: 'What Color Shirts?' Far-right Ben-Gvir to Get Control Over Israeli National Guard    


Texas Monthly: Why is Donald Trump Kicking Off His 2024 Campaign in Waco     


NYTimes: Being an Open and Democratic Country Does Not Mean Being a Sucker - From the article: "...the best way to protect Americans’ data is through legislation that would reduce the collection of data in the first place and force companies to increase their cybersecurity protections — to shift the burden of protecting data from the individuals who produce it to the companies and other entities that process it. Congress should target data brokers to restrict the type and volume of data they can sell and to require them to know to whom they are selling it to avoid compromising national security."


Guardian: Federal Prosecutors Warn Court of Potential Deluge of January 6 Charges - At least 1,000 people of the more than 2,000 who violently entered the Capitol have been charged with a crime so far.


Guardian: Gingrich Decries 'Insane' Florida Bill For Register of Bloggers Critical of DeSantis - What is it with this guy? First there were the book burning, and Here, then his attempt to dismantle free speech, then Don’t Say Gay’,  and now this. I hope Americans are paying attention because this is what America would be like under President DeSantis.


DNYUZ (from the NYTimes): Florida is Trying to Take Away the American Right to Speak Freely - Here's the Bill currently being debated in the FL legislature. In Florida rethugs rule, so it may very well become state law. They are anxious for it to be passed and then declared unconstitutional so the Whore Court can overrule and make it the law of the land. We know that "At least 5 members of the Supreme Court are comfortable ignoring the court's past decisions and manipulating the law to achieve more conservative goals." This would eliminate free speech and freedom of the press in the USA.


Axios: ADL: All US Extremist Mass Killings in 2022 Linked to Far Right - The ADL Report. Also see entres of 7/27, 7/31, 10/19, 10/22/20, 5/17/22.


New Republic: Norfolk-Southern Has Spent Roughly $100M on Politicians Since 1990 - I'm sure this has nothing to do with how Joe Biden unilaterally shut down the railroad workers strike without allowing them any sick leave.     

New Yorker: Itamar Ben-Gvir, Israel's Minister of Chaos       


Guardian: Fears of Renewed FBI Abuse of Power After Informant Infiltrated BLM Protests - From the article: The informant, who was paid $20K by the FBI for information that could lead to the arrest of protest leaders, advocated for hand-to-hand combat with police, and for the use of guns and expolsives. See entry below of 1/28.

This is standard MO for authorities. They did this during the Civil Rights movement, during the Occupy movement, during the KXL pipeline protests last year.


NYTimes: Bernie Sanders Has a New Role. It Could Be His Final Act in Washington - “We spend twice as much per capita on health care as the people of other industrialized nations, and yet we have 85 million who are uninsured or underinsured...”

"Howard Schultz may be a multibillionaire, but he has got to understand that he and the multibillion-dollar corporation he runs are not above the law."


MSNBC: We Don't Need Any New Ideas to Fix the Supreme Court. Just One Very Old One - From the article: "At least 5 members of the Supreme Court are comfortable ignoring the court's past decisions and manipulating the law to achieve more conservative goals."

The Whore Court has shown by numerous recent decisions, having thrown stare decisis to the wind, that the Court lacks integrity and legitimacy. These 5 members are incompetent political hacks.


New Yorker: Israel's Apartheid Practices Are Infecting Its Political System    

Code Pink: Gaza: New Killing, Old Narratives    

MSN: Georgia is Trying to Kill Protests With Terrorism Charges. Activists Are Not Impressed. - This is such a familiar tale. Police murder a protestor who stands in their way, and then plant a gun on him and take a picture. Undercover FBI agents dressed in black begin to smash windows and other infrastructure. Authorities label these protestors as 'terrorists'. The stenographic press eats it up without any questions. The fake protestors (FBI undercover) are loaded up in the paddy weapon, escorted to the front door of the police station and then walk out the back door - with or without charges which will later be dropped without explantion, jump in their vehicles and head for home. It's the standard MO for the fascist corporate-police state.

The next step will be an emergency declaration which will lay the legal justification for any level of shoot on sight martial law that Gov. Kemp pleases to use.


NPR: Jan. 6 Rioter Who Killed Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick Sentenced to Six Years in Prison     


Guardian: Rightwing Group Pours Millions in 'Dark Money' Into US Voter Suppression Bid - The Heritage Foundation spent $5.1 Million, but where HF got it is their little secret. Was it the Koch's? Donors Trust? Adelson? Putin?

Impossible to know because of Citizens United. Here is Justice Stevens' eloquent dissent in that ruling.


Open Secrets: Rep. Katie Porter Raised More Than Other House Democrats Without Contributions From Corporate PACs or Lobbyists    


Common Dreams: It's Time to Admit This Right-Wing Supreme Court is a Corrupt, Autocratic Tribune - “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” — Benito Mussolini


Common Dreams: Thousands in Israel March Against 'Fascism and Apartheid' at Anti-Netanyahu Protests and Haaretz    

Guardian: On the Front Lines With the Rebel Army Fighting Burma's Brutal Junta  


Guardian: How Adrian Fontes Plans to Protect Arizona's Elections From 'MAGA Fascists' - “We must stop pretending these guys have legitimate complaints, catering to their eggshell sensitivities. We must confront them again and again, treating them like the enemies to democracy that they are. We’re not name-calling, we’re truth-telling – there’s a big difference,” he said.

NPR Fresh Air: How Dan Bongino is Building a Right-Wing Media Infrastructure In Time for 2024 and New Yorker - This is the new Rush Limbaugh and the new direction of right-wing media.

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