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The Americas Background    

America's Involvement in Regime Change - Throughout the world, starting in 1846. Just follow the oil reserves.


AP: CIA Finally Admits Officially That the 1953 Coup That It Backed in Iran Was Undemocratic - A  straight line leads from that to the 1979 revolution and US Embassy seizure, Iran's current nuclear program, and its aid to current militia groups throughout the region - including Hamas and its recent mass terrorist attacks in Israel.

See America's Involvment in Regime Change starting in 1846 at the top of this page.  

CIA's next target: Venezuela, the country with the most proven oil reserves in the world. See entry below of 1/11/21.


New Yorker: Is the President of Honduras a Narco-Trafficer? - What this web site has been saying since 6/28/09 when Clinton/Obama provided aid in the military coup d'etat that ousted the duly elected Manuel Zelaya, and has led to escalting violence in that country ever since.


Common Dreams: UN Human Rights Chief Calls For 'End to All Forms of Violence' After Troops Deployed Over Columbian Protests


Guardian: Colombia Politician Tells Injured Protestors: "Stop Crying Over One Eye"


Common Dreams: AOC In Support of Columbia's Working Classes


Code Pink: An Outline of the Very Prejudicial PBS Coverage of Elections in Venezuela - Venezuela has more proven oil reserves than any country in the world.


Merco Press: Bolivian President Takes Office Promising to Rebuild the Country in Unity and Peace


Merco Press: Morales Planning to Return to Bolivia Following on Arce’s 20-Point Victory Margin - Here is a little more progressive opinion.

“The great elephant in the room, around which so much of the behavior of establishment power revolves, is that there are many more ordinary human beings than there are sociopathic dominators trying to exploit them.

This fact rarely enters the minds of the rank-and-file citizenry, but for the manipulators responsible for engineering the continuation and expansion of the imperialist oligarchic status quo, it is always at the center of their attention.

The powerful fear the people. And that’s why the manipulators responsible for keeping the empire running work all day every day ensuring the people never awaken to their true power. That they never realize they’re being worked like slaves to support the obscene planet-destroying excesses of plutocrats while struggling just to survive. That they never realize their value and resources are being funneled into a war machine which murders people just like themselves on the other side of the world to ensure geo-strategic domination which benefits nobody but the most powerful. So we don’t realize what they are doing, and realize that we have every ability to stop them.

They do not pour vast fortunes into manufacturing the consent of the governed because it’s fun for them. They don’t buy up narrative control in the form of media outlets, think tanks, NGOs, political influence and advertising in collaboration with opaque government agencies because they’ve got nothing better to do. They work so hard to manufacture consent because they need it.

So don’t give them your consent. Refuse to be propagandized. Refuse to let your countrymen be propagandized. Work to awaken people to their lies. Work to awaken people to their true power.”


Intercept: Bolivians Return Evo Morales's Party to Power One Year After US-Backed Coup


Guardian: US Recognizes Re-Election of Honduras President Despite Fraud Allegations - The Trumpster recognizes yet another murderous dictator.

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