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Guttmacher Institute: Lessons from Before Roe: Will Past Be Prologue?

Wiki: Criminal Proceedings in the Jan 6 Capitol Attack - As of March 2024: 500 people have been sentenced and 1,358 people have been criminally charged. See entries of 9/29/22, 10/20, 8/31/23 below.

Debt Limit Drama: The debt limit was raised three times during the Trump administration from $19.9T to $27T with zero drama. Under George Bush it was raised seven times from $5.95T to $11.3T with no drama.


Common Dreams: Israeli Settler Attacks in West Bank Surpass 1,000 Since Oct. 7     


Common Dreams: The Land Theft Continues. Israel Announces Biggest West Bank Seizure in Over 30 Years


Common Dreams: AOC Vows to File Articles of Impeachment After Whore Court Trump Ruling - Our country now begins the slow deterioration into mob rule.    


BBC: More Wounded Palestinians Tell BBC the Israeli Army Forced Them on to Jeep         


Common Dreams: 'The Stakes Could Not Be Higher': Debate Disaster Ignites Calls for Biden to Step Aside - Just as in 2000 - Gore, 2004 - Kerry, 2016 - Hillary, the Democratic National Committee chose a very weak and uninspiring nominee. As a result, most voters just stayed home, not seeing any difference that nominee would make for them if elected.

The DNC made the same mistake again this year, and the party is now in disarry. When the Democrats lose again this year, the DNC will blame everyone but themselves, and most especially third party voters.

Common Dreams: 'Gift to Corporate Greed': Dire Warnings as Supreme Court Scraps Chevron Doctrine - The five idealogues on the court care nothing about precedent. The court is now a corporate, right-wing free-for-all.

Guardian: Israel Destroys 11 Homes in West Bank Village Amid Spiralling Violence - Article 54 of the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949: ""Any destruction by the Occupying Power of real or personal property belonging individually or collectively to private persons, or to the State, or to other public authorities, or to social or cooperative organizations, is prohibited, except where such destruction is rendered absolutely necessary by military operations."

It is also considered a crime by the International Criminal Court.


Intercept: 62 Democrats Join 207 Republicans in Vote to Conceal Gaza Death Toll     


Intercept: The Night That Won't End: Biden's War on Gaza     

Guardian: Jamaal Bowman's Primary Defeat Leaves Progressives Angry at Role of AIPAC - Bernie Sanders: “...it is an outrage and an insult to democracy that we maintain a corrupt campaign finance system which allows billionaire-funded Super Pacs to buy elections....

“Aipac and other Super Pacs spent over $23 million to defeat Bowman. He spent $3 million. That is a spending gap which is virtually impossible to overcome,” he said, adding: “It is not a coincidence that with our corrupt campaign finance system we also have a rigged economy that allows the very rich to get much richer while many working people are falling further behind. Big Money buys politicians who will do their bidding, and the results are clear.”


Intercept: Israel's War on Gaza is the Deadlliest Conflict On Record for Journalists     


Al Jazeera: Israel War on Gaza Live: At Least 42 Killed in Shati and Tuffah and 101 Palestinians in 24 Hours - From the article: 4 children starved to death in the last week    


Al Jazeera: UN: 50,000 Gaza Children Require Urgent Treatment for Malnutrition     


OpenSecrets: Trump Fundraising Off of Conviction After Sinking Millions of Dollars in Donor Funds for Legal Costs - From the article: "Trump's political operation has spent about $184 million in legal fees since 2016, with the bulk of that spending in the years following the former president's failed reelection bid in 2020."  


BBC: Israel, Hamas Accused of War Crimes in New UN Report    

The Intercept: Israel's New Air War in the West Bank: Nearly Half of the Dead Are Children     


Guardian: UN: 'Unprecedented Scale' of Violations Against Children in Gaza, West Bank and Israel - The slaughter continues. Genocide Joe's response: 'Meh.'


Guardian: World Outrage Over Latest Massacre in Gaza     

Guardian: Why Are America's Elite Universities So Afraid of This Scholar's Paper? - From the article: “I felt convinced by my work if it’s generating this repression...People can see through these authoritarian tactics and reject them. The censorship in this case is actually counterproductive.”

See also "Israeli Supreme Court green lights Israel's 'Cyber Unit' that works with social media giants to censor user content"  

"This censorship is conducted in collaboration and coordination with social media outlets, including U.S.-based giants Facebook and Twitter."


Aljazeera: Israel's War on Gaza: Death Toll From Nuseirat Attack Rises to 210     

Guardian: Israel Has Destroyed or Damaged 80% of Schools in Gaza     


Democracy-Now: Israel' Widespread Use of White Phosphorus in Lebanon, Gaza Violates Int'l Law               


AP: Israeli Strike Kills at Least 33 People at a Gaza School     

B'Tselem: Manufacturing Famine: Israel is Committing the War Crime of Starvation in the Gaza Strip     

Reuters: 40 Sheltering Palestinians Killed After Israeli Strikc on UN School in Gaza    


Guardian: Starvation Already Causing Many Deaths and Lasting Harm in Gaza         


Al Jazeera: Gaza: The War on Hospitals     

Guardian: Donald Trump Had Lots of Negative Opinions About Felons. Now He is One.  


Guardian: Where is Joe Biden's Fury About Decapitated Palestinian Babies? - 5 min. read. An excellent summarization of the hypocracy in the US media and both 'major parties' as they manufacture consent for the slaughter that is going on in Gaza. There is inadequate taxpayer money for health care, schools, affordable housing, education, infrastructure, and government services. "But there’s always money for bombs."  

Common Dreams: UN Experts Demand Accountability for 'Barbaric' Israeli Tent Massacre in Rafah     

Intercept: These Convictions Thwart Trump's Plan to Pardon Himself    


NYTimes: Israel Used U.S.-Made Bombs in Strike That Killed Dozens in Rafah - Palestinian civilians were told this would be a safe zone. See entry of 5/27.       

Al Jazeera: 'Rafah is on Fire': Israel's War on Gaza Live     

Time: 'Anyone Who Signs a Bomb is a Sociopath': Critics Slam Nikki Haley's Israeli Missle Stunt     


Guardian: Spying, Hacking and Intimidation: Israel's Nine-Year 'War' on the ICC Exposed     


Al Jazeera: 'Heinous Massacre': Israel's Attack on Rafah Tent Camp Widely Condemned - Israel Attacked Rafah at Night, All the People Burned - What kind of people do this? US taxpayers buy all of the weapons.


BBC: Israeli Activists Battle Over Gaza-Bound Aid Convoys     

Intercept: The Media Still Doesn't Grasp the Danger of Trump     


Intercept: Gaza's Stolen Healers - “Dr. Adnan’s case raises serious concerns that he died following torture at the hands of Israeli authorities. His death demands an independent international investigation,” Tlaleng Mofokeng, the United Nations special rapporteur on the right to health, said in a statement last week." Per the article, this is becoming a systematic process by the IDF.


B'Tselem: The Era of Impunity for Istraeli Decision-Makers is Over     

Al Jazerra: ICC Arrest Warrants Sought for Israeli, Hamas Leaders     


Intercept: The State Department Says Israel Isn't Blocking Aid. Videos Show the Opposite.     


Al Jazeera: Gaza is Wiped Off the Map; 700,000 Palestinians Flee Israeli Onslaught     


Intercept: Israel Wants Endless War Without the Politics. Biden's Going Along for the Doomed Ride     


Guardian: US Support for Abortion Rights Up Four Points to 60% Since Fall of Roe v Wade       


In These Times: On Parenthood and Genocide    

ProPublica: IRS Audit of Trump Could Cost Former President More Than $100 Million - In addition to the $83.3 M he owes E. Jean Carroll, and the $454 M for the civil fraud case.


Common Dreams: 'Friday News Dump': Biden State Dept Report Accepts Israeli Assurances     

Guardian: Abigail Disney Evokes Old Yeller in Plea to Reject  Republicans After Kristi Noem Kills Dog       


Guardian: Harsh Police Tactics Questioned Amid US Campus Protest Crackdown  


Guardian: Emory University Under Federal Investigation Over Alledged anti-Muslim Discrimination     

Al Jazeera: Gaza War $40 BN, 80 Years to Fully Rebuild From Relentless Israeli Attacks - And guess who's going to foot that bill.


Intercept: Judith Butler Will Not Co-Sign Israel's Alibi For Genocide     


Intercept: Cable News Viewers Have a Skewed Attitude Toward Gaza War, Survey Finds     


BBC: UN Rights Chief 'Horrified' by Mass Graves at Gaza Hospital     


Aljazeera: Israel's War on Gaza: 13 Children From Same Family Killed in Israeli Strikes     


Guardian: Extremist Israeli Settlers Hit by EU and US Sanctions     

Intercept: Idaho Goes to Supreme Court to Argue that Pregnant People Are Second-Class Citizens     


Intercept: NYTimes Brass Moves to Stanch Leaks Over Gaza Coverage - Also see Yes Magazine: Claims of Mass Rapes by Hamas Unravel Upon Investigation     


ProPublica: Blinken is Sitting on Staff Recommendations to Sanction Israeli Military Units Linked to Killings and Rapes     


Intercept: US, not Israel, Shot Down Most Iran Drones and Missiles ..."this was a U.S. military triumph"    


Intercept: Israel and Israel Alone Kicked Off this Escalation - In a Bid to Drag US Into War With Iran - "...fostered by blind US support..."    

Intercept: Israel Conflict Spreads to 16 Nations as Biden Says There's No War     


Jewish Voice for Peace: Did Nancy Pelosi Just Ask Biden to Hault Weapons to Israel?  


Guardian: Chef José Andrés: Israel Engaging in a War Against Humanity    


Congress of the United States: 'Withhold any further aid to Israeli Military until the murder of seven World Central Kitchen workers is fully investigated and all responsible parties are held to full account.' Signed by 50+ members of Congress.


Guardian: 'Not  A Normal War': Doctors Say Children Have Been Targeted by Israeli Snipers in Gaza  

News & Observer: Federal Judge Orders NC Democrats to Pay Some of Green Party's Legal Fees From Ballot Battle - Not only did the judge rule that the Green Party should be on the ballot in NC, but he fined the Democratic Party for trying to keep them off of it. Right On!


Common Dreams: Ireland Joins ICG Case Against Israel     

Common Dreams: Another State Dept. Official Resigns Over Biden Gaza Policy     


Intercept: Man-Made Hell on Earth: A Canadian Doctor on His Medical Mission to Gaza - All Americans should read and fully absorb what their tax money is being used for.  


New Yorker: The Children Who Lost Limbs in Gaza    


NYTimes: Democrats Prepare Aggressive Counter to Third-Party Threats - Democrats are bringing out the old 'Nader voters elected Bush' routine again this year.

While 90,000 Florida voters of all persuasions (not just Democrats) voted for Nader in 2000, over 300,000 registered Democrats voted for Bush. 191,000 self-described liberals voted for Bush. A final count of all the votes showed that Gore actually won Florida. The Supreme Court stopped the count and appointed Bush - he was not elected. If Gore had won his home state, Florida would not even have mattered.

It's not the 'spoiler threat' that bothers the two major parties. What bothers them allowing voters to express their true preferences. They erupt whenever the two party focus is threatened. The two parties want to present voters with themselves as the only alternatives at the ballot box. They'll talk all day about Robert Kennedy - a candidate they know they can beat, but notice how they never mention the Green Party. They don't want a fair fight.


Human Rights Watch: Israeli Forces' Conduct in Gaza. HRW and Oxfam Submission to Biden Administration - Multiple examples of war crimes including the use of white phosphorus on civilians (children), which under US law should stop the transfer of weapons to Israel. Genocide Joe doesn't care as long as cable news doesn't say too much about it.


Guardian: Among the Exvangelicals    


Intercept: TikTok Threat is Purely Hypothetical, US Intelligence Admits - "In interviews and testimony to Congress about TikTok, leaders of the FBI, CIA, and the director of national intelligence have in fact been careful to qualify the national security threat posed by TikTok as purely hypothetical."

Guardian: Are Progressive Politics the Real Reason that American Lawmakers Are Spooked by TikTok?     


Intercept: The Left is Finally Building a Response to AIPAC    

Common Dreams: State Department-Commissioned Report Warns AI Could be An Extinction Level Threat    


Yes Magazine: Claims of Mass Rape By Hamas Unravel Upon Investigation     


Intercept: How Israel Quietly Crushed Early American Jewish Dissent on Palestine     


Intercept: Biden is Bankrolling Israel's War Amid Growing Hardship at Home    


Intercept: The Story Behind the NYTimes Oct 7 Exposé    


Guardian: UN Rights Expert: Israel is Deliberately Starving Palestinians - From the article: "...denial of food is a war crime and constitutes a situation of genocide."  


Common Dreams: 50 Arrested in Jewish-led Protest of Gaza Genocide at Biden TV Taping     


Common Dreams: Starvation Leads Gazans to Eat Horse Meat, Animal Feed    

Common Dreams: Theocratic Trump Tells Right-Wing Christians They Will Have Power at 'Level You've Never Used Before'    


Intercept: AIPAC Ally Slams "Uncommitted" Voters Warning Biden to Change Course on Gaza    


Reuters: Israel Intensifies Strikes on Gaza's Rafah, Killing Large Family in Home    

Common Dreams: AOC Blasts AIPAC as 'The NRA of Foreign Policy'    

Yes Magazine: Is Biden Determined to Lose The Election Over Israel?  


MSN: US Will Veto Another UN Ceasefire Resolution    


Guardian: Trump's Legal Woes Have Now More Than $500m - How Will He Pay?       


Guardian: How Biden Erased Progress He Made and Alienated the Left As Elections Loom     


Intercept: Historic Turnout in Pakistan Is Swamping the Military's Efforts to Rig the Election - An very interesting 10 min. read about an incredible turn of events in Pakistan. As usual, the US is supporting the dictator with no respect for the outcome of the democratic election.


Intercept: Israel's Ruthless Propaganda Machine to Dehumanize Palestinians    


MSNBC: Thomas Friedman Describing the Middle East as an 'Animal Kingdom' is Even Worse Than It Sounds  


Politico: Forget No Labels. Biden's Third Party Peril is On The Left - Biden operatives: "they must begin restoring the president’s standing on the left now...There are gentle ways to do that...and more aggressive steps...In the short term, that means seizing on any chance to complicate the ballot access of the third-party candidates and attempting to discredit their motives or at least highlight the less savory aspects of their character."


CNBC: Three People Arrested in $400 Million FTX Crypto Hack Conspiracy - See entries of 10/17/23 - $3 Billion, 2/8/22 - $3.6 Billion, and 4/26/21- $???Billions. So you think crypto is so secure?

Guardian: John Fetterman Wants Us to Respect His Pain - Even As He Mocks Palestians'     


Guardian: Activist Who Led Ouster of Harvard President Linked to 'Scientific Racism'    

Vox: How Boeing Put Profits Over Planes    


NYTimes: In Gaza, a War the World Can't See - "a world that doesn’t know the meaning of humanity”


Intercept: NYTimes Puts "Daily" Episode on Ice Amid Internal Firestorm Over Hamas Sexual Violence Episode    


Guardian: TED Fellows Resign After Bill Ackman Named As Speaker - The bully billionaire who ousted Claudine Gray from Harvard


Intercept: Republicans Claim to Love Both Mothers and Children. Their Policies Prove They Love Neither.     


Intercept: After House Speaker Mike Johnson Pushed Through Israel Aid Package, AIPAC Cash Came Flowing In    


Guardian: 'Different Rules': Special Policies Keep US Supplying Weapons to Israeil Despite Alleged Abuses    


Yes Magazine: Reporting From the Frontlines of Genocide     


Guardian: Senate Votes Against Sanders Resolution to Force Human Rights Scrutiny over Israel Aid    


In These Times: On Parenthood and Genocide    


Guardian: Thousands March on Washington to Demand Gaza Cease Fire    

Guardian: Bernie Warns Biden: Address Middle-Class Fears or Risk Losing to a Demagogue     


Guardian: Revealed: Congress Backer of Gaza War Received Most from Pro-Israel Donors     

Guardian: West Bank Videos Show Israeli Troops Killing Teenager and Driving Over Man's Body     


NPR: 'This Year is a Nightmare": Gaza's Children Face Starvation    


Intercept: CNN Runs Gaza Coverage Past Jerusalem Team Operating Under Shadow of IDF



Guardian: Billionaire Bully Who Led Calls for Claudine Gay's Harvard Exit  


Guardian: Bernie Calls on Congress to Block Funding to Israel    

AP: US National Debt Hits Record $34T as Congress Gears Up for Funding Fight - National debt explained.

Politics 2023


Pelosi laughs out loud at the prospect that progressives will not support whatever health care crumbs she decides to throw their way, even if it doesn't include a Public Option.

Courtesy Fulton County Sheriff's Office

The hands of American justice are sure.

Eventually the perps do hear the cell door slam .